Tea Collection – $100 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

by Mommy December 9, 2010 Reviews

During the holidays, I try to dress up my little Tom Boy in the cutest girly outfits.  (I actually dress her up throughout the year, and tend to go a bit overboard around Christmas).  With all the parties, stop ins and flash photography happening, I figure it’s best to have her in something nice at […]

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Peatoes – $50 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

by Mommy November 3, 2010 Christmas Gift Idea
My Wee View

Now that winter is here, it means bundling up in warm clothing.  Despite being a bit of a rough kid, DD is always dressed up like a pretty little girl  (it’s very surprising to see a cute little girl in pigtails and a skirt take down a 4 year old boy).  Even in the winter, […]

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Stitcheroo – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

by Mommy September 28, 2010 Reviews

With a name like DD, it’s nearly impossible to find personalized things right off the shelf (except in Quebec, where DD seems to be a very popular name).  For my daughter’s second birthday, I wanted a personalized birthday and name tee, and Stitcheroo seemed like the place to get it. On top of getting my […]

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Chadwicks – $50 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

by Mommy September 23, 2010 Reviews

Now that Fall and Winter are on the way, it means putting away those tank tops and taking out the long sleeve shirts and cardigans.  There are a few good things about fall, Thanksgiving and since it’s a new season the other thing that’s great about fall is shopping for new clothes (that’s also a […]

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Noko – Dress (~$86) – CLOSED

by Mommy July 20, 2010 Reviews

My family and I recently went to the local zoo, it’s nothing fantastic, but for a girl who is not quite 2, it was really impressive.  I always hum and haw about what to dress my daughter in when we go to special outings like this, I like her to look her best, but also want her […]

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Honest Baby – Winners choice – CLOSED

by Mommy June 28, 2010 Reviews

Kids are brutally honest.  If you want to know the truth about anything, ask a kid.  They won’t say something just to appease you, they will always tell you the honest truth (so be ready for the answer).  When I came across the t-shirts at Honest Baby, I couldn’t help but laugh.  The shirts have […]

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kuki kids – Winners Choice – CLOSED

by Mommy May 26, 2010 Reviews

Kuki Kids is back again on My Wee View!  They are a regular sponsor.  Last time I featured their Fresh and Fabulous Dress, you can read the full review here.  Kuki Kids clothing are fun and unique, with bright, vibrant and funky patterns.  Their clothing sizing starts for newborns and goes up from there.  They specialize in modern […]

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