24 Apr

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel – Reviews by You

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I was hopeful that summer was on it’s way, and then today, April 24th, we have snow, sleet and hail! Oh when, on when will we see spring?  While I have had no reason to shave my legs while here in Canada for the past month, I did spend some time in Cuba and was able to use the Skintimate Shave Gel a number of times in the two weeks we were there.  While I may not have looked like one…. my legs most certainly felt like model material with the silky smoothness.  I did notice after shaving really quickly that it’s important to make sure all the gel is washed off or it can leave a white residue on your legs.  Not the look I was going for while tanning  running after the kids.

So,  you all know what I think of the gel (and if you don’t know you can check my thoughts on the Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel).  I still think I’d like more of a BURST of mandarin, but the smell has no impact on how well it works.

But more importantly, here’s what you think:

Diane G. Calgary, AB – I love citrus scents and so as soon as I heard about this new product I was excited to try it. One of the first things I noticed was the ridges in the cap. If you have ever tried to take a smooth top off a container in the shower you will know what I mean. If your hands are arthritic you will really know. The little ridges really made it easy to take off even with wet hands.

I put the shave gel in my hand and noticed a light and refreshing citrus scent. I found it very pleasant and knew the smell would not overpower the scent I would wear like some products do. As I applied it that gel turned into a smooth cream. It made the blade of my razor glide over my skin and gave what seemed to be a smooth shave. Once I rinsed it off, my skin felt smooth and silky and there were no nicks or razor burns.

My ultimate test of a good shave is when I get into bed. I love that smooth shave feeling you get on your legs as you slip into the sheets. I am happy to report Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel passed with an A+

I will definitely buy this product next time I need shaving gel if it is available.

Debbie W. Hamilton, ON – Thank you for allowing me to review Skintimate Signature Scents Mandarin Burst shave gel. Initially I found myself a little too generous with the application and the shave was not as close, and the lather was a little sticky. After trying again, using only approximately a dime size amount, and rubbing it and applying to my legs, the shave was close and smooth. My underarms received the same result. The scent is not over powering, but a nice tropical tangerine scent lingered. It rinses easily leaving my skin smooth, and a light citrus smell lingered.

It provided a nice close shave and very pleased with the results.

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Monica B. Abbotsford, BC – I’ve been really impressed with this shave gel! As someone with sensitive skin, I’m prone to razor burn and irritation.. So shaving my legs isn’t usually a task I enjoy. This shave gel took me by surprise – the scent is so fresh and citrusy, and is so perfect for spring and summer. I found it lathered well and it contains 6 moisturizers including olive butter and vitamin E. My skin has been noticeably more smooth and soft, and it helps provide a close shave. My skin feels moisturized and I honestly have almost no irritation!! Once I am out, I plan to get this product again, it’s the best shave gel I have ever used. 

Jaimee M. Windsor, ON – I recently reviewed the Skintimate Signature Scents Mandarin Burst Shave Gel. LOVED IT. To test this shave gel out I let my leg hair grow, and bought a new razor, this product couldn’t of arrived at a better time, considering the warmer weather, and its now getting into short/skirt season! This had to be one of my better shaving experiences. The scent wasn’t too overpowering, and I actually liked it quite a bit. It reminded me of the tanning lotion I use regularly.

I had to get a little used to using the shaving cream, it’s been a while since I used a foaming kind, and I had sprayed out what I thought was a decent amount, only for it to begin expanding like crazy when applying it! Not bad, a little goes quite a long way, thats always a plus. After applying a layer onto my legs and shaving, and finishing my shower, my legs came out feeling silky smooth! I couldnt believe how smooth they actually felt, and kept touching my legs.

After trying this out, I can definitely say it’s worth the buy, light scent, good coverage, and leaves you smooth. Awesome. 🙂

Wendy H. Drayton Valley, AB – This is the first time I have tried Skintimate products. I love this shave gel, you don’t need a lot of it to cover you legs, one little squirt does the job. It lathers up real fast and feels so creamy and silky. My legs after shaving feel feel so soft and silky. I usually have extremely dry skin patches on my leg but after using Skintimate they are not as visible as before. The fragrance is wonderful. My son even had to squirt some on his hands and he was amazed and how it lathered up by rubbing his hands together. I was real skeptable when I first squirted it into my hand as it was gel like and I wondered how this would shave my legs, but after rubbing it on my legs it lathered up so quickly.

thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this great product.

Julie G. Clinton, ON
Spring had sprung, the grass was green,
My legs were hairier than they’d ever been.
Skintimate Mandarin Burst arrived in the mail
To rescue my legs from their gross, hairy veil.
When I pressed the nozzle I was instantly pleased
With the scent of lemons, limes and oranges freshly squeezed.
The foamy coverage was supreme,
It truly made shaving a blissful dream.
So little product went such a long way,
It’s definitely a shave gel I’ll purchase some day.
It left my legs smooth and moisturized, too.
Skintimate Mandarin Burst, I’m impressed by you!

