12 Feb

Valentine’s Day Love – Red Velvet Blizzard Cake

We’re in the middle of winter here in Canada.  Despite the cold weather, every year around this time, things heat up because the warmth of love is in the air – if just for a few days.  I truly enjoy showing people love.  I have a lot to give, so while many feel Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, I think it’s fine if we’re reminded if only once a year, that it’s marvelous to show other people love and celebrate it.

Red Velvet Blizzard Cake

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be for “lovers” either.  It’s important to show love to everyone we meet throughout the day (everyday) and especially to those who are nearest and dearest to us.  Caring doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive presents like diamond rings; giving people your undivided attention, being truly engaged, listening, and helping around the house are simple ways to show others you love them. I’m a firm believer that love is present in it’s actions and not simply in words.
I’d be remiss however if I didn’t mention a little something about chocolate (and ice cream) at Valentine’s Day.  It’s pretty much my favorite things together in harmony, love and chocolate and ice cream. The only thing that would make it better is if I was on a warm beach. Valentine’s Day … chocolate … Ice cream … Beach – ok that was kind of a hint – I hope my darling husband is reading this.  Friends, could you please tag him, I prefer to be discrete.


And I’m back…. But without a tan 🙁

This Valentine’s my family and I cooled things down with a little Red Velvet Blizzard Cupid cake from Dairy Queen.  This cake is the perfect size for our little family of 4 / 5 (my mom’s with us most of the time).  We each had a few small pieces without feeling too guilty.   Generally Dairy Queen cakes are for special occasions with lots of people, birthdays, anniversaries and big parties.  This mini Red Velvet blizzard cake (at only $12.99) is perfect for a smaller get together, family or maybe for lovers to share.  The cake is made with the classic Dairy Queen ice cream but on the inside there’s  a layer of red velvet cake and a layer of blizzard.  We were also able to get the cake personalized in less than 1 minute.  I should have thought of something more creative, but I guess Happy Valentine’s pretty much covers it.

Red Velvet Blizzard Cake1

We often call desserts “love”, so this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to bring a little “love” home.  This little red velvet blizzard cake is available in adorable cupcake form too.

DQ Spoon
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*Disclosure, this is a sponsored post.  But seriously, please think about love not just at Valentine’s Day, but all year round.


90 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Love – Red Velvet Blizzard Cake

  1. I love baking for others to show them my love. I usually bake what they love eating, either cookies or cupcakes.

  2. I show others love by giving them time – whether it’s an afternoon of visiting, putting time into a handmade gift, or helping them with a favour, making time for the people you love is the best way to let them know you care. 🙂

    Did all three entries, fingers crossed!!

  3. i show love by spending time with my family. We recently took both kids to the spongebob movie, went out to eat at McDonald’s, and bought a couple small treats. It’s the time having fun together that shows your love. But it’s also in the hard times by just being there when they need your support. Really it’s hard to answer as I can give individual examples… you can show love with everything you do for/with them all the time. It’s things you do everyday not just the big gestures.

  4. I show people I love them by spending quality time with them. I make sure to remind them how special they are and how much they mean to me.

  5. I show others love by doing things for them that I know make them happy or that they like. I also make sure that I tell them that I love them.

  6. I show others love by doing little things every day to make their lives easier. My partner loves it when I pack her a lunch, drop off a coffee at her work, or scrape her car windshield in the morning before she leaves… little gestures and favours that remind her I love her every day. 🙂 She also loves it when I bring her a DQ blizzard, they are her all-time favourite treat!

    Liked, followed and RT’d! Really hope I win so I can surprise my partner with a V-Day cake from DQ, thanks for the fantastic giveaway! 🙂

  7. I show my love by telling each family I love them everyday and try my best to spend quality time together.

  8. I show love to others by being respectful and lending a helping hand when needed. I treat others as I want to be treated. Nice giveaway..thank you for the opportunity

  9. I love to cook…and m always cooking treats and “whatnot” for not only my family and friends but my neighbours on both sides are in the 80s so once a month I always make something special for them, from soup to treats…but what about meeee LOL….I would love some Dairy Queen…hehe Thans for the chance!

  10. I share love by having family hugs every day with my hubby and girls – the girls get excited for family hug time.

  11. I try to show others I care about love by leaving little notes, making special meals and making sure I tell them how much I appreciate them

  12. I try to go out of my way to help others in any situation. From assisiting a street person who may be down on their luck with change to paying it forward with freebies and free product coupons to helping people by buyng them a coffee or paying for their order.

  13. I show love by doing the little things. Hugs and kisses and telling them I love them top the list 🙂 Making special meals, cards, buying special gifts etc

  14. I show others love by always being there for them, and maybe bringing a pack of cookies to them whenever i see them

  15. I show others I love them by doing little things, making a favourite dish, writing a little note and sticking it in a coat pocket, backpack, lunch bag.

    I help as much as I can, when I am able to. I also verbally tell them I love them.

  16. i show others love by hugs, caring and making special treat for them!
    Tweeted (sapphirerose58) and liked on FB.

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