04 Feb

Thai at home

I love food.  I’m really great at eating food, but not very good at making it.  I need simple and easy to follow recipes.  I also need quick, as a full time working mom, I do not have an extra spare moment to spend slaving away in the kitchen.  There are a few meals that I can get away with making regularly and there are a few things that we’re always better off ordering in.  One type of food that I have never been able to recreate properly is Thai.  While I love the taste, I don’t necessarily love it when I try to make it on my own at home.

An ingredient that is frequently in Thai food is fish sauce.  And to be honest, I never cooked with it – until recently, maybe that’s why my Thai recipes were always off.  So what is fish sauce? Well, if you really want to know the deets …. This info-graph has the whole thing laid out for you.  (There’s a reason I haven’t made fish sauce on my own before…. I don’t have 30 minutes to put together a meal, let alone 9 months to make a sauce.  I guess it’s best to leave this one to the pros).


To put the fish sauce (and my “stellar” Thai cooking skills) to the test I made a recipe found on the Thai Kitchen website.  Tempura Shrimp!  I absolutely love tempura in restaurants and wouldn’t ever dream of trying it at home, but here I am, trying it at home.  Here’s my website putting me outside of my comfort zone.

Here’s what you’ll need to make tempura shrimp:

Canola Oil
Tempura batter
Thai Kitchen Premium Fish Sauce
Dips (Thai Kitchen Plum SauceThai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili SauceThai Kitchen Pineapple & Chili Sauce)

This is was quick and easy to make.  I literally dipped each shrimp into the fish oil and then rolled them into the tempura mix and popped them on a hot skillet with the canola oil.  They were ready in about 30 seconds on each side.  It’s just a bit harder than sticking bread in the toaster and slathering on peanut butter – that’s my kind of cooking.  Oh yeah, and the verdict? Very yummy!  And not just for  adults, but the kids (6 and 2) enjoyed them too.

They are best served hot so make sure the rest of your meal is ready to go when you throw these in a pan. You’ll be serving up appetizers or a meal (3 or 4 on a skewer) in just a few minutes.  You can use a dip, or just eat them on their own (yes they are that good).

Temputa Shrimp

Now that I’ve tried the shrimp, I’m going to experiment with different veggies (sweet potato tempura, or how about home made onion rings) in the fish oil and tempura batter.  I can’t express how easy it was and how much it did taste very similar to what I would order in a restaurant.  I was actually impressed with myself and perhaps now that I have found the fish oil Thai secret, I won’t be so scared to try other Thai food at home too.

Tempura Shrimp Skewer

When you see fish oil as an ingredient, there’s no need to be scared, use it, it really does make the Thai difference.

Looking for another recipe? How about these Thai Cocktail Meatballs – or check out all the recipes for the #TKeveryday Recipe Challenge.


*Disclosure, this is a sponsored post.  Please try this, you will like it.  I tried other recipes, and they were not nearly as good. Promise.

16 Nov

Mexican night with Old El Paso

As a working mom, I love taco night. It’s a no brainier, the spices required conveniently come in the same box and all I need to do is shred cheese, dice tomatoes, cut lettuce, stick them all in fun bowls and voila, it’s Mexican night. But the best thing is that everyone will actually eat something even though we all have different tastes.

I will usually eat the tacos with a lettuce leaf rather than a taco shell (or 1 soft shell) to limit carbs and the kids will have a soft taco without meat but load up on cheese and veggies. Hubby likes hard shells and the next day will bring a taco salad to work for lunch. Taco night is alway a huge hit.

Recently my favourite taco company Old El Paso introduced a few new authentic “restaurant quality” taco kits. There are three new flavors . I was a little surprised Old El Paso felt the need to make a better quality product, because well, I didn’t find there was anything wrong with the original. Truth be told, I didn’t find the Chicken Tinga to be a hugely different than the original chicken flavor. It’s still yummy and has a slight zing to it, but is say it’s just as great as the chicken tacos I’ve enjoyed from Old El Paso for years. The taco kit comes with soft shells so if you have a hard shell over don’t forget to pick up hard shells as well.


