25 Jan

Cover Your Hair! – $25 Gift Pack – CLOSED

As you all should know by now, I hate winter!  Most of the things that I have received so far that are winter related, have been for my daughter. This time, I received something for myself to keep me looking fashionable and warm during this dreadful season!

I received a hat and scarf set from Cover Your Hair, and it is something to look forward wearing to when I go out in the cold.  I am not normally a hat kinda girl, sure I wear a toque in the winter to keep my head and ears warm, but I don’t look like a supermodel or anything with them on.  However,  with my matching hat and scarf set from Cover Your Hair, I look and feel like I belong in a fashion magazine!

The cute little plaid hat has a small brim and goes low enough to cover my ears, if I want it to.  It is fuzzy and warm, and looks absolutely adorable  (yes, I even thinks it looks adorable on me).  The scarf makes for a wonderful matching piece, and is large enough to fold in half and put around my neck through the loop I created by folding it in half.  The scarf is made from the same material, and is just as fluffy and warm.

Now, I know I said I thought this set looked adorable on me, but I know others think it too because I get so many compliments when I wear this set.  At first I was just getting compliments from my mother and husband, but that’s because I hadn’t worn in outside yet.  On the first day I wore it to work, I had an endless amount of positive compliments on the set (particularity the hat).  Most said that I looked absolutely adorable in it and the hat was very flattering.  After getting so many positive compliments, I started to think, “hum, maybe people are just saying these wonderful things to be nice.”  However, I knew it had to be true when one of my coworkers who normally would never say a thing negative or positive about anyone or anything told me they loved my hat!

Winter in Canada is a very difficult season to get through.  Getting all bundled up just to get the mail or to make a quick stop at the store is quite a chore.  However, when I wear my Cover Your Hair hat and scarf set, it doesn’t feel so bad, because I know I look good and I feel good too.  In fact, I love my hat so much I frequently wear it inside just for fashion!

But wait here is the best part (ok that totally sounded like an infomercial), this set is on sale for only $16.09!  AN INCREDIBLE PRICE (at least I think so)!

Cover Your Hair has a wide range of affordable hair accessories for women and girls.  Their prices are more than fair, and they have a wide range of items available in many different colours and styles.

Buy it: To Purchase, visit Cover Your Hair online

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06 Jan

My Wee View Favs 2009: See Kai Run – CLOSED

See Kai Run is a MWV Fav of 2009!  See Kai Run has amazing foot wear for tiny tots.  I have been fortunate enough to review 2 different pairs of  See Kai Run shoes both in the See Kai Run and Smaller lines.  Both pairs of shoes have been huge hits in our home.  These shoes sometimes seem to outdo any outfit that my daughter may wear, or simply enhance an already great outfit – isn’t that what a pair of shoes are suppose to do?  Despite being a tiny person, style and function are important when choosing a pair of shoes, and See Kai Run has really delivered.  You can see both reviews of See Kai Run here and here.

see-kai-run-shoesAnother reason I have chosen See Kai Run as a My Wee View Fav of 2009 is because of their generosity and social responsibility.  They have donated over 20 000 pairs of shoes in just over a year.

You can get Free Shipping right now in the US and $5 off for Canadians until January 8th.

Giveaway: To Celebrate being a MWV Fav of 2009, See Kai Run is offering a lucky reader a pair of shoes from the See Kai Run of Smaller line

To Enter: Visit See Kai Run and make a comment back here, about your favourite product

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28 Dec

Better Mommy Fashions – $40 Gift Certificate – CLOSED


It seems that once  you become a Mom, stilettos are no longer part of your vocabulary, and make up is left on the counter to collect dust.  Although I do try to make myself presentable when leaving the house, I know that I must look absolutely pathetic carrying around my purse, diaper bag, a toddler, a cup of cappuccino,,, then trying to fiddle finding my keys to get the car  door open.  It’s no wonder I am able to get anywhere on my own and remember everything.   Fashion usually goes out the door and multitasking takes it place.  Better Mommy Fashions helps Mommy’ stay fashionable while embracing their new mommy selves.

Better Mommy Fashions sent us a Baby Mel Amanda Diaper Bag in Black and White.  This diaper bag also doubles as a purse.  It looks more like a purse than a diaper bag, but has all the organizational compartments of a diaper bag.  The outside of the fashionable Mommy diaper bag has a few pockets that close with magnets, this is where I usually keep all my important Mommy things like my wallet and keys, so I know where they are at all times.  The inside of the bag, also has a few pockets for bottles, diapers, wipes and food.  The purse has a long adjustable strap so it can be used just over the shoulder or can be carried like a messenger bag.  The purse itself is also very light, so you can jam pack it full of baby and Mommy items and it wont be too heavy to carry around for the day.