Darlene S. Hope, ON – I was anxious to try this as I love the orange/mandarin scent. I was disappointed. The scent seemed to lack the ‘burst’. The performance of the product was excellent. My skin felt smooth, no excessive rinsing. My only issue was the scent. I had to really get my face into my arm pit or up against me leg to smell it.


There you have it, the over all consensus is that it’s a good shaving cream and I agree.  Thank you to all the reviewers as promised,  the reviewers were entered into a draw and the lucky winner is Julie G. Clinton, ON.  

I hope we will all be able to show off those shaved legs soon, lets get the sun shining and put the snow away until the fall… I mean next winter… I mean… forever!





18 Apr

Easter traditions

Most of our holidays are centered around religion. While I know it’s the most important reasons the holidays are celebrated, I also like my kids to have fun and have good feelings towards traditions that accompany the holidays. Easter is one such holiday.

As a parent with young kids, I want them to know the true reason we are celebrating the holiday. And so, I will haul 2 kids to church a few times this weekend and teach them that Jesus died for us. While this is the number one and only reason Easter truly exists, I know it’s not really going to get the kids jumping for joy. While we don’t make a huge spectacle over the Easter bunny, we still incorporate some of the fun Easter stuff, decorating eggs, hiding eggs and of course my favourite, eating chocolate.

Every year we head out to the country to celebrate Easter with my grandma, I have nearly every egg hiding spot memorized as her home hasn’t changed much over the past 34 years I’ve been around. There is one very special Easter that stands out however as it was different than any other. It was much like this year, a late Easter, the snow had melted and the weather co-operated nicely for the season. Rather than hiding eggs in the same places as every other year, “grandma bunny” hid the eggs outside. I’ll never forget that Easter as my cousins and I hunted for eggs on that crisp sunny morning in fresh dew.


As an adult, Easters are even more fun, watching the kids search for eggs in plain sight as they fill their baskets up with chocolate energy gives me even more pleasure than when I was the one hunting for eggs. So this year, as Mommy Bunny, I hope to get outside before the crack of dawn and hide my Kinder eggs outside for the girls.


When it comes to traditions, think outside of the box (or the living room) and give the kids something extra special to remember. If it’s a nice day, hide the eggs outside for the ultimate Easter egg hunt. You won’t regret it and the kids will never forget it.



07 Apr

What is Beauty?

There are a few women in my life that really express the true meaning of beauty. Some I know very well, my grandmother for one, is an incredibly beautiful woman. She is strong, she is wise and despite a full life with kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, she has very few wrinkles to show for it all. She is stunning in so many ways. I often call her Yoda; she knows things, lots of things. She has more wisdom than any individual I know. (I hope I have her genes.)


Then of course there is my own mother. My mom’s motto is patience, kindness and love, always. She shows love to everyone who comes her way throughout the day. Her selflessness is beyond measure and I am incredibly thankful for having her in my daily life. She is a neverending mother. While she has finished her full time gig as a mom to my brother and I, she has taken her role as grandmother very seriously; she takes care of both my kids’ full time while my husband and I go to work. She is an inspiration, she is a role model, she is truly beautiful on the inside and out. My mother is love.

It’s hard to believe there is anyone in my life more beautiful and than these two women, but there are in fact two more. My own girls. These two girls have more of an impact on my life than any other individuals. These two girls are beautiful because they challenge me to be a better person, have more patience and practice the true meaning of unconditional love – everyday. These two girls are beautiful because they are themselves. Their youth and innocence allows them to simply be who they are. There is no pressure (yet) to be the prettiest girl in class, there is no influence to be the thinnest, they are free to be young girls, and be as happy (and dramatic) as they please. Everything about them is genuine and that is true beauty.

IMG_0418Being the mother of girls has also made me look at what is beautiful about myself. As a woman, it’s naturally easy to be hard on myself, but I have to be a strong, confident women for the betterment of my own girls. While outward beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s the insides that make the difference. I do work on some outward superficial beauty, however I am working even harder on my inside beauty. Love, patience, kindness, guidance and time are what my girls need the most and will make me beautiful to my own girls and that is more important than any hairdo, waistline or new outfit.

I want to be beautiful to my girls, just like my mother is beautiful to me, and her mother is beautiful to her.


The Dove Mission is to invite all women to realize their potential for beauty by engaging them with products that deliver Superior Care. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone because looking and feeling your best makes you feel happier. For more information visit www.dove.ca

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