As a kid the only international dinner night we had was Italian, spaghetti and pizza. As I got older (in my 20’s) I started experiencing different flavors, different international dishes and a life time of amazing food I had missed out on. I want my kids to know about all the great foods that are out there and Mexican is one of them. While I probably won’t be successful in getting them to try chili achilles for breakfast, I hope they will be pleased that we opened up their dinner options to more than just American / Canadian dishes.

The other new flavors are Steak Asada and Baja fish. I normally only use chicken or ground beef for taco night. So these should get me out of my comfort zone.

Want to try some for yourself? You can pick it up in stores now.


1 lucky Canadian reader is going to receive a box of each of the new old El Paso kits and a $75 GC

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Giveaway closes November 28th @ 11:59pm EST. Open to canada only.

**disclaimer: sponsored content here – but seriously, taco night is awesome and we buy nothing other than old El Paso. We once tried the no name brand and the shells were stale… We will never go back! True story!

21 Sep

Moms Helping Moms

There is one thing around the world in which we can all agree upon, the love a mom has for her babies is unmatched. Politics, religion, culture, country, social status or money plays no role when it comes to mommyhood and the unending love she has for her children.

Like every other mom before me, I never experienced or understood (or expected) the depth of true unconditional love until I had children myself. I want to ensure my children have all their needs (and a lot of their wants) filled, I would go so far to sacrifice my own wants to ensure the kids get theirs. I can not even begin to imagine what it would feel like as a mother to be unable to deliver on the most simple needs like feeding my own child.


Tilda is a brand that helps moms-to-be around the world get the basic nutrition required while growing their little Bundle of Joy. With every bag of Tilda rice bought, an expecting mom will get a nourishing meal who otherwise may have an empty belly (other than their growing baby).
Not only do I think the concept is amazing the Tilda bismati rice has also been a huge hit with my little eaters.

I was nervous to make the Tilda rice at first because (confession time here….) I have only been successful at making minute rice. I followed the directions exactly, which included letting the rice soak for 1/2 hour, and after cooking I had perfect, fluffy bismati rice that I made. The girls enjoyed it so much they went for extra servings and the leftovers were perfect for a homemade soup.


The Moms Helping Moms promise that Tilda has made is an easy one for this mom and family to support. I wish every mom and mother-to-be around the world is as fortunate as I have been, but in reality, it’s not the case. Purchasing Tilda rice is an easy way to make a huge difference for an expecting mom and baby.


Want to be part of the mission? Tilda is giving 2 lucky readers a chance to try out their bismati rice.

To Enter:

Make a comment below about how fortunate you feel or other ways you help those in need.

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Tweet about this campaign … (With a link to this giveaway in your tweet) and leave the link to your tweet below.

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Make a comment on another post and let me know which one you posted on below.

Giveaway closes October 5th @ 11:59pm AST. Open to canada.

**Disclosure: this post is sponsored, but I do feel this is a great message to send out to readers. We have rice for dinner regularly and by purchasing Tilda I’ll be helping a mom and baby to be. All thoughts are my own and your thoughts and experience may be different – and that’s ok! That’s what’s makes us unique & special.

“Low birth weight can seriously affect babies’ physical and cognitive development, so it is essential that they receive vital nutrition from the start.” -Tilda

14 Sep

Pay as you go is the way to go

It took a number of math equations before I could accept this upcoming statement as truth: It’s been 16 years since I’ve graduated high school. Gasp! Yes, I’ve almost spent as many years out of school as I did in school. I have to admit the last few years have gone by twice as quick. During my time in school, I probably didn’t appreciate the good things, it wasn’t until I was actually out of school and into the ‘real world’ that those good things were apparent.