Not only is the Baby Mel Amanda Diaper Bag functional, it also looks fantastic.  Like I mentioned before, it’s sometimes hard to look up to date with all the latest fashions when you have someone other than yourself to take care of.  But, with the diaper bag from Better Mommy Fashions, I always look good.  There is no need for me to carry around another purse, and everything that I need is right on hand and accessible.  All I need to take is my baby and the diaper bag (purse) and we are ready to shop, with an extra hand for the cappuccino.  This bag is great for daily outings, it’s so easy to just grab it and go.

Better Mommy Fashions has a great online store that carries hip nursing and maternity clothing, and cute nursing and maternity nightwear.  Just because you are now a Mom, doesn’t mean you have to wear the dreaded Mom Jeans, you can count on Better Mommy Fashions to keep you looking hot, in your new role as a Mom.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Better Mommy Fashions

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27 Nov

Scentsy – warmer & scent bar ($40) – CLOSED


Christmas Gift Idea for the home

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh home?  There are lots of gizmo’s and gadgets out there to help make your home a better smelling place, but the most effective product I have received to date is the Scentsy Warmer.  I usually love having delicious smelling candles in the home, but with a small child at home, the flame is a huge temptation.  The Scentsy warmer, has all the great aspects of a candle, but without the hazard of a flame.

scentsy1The Scentsy warmer is made from ceramic, and plugs into any outlet in your home.  The warmer also has a light bulb that illuminates so you still see the effects of a “candle burning” without the flame.  The warmer itself has a little cave in the top where the wax sits and when plugged in the wax melts and leaves a wonderful aroma in the home.   The warmer has an on/off  switch so it is very easy to get the scents flowing around your home – no need to mess with matches.

scentsyThere are so many different fragrances to choose from.  For review, Scentsy sent vanilla – my favourite.  The vanilla wax comes in a large brick with 6 sections.  It is very easy to snap one of the cubes off, and just place it into the top section of the warmer.   Other scents include Bakery favourites, like Key Lime Pie, and Apple Pie (yummy), Tropical flavors like Coconut Palm, and Cafe fragrances such as Holiday Chai and coffee (I love the smell of fresh made coffee).  Whatever smells you like best, there is sure to make everyones mouth (or nose) water just by the names of the fragrances.

When the Scentsy warmer is turned off, the wax becomes hard again, and is ready for the next time you flick the switch on.  My suggestion would be to get 2 or 3 of the warmers so you can have a few different scents in your home.  It would be great if it were easy to just change the wax in the warmer, but I believe the best bet is to just add a new cube of wax to the top.

I was also sent some delicious Christmas scents (which are also shaped as Christmas characters like Santa) for review. We don’t put up a real tree at Christmas time, we spend the holidays in the country with my family, so the poor tree would just dry up and die.  I love the smell of a real tree, and now with  the new Christmas Tree scent I was sent from Scentsy, I can have the beautiful aroma of a tree in my  home without having the needles in my feet!  The other scents are cranberry and caramel, both are fantastic and have such a warm holiday feeling associated with the smells.

Here is a video about the Scentsy warmers:

The warmer and fragrances from Scentsy are fantastic.  There are so many choices in both the warmers and scents.  The warmers come in a wide range of holiday designs, and new fragrances are always being added to the line for the holidays.  It is a great and easy way to make your house smell good enough to eat – I think that’s what gingerbread houses are all about?!?

I also received some car candles for review.  Although they are called candles, they are not candles at all, they are a round car air freshener.   The car candle is pretty strong, so I put it in the glove box to mute the smell.  It gives the car a beautifully delicious subtle scent of vanilla.

To my Canadian readers: Scentsy business opportunity just opened in Canada in November, if any of you are interested in some extra income you can contact Tricia : triciabrook@yahoo.com

Buy it: To purchase, visit Scentsy

Giveaway: One lucky My Wee View reader is going to win a plug-in warmer and scent bar of the winners choice

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05 Oct

Fancy Pants by Jamee – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

Fancy Pants by Jamee is an Etsy store that has adorable handmade clothing for girls and boys! Jamee has twins herself and after they were born she decided to get into take her sewing talent to children’s clothing.   Fancy Pants by Jamee has dresses, matching tops and bottom and many other accessories.  Jamee is also concerned with the environment, and creates many items with recycled materials.

Fancy Pants by Jamee will make a matching shirt and pants outfit with recycled jeans.  Babies and children grow out of their clothing so fast, that they barely get a chance to get them on once before they move onto the next size.  What Jamee does, is find a once used pair of baby jeans, that may otherwise be thrown out, and embellishes them with frills and ribbons.  She will then find an otherwise boring top and add a matching appliqué.  There you have it – a matching outfit that has been recycled.  I just love this idea.

Fancy Pants by Jamee also makes some adorable pillowcase dresses, tutus with matching headbands, and skirts.  But she hasn’t forgotten about the boys either.  She makes matching pants and appliqué shirts for boys, with guitars, footballs, ties and of course John Deer tractors.

Clothing by Fancy Pants by Jamee start at size 3 months and are available until size 8.  Jamee will also make specialized items for your children, so if you have an idea and would like it created, you can talk to Jamee and she will get something together for you.

