04 Jan

A New Year with Disney Junior

We just booked our southern vacation, and it includes a week in Orlando!  We’re really excited to visit Disney of course.  I was invited to the grand opening of Fantasyland last month, but was birthing a child so therefore I had to pass up the amazing opportunity.  Our family will be able to experience the […]

28 Nov

Enjoy Christmas with Disney Junior

December is almost here – just a few days away.  While I love the holidays, I also like this time to go by really slow so I can enjoy each and every moment.  This season Disney Junior has all kinds of fun things for  your kids (and your family) to enjoy the holidays. Here are […]

08 Oct

Halloween With Disney Junior

Can you smell the fall air? Every morning when I head out side, the crisp chill hits me and so does the fresh air.  As you know, I’m not a super fan of winter, which means I also don’t enjoy fall because I know what’s coming next.  I do however try to be a glass […]

13 Sep

Disney Junior – New show & Contest

All right Disney Junior fans, get ready  -there’s a new show starting called Justin Time!  Believe it or not Princess French has been enjoying Justin Time for a long time.  If you read my site regularly (I know you do), I’ve written before about my daughters obsession with the Disney Junior website in French. She […]

20 May

Happy First Birthday Disney Junior

Happy Birthday Disney Junior, can you believe they made the switch from Playhouse Disney to Disney Junior just over a year ago already?  Everyone loves a reason to party, especially kids; and this month there are special party themed episodes on Disney Junior.  Starting Monday, May 21st to Friday, May 25th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm EST […]

23 Apr

New show on Disney Junior

Playing doctor us a rite of passage for young kids.  Whether their patients are human, animal or even stuffed animals, every single child has played doctor.  Dr. Princess has been really into making sure everyone in the home is feeling well. Fevers, coughs and colds have been common diagnosis, but are treatable with bandaids, and vaccination […]