19 Sep

Sick of Packing Lunches Yet?

We’re not even through September and I’m already seeing desperation in tweets and Facebook posts surrounding the dreaded lunch packing. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we have over 9 months left in the school. Have the carrot sticks cut out into 3D bunny rabbits lots their excitement? (I kid you not, I own all the cut out pieces to make a 3D bunny out of sliced carrots… I’m not even sure why I bought it, it’s just taking space up in my overflowing drawer). Are you still spending hours with your adorable bento boxes?

While I may use penguin cut outs for sandwiches, I try to make lunch packing simple, and ensure I pack things they will actually eat. I may look like the best mom in the world sending asparagus and acai, but I’d be wasting my money each day  the spears and berries are thrown into the garbage or comes home uneaten. I like to pack lunches I know my kids are going to eat. Cheese and/or ham sandwiches, pasta, apple sauce, carrots, cucumbers, berries (nearly any berry… Well other than acai) and then once in a while I throw in a little treat.


Recently, I was asked by Snack Pack if we would like to try their new EZO Lid Snack Pack puddings. I am a chocolate lover so agreed to give it a shot, to see how the kids would like it and to test if they could open the snack. We received chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch. The girls were excited to test them and my 7 year old was able to pull the cover off alone.  My youngest is only 2.5 years old and needed some help. To my surprise, the girls weren’t really much of a fan of the puddings. There are plenty of choices and flavours to choose from (see below) So we tired the Orange and Strawberry flavours that are more like gel and they really enjoyed those. So as a treat, I’ll throw one in for lunch.

21· Chocolate
· Vanilla
· Butterscotch
· Chocolate Fudge
· Tapioca
· Chocolate Vanilla Triples
· Chocolate Caramel Swirls
· Chocolate/Butterscotch
· Chocolate/Vanilla
· Chocolate Lovers
· Toffee Caramel
· Banana Cream Pie
· Lemon Meringue Pie
· Ice Cream Sandwich
· Strawberry/Orange
· Cherry/Lemon Lime
· Raspberry mix Berry
· No Sugar Added Chocolate
· No Sugar Added Vanilla
· No Sugar Added Strawberry
· No Sugar Added Strawberry/Orange

I think as parents we’ve made lunches way too complicated. I’m not sure when or why the shift changed over the years. I was reading a forum where a man (who is now responsible for packing his own kids lunch) said his mom made him the same sandwich, apple and cookies (or whatever it was) for lunch every single day… For 12 years… and he didn’t complain. I think it’s ok to get creative, but parents, we really have to be realistic about the expectations we’re creating for ourselves. Being stressed over lunches isn’t high on my priority list, but making sure my kids eat their lunch and can enjoy a tasty treat, that’s more my idea of a good lunch.

Happy back to school, only 9 months and 1 week to go… but who’s counting?

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