23 Jul

Multi-Grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains

Summer is in full force here in Nova Scotia and I have really been taking advantage of it.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve sat in front of a computer after work hours.  The warm months don’t last very long here and with such a terrible winter in 2014, it’s lucky that I’m spending anytime inside.

Last month, I was given the opportunity to review the brand new Multi-Grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains.  The timing couldn’t have been better, I had a house full of teenagers, and boy… can they eat.  Little did the “kids” know, that the bowl of breakfast yumminess, also included some hidden gems, grains!  While teenaged boys like to eat, I’m sure you won’t find them munching on too many healthy grains like spelt.

The new box of Cheerios includes some familiar classics including puffed wheat.  I actually remember puffed wheat as a kid, and while I’m sure it’s a grain that is good for you, it’s highly unlikely that I would be caught eating it, but if it’s included in a bowl of Cheerios with a hint of cinnamon and spice, I’d gladly eat a bowl (or two).

CheeriosIf you have ever taken a peek at the sugar content of cereal, you will notice that they are generally high in sugars, the new Multi-grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains has 7 grams of sugar per cup.  I took a peek at some other cereals that we have in the home and not only are they higher in sugars, the sizing is smaller as well…. that’s pretty concerning.  You may think that because a cereal has less sugar, you have to add a spoonful yourself, with the touch of cinnamon and spice, it’s not required.

Cheerios have been one of the first foods I introduced to both my kids, they are great for fine motor skills, have a nice crunch and compared to some of the other cereals out there, are a better choice and now they also come with grains.


Want to have a chance to test out these out for yourself?  I have a giveaway for all of you worth $170.  It includes: The giveaway includes a NutriBullet, Lululemon yoga mat and block and three boxes of Multi-Grain Cheerios + Ancient Grains.

To enter:

Simply make a comment below and let me know how you sneak some healthy things into meals.



well, it’s obviously been a long time since I ran a giveaway, because I forgot to put an end date on this giveaway.  It’s been 2 weeks, so I think it’s time to draw a winner.

The Winner is Nancy T.

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to everyone who messaged me to let me know I forgot to put an end date.  Oopsie!