14 Sep

Make it a meal, or five with Boston Pizza Kids Card

My husband and I enjoy evenings out with friends. Since having kids, we’ve had to make some adjustments to our evenings out.  For example, we are now always home before 9 pm.  In our “life before kids” we would only leave the house around 9 pm. Keeping the kidlets entertained is also a new priority as it can be a challenge to enjoy an adult evening together while the kids are jumping over the booth seats, but there are a few places that have the adult and kid enjoyment balanced out perfectly.  One restaurant we have enjoyed plenty of times is Boston Pizza.  They have a menu just for kids, along with a package of goodies to keep the kids busy colouring, connecting the dots and playing games together or solo.  The kids always enjoy the activity booklets and it keeps them busy while the adults can enjoy one another’s company as well.  Happy kids =happy adults.

Boston Pizza_KidsCard_Image_367x364

A few years ago we purchased the Boston Pizza Kids cards. These little cards are good for 5 kids meals and are available for a minimum donation of $5. The card itself has a value of $35. For myself with 2 kids to feed (they love the Bugs ‘N Cheese) it’s probably the best deal in town. You can even get a 6th meal if you register your card on the Boston Pizza website. I’ll repeat that just in case you missed it… Wait, you can just go back and read that paragraph again.

Here’s how to Boston Pizza Foundation’s 25th anniversary and get your own Boston Pizza Kids Cards.

This year, Boston Pizza hopes to raise $730,000 for the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects.  The foundation supports role models and mentoring programs for kids.  So the $5 you spend (or donation of your choice) to buy 5 (or 6) meals for your kids, goes directly to helping kids.  Some of the foundations BP supports are: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Help Phone, Live Different, JDRF and The Rick Hansen Foundation.
2013 BPF Live Different Build in the Dominican Republic

(Photo was taken at the 2014 Boston Pizza Foundation Live Different Build in the Dominican Republic project)

Since Boston Pizza started this program in 1990 (which is 25 years ago already), the Foundation has raised and donated more than $20 million to directly improve the health and well-being of children and families right at home, here in Canada.

We have enjoyed this program in the past; this year, my family and I will be getting a card (or two) once again. Parents, tell your friends and then have an evening out together.



*Disclaimer: This is sponsored, but I can assure that I will be buying this card and using it with my 2 girls!

03 Mar

Next Issue 30 days Free

I’ve read my fair share of magazines in my day.  I actually remember some of my very first magazines

  • Sticker Magazines
  • Chickadee
  • Owl

And then of course when I got a little bit older there was:

  • Bop
  • TeenBeat

(Looking through the Google search from some of my old favoute magazines, I’m pretty sure I’ve owned a few with New Kids On The Block, Joey was so cute, he may or may not have been plastered all over my walls)…

Needless to say, I’ve spent some time sifting through the pages of magazines.  I’m not really picky as to what I’ll read, house related, recipes, stars, business.  As long as there are some good stories and something to learn (I’m not into those gossip magazines), I’ll read it when I’m at the doctors office, traveling or sitting around just waiting.

I’ve noticed in the last few years, I haven’t been reading magazines as much.  I suppose it’s because I spend most of my “free” time surfing the net, on social media and just wasting precious time.   Not really doing anything much productive.  When I was asked if I would like to review Next Issue, I thought it sounded interesting.  It was “sold” to me like NetFlix for magazines.  I know how much I enjoy NetFlix so I thought I would give it a try, it was free for 30 days after all.

Next Issue really is an app that allows you to download many of the top magazines and read them at your leisure on your smart phone or iPad, cover to cover, current and past issues.  I was ready to try it.