Looking back, the best thing about school was the beginning and the end. Every year when September rolls around you have the ability to create new dreams, to get rid of old habits and create new ones with fresh new school supplies, new teachers and maybe even new friends. When you join the real world there’s no beginning and there’s no end – it just continues year after year. You can get into a real cycle of beginning and no end, just accepting things as they are. That’s why, even though I’m not in school anymore and September means new things as a mom, I still make the forced effort to scrutinize myself and choices.


My husband and I have been using PC® mobile prepaid plans for at least 5 years now, and at least once a year, we look at other cell phone plans to ensure we’re getting the best deal. And every year, it’s confirmed, for us the PC® mobile prepaid plans are unmatched by any other plan out there.

For us, there are many benefits to using a prepaid plan. While we have to buy our phones outright, we get to set our own plan and choose the features that we need, and it’s not dependent on when a contract is up, which is my favourite benefit. We also only pay for services that we actually use, such as texting and phone calls. This means we have to put on our thinking caps when it comes to some services, but with private messaging through social media, it can be months before we spend what many pay for in just one month.

So this new school year (whether you are returning to school or have been out a number of years and are in denial like I am…although I don’t think I’d want to go back to those old brick phones…), think about your current mobile plan, usage and what it costs.

While you’re at it, also think about your cell phone etiquette, and the example you’re setting for your kids (current or future cell phone users). According to a recent national Leger survey conducted for
PC® mobile, 75 per cent of adult respondents admit to breaking at least one social rule – or law – with their mobile phone use. And guess what, parents are among the worst offenders according to the survey, with 90 per cent of those with kids in the home admitting to bad behaviour. That’s it moms and dads, you’re grounded!


Texting while driving, phones at the dinner table…All things that young texters are taking in and learning from the best – us. Even my 6 year old will remind me to put my cell down during dinner when I’m updating my fitness apps. Cell phones are an important part of society today, but we can’t forget the importance of using them wisely.

About the survey
The PC® mobile survey was completed using Leger’s online panel, LegerWeb, between July 25 and July 29, 2014 with a representative sample of 1,336 Canadians. A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error of ± 2.5%, 19 times out of 20.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of PC® mobile. The opinions on this blog are my own.

23 Jul

Multi-Grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains

Summer is in full force here in Nova Scotia and I have really been taking advantage of it.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve sat in front of a computer after work hours.  The warm months don’t last very long here and with such a terrible winter in 2014, it’s lucky that I’m spending anytime inside.

Last month, I was given the opportunity to review the brand new Multi-Grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains.  The timing couldn’t have been better, I had a house full of teenagers, and boy… can they eat.  Little did the “kids” know, that the bowl of breakfast yumminess, also included some hidden gems, grains!  While teenaged boys like to eat, I’m sure you won’t find them munching on too many healthy grains like spelt.

The new box of Cheerios includes some familiar classics including puffed wheat.  I actually remember puffed wheat as a kid, and while I’m sure it’s a grain that is good for you, it’s highly unlikely that I would be caught eating it, but if it’s included in a bowl of Cheerios with a hint of cinnamon and spice, I’d gladly eat a bowl (or two).

CheeriosIf you have ever taken a peek at the sugar content of cereal, you will notice that they are generally high in sugars, the new Multi-grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains has 7 grams of sugar per cup.  I took a peek at some other cereals that we have in the home and not only are they higher in sugars, the sizing is smaller as well…. that’s pretty concerning.  You may think that because a cereal has less sugar, you have to add a spoonful yourself, with the touch of cinnamon and spice, it’s not required.

Cheerios have been one of the first foods I introduced to both my kids, they are great for fine motor skills, have a nice crunch and compared to some of the other cereals out there, are a better choice and now they also come with grains.


Want to have a chance to test out these out for yourself?  I have a giveaway for all of you worth $170.  It includes: The giveaway includes a NutriBullet, Lululemon yoga mat and block and three boxes of Multi-Grain Cheerios + Ancient Grains.