The prices at Fancy Pants by Jamee are also incredible, because many of the materials she uses are recycled, the lower prices are brought to the customer!  Unlike some retailers that may take a higher profit, Jamee passes on the deals to you.  A matching shirt and pants set starts at only $15.  This is an incredible price for handmade items.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Fancy Pants by Jamee online

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18 Sep

Born 2 Impress – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED


I love having a baby girl so I can dress her in all things girly.  However, it seems that no matter how much pink, and how many dresses she wears people still think she is a boy.  She has very little hair (although in her defense it has grown a lot in the past month).  Either way, she does unfortunately get mistaken for a boy.  If you are having this same problem, there is a sure way to make sure that this will never ever happen again.

084Born 2 Impress specializes in beautiful accessories for girls, and they are all super girly and beautiful.  I received a crochet pink headband with a huge pink bow in the front.  This has to be the sweetest hair accessory that any little (or big) girl could wear.

Jennifer is the creative designer behind Born 2 Impress and is very aware of customer service and wants to make sure that the items she sends are going to fit properly.  Before receiving my Born 2 Impress headband, I had to measure my daughters head.  When I received the headband, it fit DD perfectly!  There is also a little bit of stretch so it will be able to fit her for quite some time.

The Born 2 Impress headband is just too cute.  It’s one of those accessories that really gets people talkin,. It’s so sweet and so big that people just smile and have to talk to you about it.  I recently put this headband on DD at a party, and it was the talk of the party.  Everyone just loved it, and thought it just looks fabulous on her.  Finally something for a bald girl that really makes her look like a girl.


I did have to alter one thing on my Born 2 Impress headband, there is a little Born 2 Impress logo that was glued onto the headband, and I took it off just in case the headband ever got into DD’s mouth I was afraid that the tag would come off.  Other than that, the ribbon, bow, and the crochet headband are both very tight and are not going to come apart.  The whole thing is very well made, and looks incredible on my daughter.

born2impress2Born 2 Impress also had headbands, beautiful beanies with the same huge ribbon bows or a flower, clips and many other accessories.  All the items look just adorable and are made to fit babies right up to big girls.

Buy it: Visit Born 2 Impress to purchase these and many other beautiful accessories

Giveaway: Born 2 Impress would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a $25 Gift Certificate

To Enter: Visit Born 2 Impress and make a comment back here about your favourite item

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26 Aug

The Baby’s Bundle – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED


The Baby’s Bundle, an online baby and mom boutique has gifts for the pampered baby and loving mother. The items that The Baby’s Bundle carries are a mixture of some luxurious handmade products -such as minki blankets along with some classic favourite products for baby’s – like baby legs, and moms – such as hooter hider nursing cover by Bebe au Lait.  All the items that The Baby’s Bundle carries are in fashion and popular right now, so you are sure to be ultra hip with anything you get from their online boutique.  There is a good mix of modern and classic fabrics.

For review, The Baby’s Bundle sent DD a Snuggle blanket.  This cute little 12 x 12 blanket with green fluffy minki on one side and green and brown dots in silk on the other is just so soft.  There are a few things that I love about this Snuggle blanket.  The first is the size – it is just great.  DD is not quite a year old, so this is the perfect size for her tiny hands to hang onto.  It’s nice and light so she is also able to lift it and bring around with her anywhere she goes,and  it doesn’t drag long the floor when I am bring her around.  The second thing that I love is how soft it is.  The minki looks like little roses and is just so soft, it feels so nice to rub this blanket on my sensitive skin, so I can be sure it feels just as nice on DD’s skin as well.  The third thing I love is the softness of the silk,  it’s a totally different kind of soft, it’s slick and cool.  It’s great for babies to have different textures to touch and feel, and this blanket has all those things.

I also received a pair of Baby Legs from The Baby’s Bundle for review, but not just any pair – a pair of Canada Day Baby Legs.  This is the type of service you will get from The Baby’s Bundle, they knew I was Canadian, and that Canada Day was coming up, so they sent some holiday appropriate review items.  I thought it was really sweet of them.  This is my first pair of real Baby Legs, and they are great.  The looked great on Canada Day too, DD was all decked out in red and white, right down to the leggings.  These make diaper changes so easy, and stay up really well on her chubby thighs.  These can also be worn on the arms as well for older kids.

The Baby’s Bundle has the most adorable, and luxurious baby items.  I would love to have anything made from minki.  It just makes everything look fantastic and beautiful.  They also make some tutu hangers, sassy sally hair clips and have some incredibly furry baby booties that are just too cute for words.

Buy it: To purchase, visit The Baby’s Bundle

COUPON CODE : “MWV” for 20% off your order

Giveaway: The Baby’s Bundle would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a $25 Gift Certificate

To Enter: Visit The Baby’s Bundle online, and make a comment back here about your favourite product

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