While it is free to try for the first 30 days, you do have to enter your credit card to even start the subscription.  I was a little disappointed, but at anytime I can cancel before 30 days and my credit card will not be charged.  The monthly fee is $9.99, but can be also as high at $14.99.  Weekly magazines like Oh Canada are part of the more expensive package. Once I had signed up, provided my credit card, and downloaded the app, I quickly started scrolling through all the magazine titles.  I was surprised to see, Oprah, Dr. Oz, Cosmo, House and Home, Food Network, Real Simple and US Weekly, all magazines I’ve been known to read while on a plane or waiting to get my teeth cleaned.  But I also found some other titles that looked equally interesting and I just started going nuts downloading them all.  To my surprise, once you select your list of magazines you then can view the current issue as well as back issues.  Most of the magazine titles issues date back to October 2013.

next issue1

I actually spent a significant amount of time surfing through the pages of many of the magazines (I most likely should have been doing my write up on the app).  I came across a few welcomed surprises, specifically Leonardo DiCaprio in US Weekly.  Years ago when he was Luke on the Growing Pains, I think I may have torn his picture out of Seventeen magazine and taped him to my ceiling.  Having Leo on my phone app is kind of the grown up version.


I’m excited about spending my free time on Next Issue, like when waiting by the pool for swim class to finish.  I do waste an awful lot of time internet surfing, with no value added to my life. While I wound’t call myself a reader of books, I am a reader of magazines.  Short stories, often educational and informative, recipes, and home decorating seem like a much better way to spend my time.

next issue

I would be remiss if I also didn’t mention that the app did ask if I was above age.  I was nervous to see if my eyes were going start bleeding seeing women scantily dressed, but Thankfully there was none of that and I hope it stays that way.


**DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A SPONSORED POST, but I truly have enjoyed using app.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading magazines and now I have one (or 20) ready to go at all times when there’s a few minutes of free time.

21 Aug

Back to School Clothes with Sears

In just over 2 weeks, I will officially be the parent of a primary student (for those of you outside of Nova Scotia, it’s the first year of mandatory education).  This week was back to school shopping for us, and since the school has taken over the chore of buying supplies (for a small payment of $35) we were just left to get “the other stuff”.

Earlier this week, I took Princess PreSchooler shopping to get her ready for the big day.  While I’m excited to have her in class all day (hello – entire days to myself … well, minus the baby…. but still only 1/2 the kids at home), she’s a ball of nerves – which makes me feel sad, because I know she’s going to love it.  To help her get over those first day jitters, I thought she might like to get a new backpack and lunch box to be proud of as she ventures off and on the bus with her schoolmates.

I took her to Sears to pick out some new digs, they have a Back We Go event, and unfortunately, my brilliant plan failed.  She didn’t want a new backpack or lunch box, she loves her Penguin backpack and Strawberry Shortcake lunch box she already has.  So, plan 2 was quickly put into gear.  I didn’t really have a plan 2, but us Moms have to come up with things on the fly.  I let her pick out her own clothes, she’s only 5 remember.  I hadn’t planned on letting her pick out clothing, ’cause things can go down hill really quickly.  Her idea of what matches is much different than what Stacy London would suggest.  But, if it was going to get her excited for school, it was worth it, even if she did end up as a candidate for “What Not to Wear”.

The Sears store is laid out so matching items are all near by, mix and match tops and leggings are all paired together.  Phew, this made picking out clothes really easy.  She wanted some character tees, Hello Kitty, Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake, and when I asked her about pants, the matching leggings were at her eye level to pick out.  I just helped with sizes and she went on her way picking out pants with little stars on them.  We also picked out some unmentionables, which I wont talk about cause you’re not suppose to mention them, but we thought it would be a good idea for back to school.

Mix and Match Sears

In the end, she picked out 4 pairs of leggings, 4 character tops, 7 unmentionables and 4 pairs of socks for $105.  Most items were on sale or one of the mix and match 2 for $17.97 deal.

We also went shopping with a few tweens, and they were excited to put on a fashion show for us, this was actually a great idea because it got Princess I Don’t Want To Go To School excited for her new clothes too.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t stand still to take a decent photo – have you tried to get a good still shot of someone break dancing?  Yea, hard stuff!  The good news is, she’s excited for her new clothes and she can’t wear them until school begins. The bad news? I forgot new shoes; I still need to get indoor and outdoor shoes.  Ok, so this is my first time back to school shopping and forgetting shoes is a bit of a Mom Fail, but I’m new at this.

