12 Aug

Cesar’s Mix Feeding Program

If you would have told me a month ago there was a solution to my dogs rancid breath, I would have passed your suggestion by.  Sure, I know there are solutions, like chewing doggie bones but my little Cammy isn’t into those bones and sending her to the dentist… I may as well be singing off on her death certificate.  I’ve brushed them myself regularly with peanut butter flavored toothpaste but within just a few hours, doggie breath makes its reappearance.  We all still love Cammy to pieces, but she has rank dog breath.

A few months ago, I was asked to participate in the #mixfeeding blogger program with Cesars.  The mix feeding program included using wet and dry food.  This is something we  regularly did anyway.  Cammy would enjoy 1/2 a tin of Cesars on dry food every morning.  The big change would only be the brand of dry food.   I’m always up for a good challenge and it seems Cammy was ready too.

Cammy once ruled the house but now with 2 kids in toe, it’s not often she gets anything new.  The people at Cesars sent Cammy a new bed a new collar and a few other nice treats including a brush and dishes.  She was in her glory with her new digs although the girls quickly sorted through the assortment, once again leaving Cammy not being able to enjoy her new toys first. But being 12 years old in dog years, she’s learned a lot and she didn’t let it get to her.

The program started on June 25.  For one month we were to start her on the Cesars dry food as well as 1 can on wet food.  I already knew how much she enjoyed the wet food and being only ~10 pounds I figure 1/2 a serving a day is enough for a good treat.

>cesarsRight away I was surprised at how much she enjoyed her dry food.  She’s never been one to regularly lick her plate clean, but in the first few days, I noticed we had to replenish her dish.  It seemed that Cammy really enjoyed being part of the program too.  While we didn’t serve her a generic brand of dog food before, she is a senior now and we had been buying the same food for a number of years.  Perhaps a bit of a change was good?

It took about 2 weeks to fully notice the big difference but one day, it struck me really hard.  We were sending Cammy for a sleepover and I always feel so embarrassed for poor Cammy’s dog breath.  When I went to pack her up and cleaned up her eyes and beard I noticed she didn’t smell bad.  Not only didn’t she smell bad, she didn’t smell at all.  I was shocked.  She really had the worst doggy breath ever.

I know these are pretty big claims to make.  And I have tried to come up with every other reason that her breath could be normal now, but nothing else in her life changed.  It’s the only thing that has been different in the last month an a half.

I will say without a doubt, the Cesars dry food has definitely convinced me that it’s doing good things for my little Cammy.  I can’t explain how or why, but I have continued and will continue to feed Cammy this food even though the program has been completed for over 2 weeks now.  A part of me does want to go back to the old food just to test, but for the sake of those around her, we much prefer her current breath over what we had for the last years.

Thank you Cesars for getting us out of our regular routine and for asking us to try something new.  We always love Cammy but now we enjoy snuggling even more without having to hold our breath.

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**Disclosure: I was selected to be a part of this program through the PR agency and received perks for being a part of the program… including but not limited to – a dog with great breath now!