To enter:

Simply make a comment below and let me know how you sneak some healthy things into meals.



well, it’s obviously been a long time since I ran a giveaway, because I forgot to put an end date on this giveaway.  It’s been 2 weeks, so I think it’s time to draw a winner.

The Winner is Nancy T.

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to everyone who messaged me to let me know I forgot to put an end date.  Oopsie!







24 Apr

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel – Reviews by You

skintimate logo

I was hopeful that summer was on it’s way, and then today, April 24th, we have snow, sleet and hail! Oh when, on when will we see spring?  While I have had no reason to shave my legs while here in Canada for the past month, I did spend some time in Cuba and was able to use the Skintimate Shave Gel a number of times in the two weeks we were there.  While I may not have looked like one…. my legs most certainly felt like model material with the silky smoothness.  I did notice after shaving really quickly that it’s important to make sure all the gel is washed off or it can leave a white residue on your legs.  Not the look I was going for while tanning  running after the kids.

So,  you all know what I think of the gel (and if you don’t know you can check my thoughts on the Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel).  I still think I’d like more of a BURST of mandarin, but the smell has no impact on how well it works.

But more importantly, here’s what you think:

Diane G. Calgary, AB – I love citrus scents and so as soon as I heard about this new product I was excited to try it. One of the first things I noticed was the ridges in the cap. If you have ever tried to take a smooth top off a container in the shower you will know what I mean. If your hands are arthritic you will really know. The little ridges really made it easy to take off even with wet hands.

I put the shave gel in my hand and noticed a light and refreshing citrus scent. I found it very pleasant and knew the smell would not overpower the scent I would wear like some products do. As I applied it that gel turned into a smooth cream. It made the blade of my razor glide over my skin and gave what seemed to be a smooth shave. Once I rinsed it off, my skin felt smooth and silky and there were no nicks or razor burns.

My ultimate test of a good shave is when I get into bed. I love that smooth shave feeling you get on your legs as you slip into the sheets. I am happy to report Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel passed with an A+

I will definitely buy this product next time I need shaving gel if it is available.

Debbie W. Hamilton, ON – Thank you for allowing me to review Skintimate Signature Scents Mandarin Burst shave gel. Initially I found myself a little too generous with the application and the shave was not as close, and the lather was a little sticky. After trying again, using only approximately a dime size amount, and rubbing it and applying to my legs, the shave was close and smooth. My underarms received the same result. The scent is not over powering, but a nice tropical tangerine scent lingered. It rinses easily leaving my skin smooth, and a light citrus smell lingered.

It provided a nice close shave and very pleased with the results.

skintimate product

Monica B. Abbotsford, BC – I’ve been really impressed with this shave gel! As someone with sensitive skin, I’m prone to razor burn and irritation.. So shaving my legs isn’t usually a task I enjoy. This shave gel took me by surprise – the scent is so fresh and citrusy, and is so perfect for spring and summer. I found it lathered well and it contains 6 moisturizers including olive butter and vitamin E. My skin has been noticeably more smooth and soft, and it helps provide a close shave. My skin feels moisturized and I honestly have almost no irritation!! Once I am out, I plan to get this product again, it’s the best shave gel I have ever used. 

Jaimee M. Windsor, ON – I recently reviewed the Skintimate Signature Scents Mandarin Burst Shave Gel. LOVED IT. To test this shave gel out I let my leg hair grow, and bought a new razor, this product couldn’t of arrived at a better time, considering the warmer weather, and its now getting into short/skirt season! This had to be one of my better shaving experiences. The scent wasn’t too overpowering, and I actually liked it quite a bit. It reminded me of the tanning lotion I use regularly.

