27 Jun

Pampers Dry Max tour

If your child has a sever diaper rash, please bring them to your doctor for a professional diagnosis.  Please do not self diagnose by the internet. As you know, I had the opportunity to visit with Pampers in Cincinnati.  I met with senior executives, developers, researchers, scientists and doctors.  I also saw what goes on behind the scenes at Pampers […]

15 Jun

Pampers Dry Max

As you guys know, I recently had the opportunity to visit with Pampers to get a behind the scenes look at how Pampers are made.  I was really impressed with all the Research & Development (R&D) that goes into the diapers.  One thing that I learned is that the “Dry Max” diapers are the same […]

02 Sep

Pampers Update: No need for concern says Health Canada

As you know, I recently attended a Pampers Dry Max Tour in Cincinnati.  Today, I have an update from both Health Canada and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). They have announced that there is no need for concern with the new Dry Max Pampers. Here are the official statments from both agencies: HC statement: […]

10 Jun

Life Cycle – Cloth vs. Disposable Update

I spent the day at Pampers, and will be making a post about it later, but wanted to comment about Cloth vs Disposable life cycle. Pampers did not go into as much details as I had hoped, but we did touch on how much material goes into making a diaper.  Today, it takes significantly less material […]

17 Dec

Media Kit

My Wee View has been online since November 2008.  My Wee View has successful gained over 6000 subscribers, over 13,000  twitter followers, and nearly 7000 Facebook fans, and is growing every day. With a large online influence and reach in Canada and the US.  I have been invited to partake in many campaigns and Events […]