17 Apr

Being Fit is a Daily Thing





I was part of subway Canada’s commit to fit 6 week challenge once again this spring. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen the weekly updates and tips on daily activities you can do to help you stay fit and keep motivated.


What were Carl’s weekly tips? Well if you missed them, here they are, plus a bit of my thoughts:

Week 1: More Water

This week’s challenge is to drink 1L more water daily than you usually do, to a maximum of 2.7 L for women and 3.7 L for men.

My thoughts: Although I know the importance of water, I do need that reminder.


Week 2 – Load Up on Fruits and Veggies

Your challenge for this week is to have fruits and/or vegetables with every meal and every snack throughout the week. Vegetables should take up half of the space on your plate, and fruit acts as a great substitute for unhealthy desserts. I challenge you to try some new vegetables, too!

My thoughts: if I’m hungry and want to make a smart choice, fruits and veggies are absolutely the best. I know I can pretty much eat as much as I want without feeling guilty. I also load my subs upwith veggies – including banana peppers.

Week 3 – Squats

We’re going to start slow with 10 squats in the morning on Monday, and 10 in the evening. Throughout the week, I challenge you to increase your squat count by 10:

* Tuesday: 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening

* Wednesday: 30/30

* Thursday: 40/40

* Friday: 50/50

My thoughts: I’m really terrible with this challenge. While I completely understand the benefits, it’s really hard to get squats in throughout the day. I have to start working them it into my routine, perhaps while I wait for coffee to brew.

Week 4 – More Sleep/Relax Time.

Each day this week, try to replace time in front of a screen – computer, TV, phone, tablet – with reading a book or quietly relaxing before sleep.

My thoughts: It’s not always possible with a bust household. Once the kids are asleep, I do like to take a bit of me time, and like I always tell girls “good nights make for good days”. I always feel better after a good nights rest.

Week 5 – Food Journal

This weeks challenge is to keep a daily, written food journal of everything you eat.

Keeping a food journal helps us to know exactly what we’re eating and when. Tracking this information will help you to better understand your eating habits and make you really think before you eat something. You’ll be able to see how much you’re eating throughout the day, and if there are specific patterns to your eating habits – do you eat a snack at 3pm every day because you’re hungry, or just because you feel like it?

My thoughts: if I had to suggest just one thing, it would be to keep a food journal including calories. Using an app and keeping track each day has been the most successful method I have used to date. If you’re looking for a sure way to trim down, this is your absolute best bet. The hard part is sticking to your daily allotment of calories however. If you keep a journal but continue to “go over your limit” you’re not going to see results.

Week 6 – Me Time

This week’s challenge is to take 30 minutes for your own personal health goals each day. This could mean taking a 30-minute walk, listening to a podcast on the latest health trends, or reading a magazine to learn about new exercise routines or healthy dinner ideas. No matter what your individual training schedule is, it’s important to take time to turn down the intensity of exercise and let your body recover.

My thoughts: in a busy house hold, it’s very easy to lose track of yourself and your goals. I think having that daily mental check is important.

Overall, the thing with fitness and health is that it’s something you truly need to look at each and every day. Dont look at these tips and think they are for one week at a time and that’s it. These are all things to incorporate into each and every day. Don’t focus on being health just for tomorrow because with it comes to health, today is the day that counts and all we’re guaranteed is today.


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54 thoughts on “Being Fit is a Daily Thing

  1. I like the tip to drink 1L more water per day then usual. I don’t drink nearly enough water so this is something to strive towards.

  2. my tip is to add more fruits and veggies to your day. cutting up both and putting in containers so when hunger strikes you have it ready and handy

  3. I like ‘More Sleep/Relax Time’. This can be hard to accomplish but it’s definitely a great idea!

  4. my tip is to stop buying the unhealthy food options (chips, cookies, etc) and find healthier snacks that you like.

  5. My tip is rewarding yourself, through pampering. eg.Give yourself a manicure.
    Feeling beautiful is also important during a weight loss journey.

  6. My favorite tip is to get more sleep/relax time. Being tired is so detrimental to your health and energy.

  7. I like the squat tips the best but I like all the tips. Thank you for sharing I really like the commit to fit program.

  8. I like tip #1 and I have been making a conscious effort to drink enough water because dehydration effects a lot of things in the body.

  9. My tip is menu planning as well as snack planning – if you have healthy options on hand you won’t be tempted to hit the vending machine or the drive thru.

  10. My favourite tip to to have lots of fruit and veggies in the house, so you can easily grab a healthy snack when you need one.

  11. Swap out pop or juice for lemon water or water with fruit! Its delicious and way healthier than a sugary drink!

  12. My favorite is the water to, I definitely need to drink more! I also drink it from a (reusable water bottle as I notice I drink more that way! Also like to cut things up before, way more likely to eat it that way.

  13. These six tips are all key to setting up a plan for good health. I need to work on all of them, especially drinking more water. I feel tired a lot of the time and I think it has a lot to do with being mildly dehydrated. I am going to definitely make drinking more a priority.

  14. My favorite tip is more water! It is so easy to drink water througout the day, I love water,and always trying to get more in my daily routine.

  15. I love the sleeping tip and how its so important to get proper rest! I also enjoy the drinking water tip, I am trying to get more water in daily!

    • Could you please delete my comment? I already entered, clearly I did not get enough sleep…THANK YOU!

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