18 May

Delta Temp2OTM shower head

I remember as a child I would act out what my parents did with their daily routine.  While dad lathered his face with shaving cream and took a sharp razor to his face, I would use Popsicle sticks, clean them off in the water and then take another swipe to get that “close shave”.

IMG_5567The same thing is now happening in my home with the two girls.  Luckily I’m not the one needing to shave my face, but I do put on makeup, straighten my hair and paint my nails.  The girls are right there behind me.  I’ve made them fake makeup and we have kiddy nail polish so they can have fun playing dress up as well.

As it turns out, it doesn’t stop there.  My 6 year old now wants to take showers just like her mom and dad.  I admit, there’s nothing more I love than a hot shower or tub, who doesn’t love the “quiet time” with  water splashing and massaging your back (while the kids bang on the door asking what’s taking so long).  I’m not sure at 6, my daughter doesn’t really understands the true benefits of a shower (apparent quiet time), but she’s starting to take them on her own now.

Since I enjoy a steaming hot shower, my own guesstimate on an appropriate water temperature for a  baby/toddler or child is most likely way off.  I think I’ve been known to over compensate towards coldness because I know my tolerance for hot is above average.  Delta has created the perfect solution, a shower with the Delta Temp2OTM shower head, it has a built in thermometer.

My vision is very poor, my eyes are -9.5.   The first few times I was using the new delta shower head, I didn’t even know there was a temperature displayed.  Thankfully there’s a change in colour when things get really hot or cold, all I knew was that I liked it when the dark purple colour nearly turned red, but red was too hot.  I would fiddle with the hot and cold water until I got it to that perfect level.

One day, I wore my contacts in the shower (not recommended, I’ve lost a few this way) and I was very amused and chucked to myself over the brilliance of the actual temperature degrees displayed on the devise.  This is genius for parents like myself that have young kids that want to be independent and use a shower.  The suggested temperature for kids is 36-38, I personally would think 36 is probably the best temperature to keep them comfortable.  With the colour change, it’s easy for parents to keep a close eye on the kids without having to hover and stick your hand under the shower every few moments to ensure the temperature is right.

Where the temperature is displayed, there are no spray holes which creates a natural shape for rinsing shampoo from hair.  I find this most beneficial for the 6 year old it has significantly reduced the amount soap that ends up in her eyes.  She’s still learning how to tilt her head back to get rinse out the suds. For myself, I have had nearly 30 years of bending my neck back to a certain angle to get the shampoo rinsed from my forehead, now I have to put it back even further than I’m accustomed to, but once again no soap in eyes is a good thing.

This will also be great for cleaning our dog, with the handle I can take the shower head down, and know that the temperature is ok for our dog.

On another note, I love it when the kids want to copy me and brush their teeth!
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One lucky Canadian reader is going to receive a Delta shower head.  Open to Canadians only and closes on June 1st @ 11:59pm PST.
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**Disclaimer: I have received this product from Delta to try out, and it turns out, we like it… So I wrote about it.  If you have kids/pets at home, chances are you may like it too, but as always these are my personal views.

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  1. My kids like to copy me by wanting to bake and read. They also like to copy me by getting all dressed up, doing their hair, makeup and nails.

  2. I love it when they copy me & also want to kiss daddy good bye when he leaves for work

  3. Kids copy things their parents and other people say. My son uses a lot of the same expressions that I do and I have heard my nieces and nephew do the same thing. It makes me watch my words for sure!

  4. Kids copy what you say – I tend to say “oh my goodness” lots and the kids now also say that!

  5. I know kids really follow things they shouldn’t, if you accidentally say a word you shouldn’t they pick up on it!!

  6. They also want to copy cooking (with supervision), cleaning, and reading. All which I am happy about.

  7. I think it’s cute when kids pretend to do housework with their little toy vacuums

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