I had to get a little used to using the shaving cream, it’s been a while since I used a foaming kind, and I had sprayed out what I thought was a decent amount, only for it to begin expanding like crazy when applying it! Not bad, a little goes quite a long way, thats always a plus. After applying a layer onto my legs and shaving, and finishing my shower, my legs came out feeling silky smooth! I couldnt believe how smooth they actually felt, and kept touching my legs.

After trying this out, I can definitely say it’s worth the buy, light scent, good coverage, and leaves you smooth. Awesome. 🙂

Wendy H. Drayton Valley, AB – This is the first time I have tried Skintimate products. I love this shave gel, you don’t need a lot of it to cover you legs, one little squirt does the job. It lathers up real fast and feels so creamy and silky. My legs after shaving feel feel so soft and silky. I usually have extremely dry skin patches on my leg but after using Skintimate they are not as visible as before. The fragrance is wonderful. My son even had to squirt some on his hands and he was amazed and how it lathered up by rubbing his hands together. I was real skeptable when I first squirted it into my hand as it was gel like and I wondered how this would shave my legs, but after rubbing it on my legs it lathered up so quickly.

thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this great product.

Julie G. Clinton, ON
Spring had sprung, the grass was green,
My legs were hairier than they’d ever been.
Skintimate Mandarin Burst arrived in the mail
To rescue my legs from their gross, hairy veil.
When I pressed the nozzle I was instantly pleased
With the scent of lemons, limes and oranges freshly squeezed.
The foamy coverage was supreme,
It truly made shaving a blissful dream.
So little product went such a long way,
It’s definitely a shave gel I’ll purchase some day.
It left my legs smooth and moisturized, too.
Skintimate Mandarin Burst, I’m impressed by you!

Darlene S. Hope, ON – I was anxious to try this as I love the orange/mandarin scent. I was disappointed. The scent seemed to lack the ‘burst’. The performance of the product was excellent. My skin felt smooth, no excessive rinsing. My only issue was the scent. I had to really get my face into my arm pit or up against me leg to smell it.


There you have it, the over all consensus is that it’s a good shaving cream and I agree.  Thank you to all the reviewers as promised,  the reviewers were entered into a draw and the lucky winner is Julie G. Clinton, ON.  

I hope we will all be able to show off those shaved legs soon, lets get the sun shining and put the snow away until the fall… I mean next winter… I mean… forever!





18 Apr

Easter traditions

Most of our holidays are centered around religion. While I know it’s the most important reasons the holidays are celebrated, I also like my kids to have fun and have good feelings towards traditions that accompany the holidays. Easter is one such holiday.

As a parent with young kids, I want them to know the true reason we are celebrating the holiday. And so, I will haul 2 kids to church a few times this weekend and teach them that Jesus died for us. While this is the number one and only reason Easter truly exists, I know it’s not really going to get the kids jumping for joy. While we don’t make a huge spectacle over the Easter bunny, we still incorporate some of the fun Easter stuff, decorating eggs, hiding eggs and of course my favourite, eating chocolate.

Every year we head out to the country to celebrate Easter with my grandma, I have nearly every egg hiding spot memorized as her home hasn’t changed much over the past 34 years I’ve been around. There is one very special Easter that stands out however as it was different than any other. It was much like this year, a late Easter, the snow had melted and the weather co-operated nicely for the season. Rather than hiding eggs in the same places as every other year, “grandma bunny” hid the eggs outside. I’ll never forget that Easter as my cousins and I hunted for eggs on that crisp sunny morning in fresh dew.


As an adult, Easters are even more fun, watching the kids search for eggs in plain sight as they fill their baskets up with chocolate energy gives me even more pleasure than when I was the one hunting for eggs. So this year, as Mommy Bunny, I hope to get outside before the crack of dawn and hide my Kinder eggs outside for the girls.


When it comes to traditions, think outside of the box (or the living room) and give the kids something extra special to remember. If it’s a nice day, hide the eggs outside for the ultimate Easter egg hunt. You won’t regret it and the kids will never forget it.