Sears Back to School

So, here’s my favoruite part about the Sears clothing – the Kidvantage Lifetime wearout Warranty!  Yup, that’s right, as long as I save the receipt (don’t let hubster throw it out, don’t let hubster throw it out, don’t let hubster throw it out) if anything happens to the clothes while my kids (yes, I said kids – hand me down count too), they will replace them.  I would really like to put this to the test, so I’m saving that receipt!

Back we go contest

Sears currently has a “Back We Go” Facebook contest, where they are helping you get ready for the big day.  They are giving away $500 in weekly Gift Cards  and 35 daily $50 Sears Gift Cards.  Go enter and good luck!


01 Aug

Air Miles at Old Navy

Air Miles LogoOldNavy_Logo_2010_Spot

In just a few weeks time, I will have a 5 year old daughter.  Not to sound too cliché, but “where has the time gone?”  Seriously, I still remember when I found out I was pregnant, after nearly 4 years of unsuccessfully trying, we were finally going to have a family.  Here we are 5 years later and Princess Fire Cracker is about to start her very first year year in school.  Time has gone by way too quickly. (sorry, another cliché phrase, but it’s so true).

As a child, I remember the anticipation of the first day of school.  Summer quickly came to an end and I was going to be reunited with all my school friends.  This year I will have a new experience, as a mother, preparing my little girl for the next 12 years to come – it all starts in 4 weeks, with that very first day of school – incredible.

For those of you doing your back to school shopping (or first day of school shopping like me), Old Navy has a really exciting partnership to announce – AIR MILES!!!

Need I say more?

I didn’t think so.

I’m not sure if I’m proud or embarrassed to admit how many AIR MILES I get each month.  While I love seeing the miles rack up, it also means I’m a “healthy” spender.  But with each mile I collect, it’s a trip south I don’t have to pay for – Hello Beach! So anyway I can build up those miles, I’m all over it.

Starting August 1st, make sure to bring your AIR MILES card along when shopping at old Navy, you will receive 1 Air Mile for every $20 spent.  During the launch of the program August 1st – 14th, all purchases of $50 or more you will receive 10 bonus miles.  Old Navy always has affordable prices and latest styles, and now that they are offering AIR MILES, I’m sure I’ll be shopping for more than just the kids (I do have to go back to work eventually – boo).

I am a HUGE AIR MILES lover, our family has used the miles time and time again to go on trips within Canada and the US.  Over the years, we’ve saved a lot of money on flights and have made some amazing family memories.  Remember those month long Florida vacations the past two years? Yup, you guessed it – through AIR MILES.

Old Navy Back to School

So when your shopping for your kids (or yourself), head out to Old Navy.  While I’m picking up a fall jacket and new shoes, I’ll be thinking “Which way to the beach?” I’m full of clichés today.


  • 1 lucky Canadian reader is going to receive a $100 old Navy Gift card and 500 AIR MILES

To Enter:

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**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but is still so super exciting.  The giveaway is open to Canada, but if you have any affiliation to Air Miles, you can’t win – hey you already get amazing perks being with AIR MILES, share the love.


13 Jul

Get Outside and Play

Have I mentioned summer is my favourite time of year (just a few times right?)  There isn’t a day that goes by in Fall, Winter and Spring that I am wishing for summer (on a personal note, I should move to Mexico where it’s nice all year round).  I love the sunshine beating down on my face, I love  the sound of flip flops as I walk along, I love summer dresses, I love sand in my bathing suit – ok that’s a bit much, but you get the idea.  Princess Outside is a summer lover too!  She always wants to be in the front cul-de-sac playing with her friends or on her own, it doesn’t seem to matter.

outside fun

Here are some of our favourite outdoor/summer activities:

  • bikes
  • scooters
  • baseball
  • soccer
  • chalk
  • swimming
  • playground
  • water balloons

There’s a large bike gang that hangs outside of front door nearly every evening.  It consists of 3-6 year old riding around the street.  They come in all shapes and sizes, trikes, balance bikes, training wheels and two wheel bikes.  It’s an amazing phenomenon to watch the kids graduate to the next level of bike and all of a sudden they are riding a two wheeler.  The parents cheer and the kids are incredibly proud of themselves.  The kids help each other and yell “Car” when someone makes they way to the end of this kid friendly street.  The kids love it, the parents love it, it’s great to be outside for the summer.

