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Alanna McGinn is a certified Sleep Consultant and mother of three wonderful children (1 + twins!).  When her sleep journey began, with her eldest daughter she realized there were many parents dealing with the same sleep issues with their babies and toddlers.  After her extensive research and teachings for her own daughter she began to use her knowledge and passion to help other sleepless moms and dads.  She wanted to use her awareness, ability and understanding, to help others who were struggling with the same sleep issues she had. It was so rewarding that she became a certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant from the extensive training program at Family Sleep Institute, and Good Night Sleep Site was born as were her twins!

For over 5 years, she has helped countless parents overcome their sleep challenges.  She is the Regional Representative of Canada for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.  Her public speaking and seminars are sought after at parenting functions and major children organizations throughout her community, she is published and resident Sleep Expert in multiple parenting publications, but most importantly nothing makes her happier than seeing her advice and support help a child sleep soundly throughout the night and establish regular nap times. Through her studies, infant and toddler sleep experience, and natural sleep instincts, Alanna strives in helping all families overcome their sleep challenges and have happy smiles in the morning.

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