14 Jun

Your Family Doesn’t Have to Rely on “Dr. Google!”

“Is there a doctor in the house?” These are common words heard in an emergency situation and the truth is, yes there’s always a doctor in everyone’s house.  It’s a doctor we rely for every ailment from fevers to tummy aches and the doctor’s name is “Dr. Google”.

I am so guilty of using Dr. Google, for myself and the kids. It’s probably a very bad habit to get into as the outcome usually surrounds the worst case scenario.  Try searching something simple like “mole growth” and the results will be: You have cancer and are dying, get to a doctor now… Actually you’re lucky if you even make it to a doctor because you’re so close to death just go to the emergency room.  This may be a bit of an exaggeration but more often than not, when I Google a symptom there’s an example of the same symptoms leading to quick and sudden death.  This is very scary, especially as a parent with 2 young kids.


A “deadly cancerous mole” that is getting bigger and bigger is actually just a “regular mole” but is growing because the once baby is now a toddler and she’s getting bigger too. I’m not sure why I continue to use Dr. Google as s/he’s mostly incorrect and only creates anxiety.  It turns out, I’m not alone. You guys are all doing it too!  According to a recent study, 71% of Atlantic Canadians rely on the internet to make health diagnosis… and more often than not, the diagnosis is wrong.

It’s way easier to consult Dr. Google than it is  to go visit your doctor for a minor ailment.  We don’t want to be a pest or bother or busy doctor with our “minor” issues, so we consult with the Internet.  Well, luckily for us in Nova Scotia, there are other, more easily accessible options.  We can consult right with our local pharmacist.

A pharmacist can give informed advice on over the counter medication as well as consult and write a prescription (when appropriate) for minor medical ailments.

Please view the below chart for treatments a pharmacist can help you with:


So next time you turn to your In house Dr. Google and are feeling frightened after reading stories worse than Stephen King horror stories; there’s no need to full on panic. Make a quick stop into your local Shoppers Drug Mart and talk to your friendly local pharmacist.  One just happens to be my lovely aunt, so I can truly vouch for how helpful, friendly and sensitive they can be.