Seeing as it’s summer time, you may notice that I am not online quite as much or posting as often.  That’s because we are busy doing outdoor things, enjoying the warm weather, swimming, hanging with friends or just riding bikes outside.  (We also have a number of weddings and events happening this summer).

Hillcrest Clubhouse

I hope you too are spending some time outside.  If you need some inspiration on toys, Sears has you covered!  They have everything from playsets, to John Deer Tractors to trampolines (how I miss my neighbours trampoline).

To get you excited about outdoor play, Sears has a 20% discount code on all regular priced toys:  941612912 

Valid until July 18th. 

Enjoy your summer everyone.  It only comes but once a year and in my personal opinion – it’s WAY too short!


27 May

Sears Baby Sale


I’ve been to Sears at least once a month for the past 6 months, and in the last few months, it’s been even more frequently! With a new baby (already 6 months – whoa) and Sears’ new “The Baby’s Room” program we have plenty of reasons to visit the revamped area.  The Baby’s Room makes shopping for baby super easy, all the essentials are clearly marked, perfect for exhausted new Moms and Dads (or brain dead zombie moms in my case) to find everything they need.  The following sections have everything your baby will need:

  • Nursery
  • Travel
  • Feeding
  • Bath & Accessories
  • Gifting

I once again visited my local Sears store in Halifax and to my surprise they were having a sale! Nearly everything was 15% or 20% off, and there were a number of different strollers “deeply discounted”, up to $100 off!  Yup, a full $100 off – no joke!



I recently purchased the “Birds of a Feather” bedding set by Emma & Jack from Sears after blogging about it in March.  I’m so happy I bought this incredibly adorable bedding set.  I’ve since made a matching valance and two book slings to match (once the room is complete I’ll make sure to post pictures). I’m really excited about the project.

When I visited my local Sears store today, I was on the hunt for the matching Birds of a Feather lamp.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any (it turns out other people think the Birds of a Feather bedding is adorable as well).  But after speaking with an associate, they secured a lamp for me at another store, just across the harbour!  The associate was very helpful.  There wasn’t much left in the Birds of the Feather theme, so I hope they order more in – hint hint!


(look at that large aisle way for strollers)

I also couldn’t resist checking out all the girls clothing while at Sears.  With the newly added Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh line, I had to check out what adorable outfits they had.  The best find? $8 for footed jammies and 40% off layettes.  They also had some sweet discount racks, fancy dresses and little boys tux style outfits for only $14.99.

I’m looking forward to the next 6 months working with The Baby’s Room once again.  Stay tuned for some great things to come.



05 Apr

Kernels Loyalty Program

Kernels logo

Do you participate in loyalty programs? If not, you really should be, it’s a way to save money and usually get something for free just by collecting points on items you already buy at stores you already shop at.  It’s like a no-brainer.

Kernels Popcorn is bringing back their loved loyalty program.  It was obvious that their fans missed the program and so they reinstated it, but made it even better of course!  With every transaction of $5 or more paid for with your Loyalty Card you receive a point and once you reach 10 points you get $5 automatically added to your card.  So how do you keep track of your purchases?  Here’s the great part, it’s all virtual!

My wallet is overloaded with cards the last thing I want is another one (I look like George Costanza). The new Kernels program allows you to make purchases with your online virtual Kernels loyalty card and each time it’s used everything is updated online – easy peasy lemon squeezy.  I recently had the opportunity to test out the program and it worked like a charm.  I showed the cashier my virtual card with the Loyalty Card number and just like that my transaction was paid.  I came home and made sure to register the card in my name and all the info was there. I had 1 point waiting for me.  Once I get to 10 points, $5 will be added to my cardautomatically!  (but hey, if you love the feel of plastic in your hands, those cards are still around too).

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention how amazingly delicious the popcorn is!  My daughter went for cheese while I picked caramel.  yummy!

If you register your Loyalty Card on the Kernels website before May 31st, you will be entered to win a years worth of free popcorn.  We certainly eat our share of popcorn while having family movie night!  A years worth of Kernels would certainly be enjoyed in our home.


  • 1 lucky reader is going to receive a $25 Kernels Gift Card

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