23 Jul

Summer with Epicure

Summer is in full swing here on the east coast of Canada. Thankfully the weather has been mostly co-operative which means we spend lots of time on the deck with family and friends and eating of course.

burgerThere’s nothing better than BBQ eats during the summer months.  Whether it’s hamburgers, steak, chicken, lobster, you name it, it nearly always tastes better when it’s been cooked on the BBQ.  I was introduced to Epicure a few years ago by a very good friend of mine.  I, like other friends went to an Epicure party to try some of the low salt dips.  Well, they aren’t just limited to dips anymore, but also include spices meant just for the summer.  The first time I tried Epicure I found that the spices lacked salt, that’s when my friend said “you then have control over how much salt is added to your meals”.  Bingo! This made so much sense.

The summer line, which we’ve been enjoying includes glazes and rubs:

Fish Rub
Montreal Chicken Rub (my favourite for kabobs)
Montreal Steak Rub
Oh Canada (Maple glaze and garlic)

Good Burgers Really FastAnd if making your own burgers is on your list, there’s a special Good Burger. Real Fast. package that has everything you need including a “special sauce” which tastes very much like “the original” really yummy burger sauce, but a little cleaner.

burger pressBut it didn’t even stop there, we made our own burgers,,, from scratch – no kidding!  I know it’s really easy to buy frozen premade burgers from the store, but making your own burgers from scratch can be just as easy with this Burger Press and then you know exactly what it is you are eating.  You add the spices, you add the cheese and then you press the burgers into a patty you’ve made yourself!  The Epicure recipe doesn’t call for an egg, but I recommend it to keep your patties together.

penguin popsMy personal favourite product of all however is the Squeeze and Eat Pops. These cute little penguins molds freeze up within a few hours and I get to control how much “liquid sugar” the kids get to enjoy.  1 part juice to 1 part water.  They love cold pops during the summer (well anytime really) and I always prefer making these at home.  The mold can stand up on its own and the suction of the cover is so tight that the liquid doesn’t fall out when they are right side up to freeze.  When the pop is frozen turn the mold and cover upside down and the cover becomes a holder – genius.  This also helps to keep the pop upright (ie. not dripping on the floor) while the kids are eating it.

We will continue to BBQ until at least the end of October, making the most of the good weather until the snow starts to fall.  As the for Squeeze and Eat Pops… Those will be in use all year round.

In all honesty, at first I did find Epicure lacked in salt content, but when I start cutting back on salt you realize how salty everything else was.  In a way, it’s actually kind of scary…

1 lucky Canadian reader will receive a $100 Epicure summer package including the Squeeze and Eat Pops and more.   (Open to Canada, closes August 7th @ 11:59pm PST)

To Enter: 
Let me know what your favourite BBQ item is in the comments below.

Visit the epicure site And let me know what you’d like to try out this summer in the comments below.

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**Disclaimer:  I received these items from Epicure to test out with my family and friends.


Winner confirmed: Leah

59 thoughts on “Summer with Epicure

  1. I love veggies on the grill. I package a variety up in foul with butter and different seasonings … Omg yum!

  2. I’d love to try out many items but as it is summer and I love my BBQ, if have to go for the big burger sauce and the yakitori. Awesome contest. Good lu k everyone!!

  3. I would love to try some of their rubs like the Montreal Steak Rub and their Aioli’s

  4. I would love to try the waffle mold, the crisper, the little ice pop molds, the prep bowls… I love all the purple stuff! I’m a fan of epicure, does it show?

    Of course the glazes and rubs and dips are all divine, too.


    Time to place an order.

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