12 Feb

Say No to Diets

When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to raise a perfect gentlemen.  A few months into my pregnancy, I was shocked to learn I was actually having a girl.  My heart quickly made it’s way into my throat as I saw the life I had ahead of raising a girl.  I remember my husband saying very firmly “Raising a girl brings on a whole new set of worries.”  Boy, was he right.

Here we are 5 years later and not only do we have 1 girl to worry about, but we have 2.  I am on Mom super alert when it comes to the girls.  I want them to have confidence, values, know right from wrong, be able to stand up for themselves and above all know their true beauty and worth.  We all know it’s easy to preach to people, it’s the practicing part that’s difficult.  As a woman, I am the biggest role model for my girls and I know they are watching my every move and listening to my every word.  I am proud to say the girls have never muttered a single swear word.

Diet OathSelf image is on every girls radar, including mine.  Here are some shocking stats

  • 3 in 5 women have been on a diet
  • 52% of girls get their information about dieting and nutrition from family members
  • 1 in 5 girls under 18 is currently dieting

The most disturbing part is this was a study on girls aged 10 – 17.

Five years ago when I nursed my first born, I dropped baby weight instantly without even thinking about it.  Unfortunately for me, five years later when I was nursing for the second time, history didn’t repeat itself as well, things were looking up, and then …. I hung onto each and every pound and at some points, may have even found a few extra to carry around (cause you know, a new baby isn’t enough to drag around).  When it was time to go back to work, I knew I had to do something and thanks to my lovely readers, I found a new way to live my life diet free, but still shed a few pounds.  It came in the form of My Fitness Pal.

This tool has truly changed the way I live, it’s a new life and I know it works.  I’m not on a diet and I will not diet again because I am now in control of my weight with a little help from my Pal.  It actually feels liberating.  So far, I’m 14 pounds healthier.   I speak to the girls about making healthy choices and eating some other not so healthy things in moderation.  It’s a lesson for them as well.

I am pledging to say no diets, but to live a healthy life and be a role model to my girls by taking care of myself in all ways possible, physically, spirituality, emotionally and mentally because I know as their mother, I will have the biggest impact on their lives and who they become as young women.

I want them to have enough self esteem to be able to say “no”.

I want them to know that beauty is only skin deep.

I want them to know they ARE beautiful.

I want them to know they are loved.

I want them to know they are special.

As their Mom, I am the one that has to ensure I’m giving them all the tools they need to get there.  And as their Mom, I also have to believe all these things about myself, the good news is… I do.

Saying Oath

Take the pledge to Say No to Diets, but to live a healthier lifestyle and be a role model for our kids.


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**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but is truly important for the future of our kids.  My Fitness Pal is truly awesome, if you haven’t tried it yet, please do, it has changed the way I live my life in a good way.  I am not on a diet, I’ve made a lifestyle change and it’s awesome.

03 Feb

Financial Challenge

A few months ago, I took a very close look at our spending habits. As a family of 4 (well, 5 including my Mom) I expected that we would have some high bills. Of course we have housing, cars, insurance, and food, but I could have never expected our groceries and restaurant purchases to be as high as they were. It was shocking. Almost $1500 a month to feed our family and one family member pretty much only ate breast milk so she was cheap enough.

I decided it was time to make a change, a big change. I personally took it upon myself to stop eating out as much to cut down on that one big bill. But it’s really hard to be accountable to yourself isn’t it? There’s always an excuse that can be made. Welcome Gail Vaz-Oxlade. She’s the memorable Slice Personality from the show Till Dept do us Part – I think I’ve watched every single episode.



While I have cut down on our food bills (as well as sent a friendly reminder to hubster …. more like nagging reminder), I think we can still do better. Just like Gail says we should start writing things down as the spending happens. She also suggests using cash rather than credit, but I have to admit, I love getting points when I use my cards. When I spend cash, I’m not getting any bonus in my pocket, however I do understand that with cash, once it’s gone, it’s gone. With credit, there’s no limit. I’m hoping by writing things down it will keep us accountable. I’ll let you know how it works out.

So, join me this month in a financial challenge. Here are the weekly themes:

Week one: Cash, Cash, Cash
Week two: Food
Week three: Family
Week four: Clothing

You can also join Gail for a Twitter Party to learn more about your money and saving, here are the details:

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2013

Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST

Hosts: @Chatelaine and @GailVazOxlade

Hashtag: #SavingMadeSimple

Hope to see you there.

** Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.

02 Feb

You Couldn’t Be “Kinder”

We’re just two weeks away from Valentine’s Day, which seems nearly impossible.  In our home, we’re still celebrating Christmas, we even made gingerbread cookies today – not kidding.  Here are the finished products, and they were absolutely scrumptious.

Gingerbread men

As much as we don’t want to put Christmas away, it is time to start looking at the next exciting holiday, and yes, it’s Valentine’s Day.  I personally love Valentine’s Day, despite it’s commercialism, specifically because it’s centered around Chocolate, and well I do like shiny things too (if you’re reading this hubster… no pressure).  But enough about what I want for Valentine’s Day, these holidays are exciting for the kids too.

As a Kinder Mom, I receive a few packages of these chocolate treats a few times a year.  Hubster and I enjoy the creamy milk and white chocolate just as much as the kids do.  But, we also like to share the love, and with a few extra eggs laying around, I thought it would a good little gift to give to the kids for Valentine’s Day.  I wanted something my 5 year old daughter could put together for her friends and was also hoping to use the play on words for “Kinder”…. Kinder, get it?  So, out came the construction paper, glue, tape and heart jewel stickers and then I had to come up with a little verse.  The only thing I could think of is “You Couldn’t be Kinder”.  I printed off this little phrase, cut them out, glued them onto the heart and along the sides there’s room to include “To” and “From”.  These little Kinder Valentine’s were simple to make and  I’m sure the kids receiving these treats will be very “egg-cited” as well.


You couldn't be kinder


There’s another bonus with Kinder’s right now too called “Crack’n Win”.  Each paper leaflet has a special PIN code that could lead to even bigger prizes (there’s $2.4 Million in prizes to be won).  To see if you’re a winner, visit the Kinder Facebook page and Check Your Pin – it’s as simple as that!  Trips to Orlando, a Fiat, movie tickets and free Kinders will be given away.

 Kinder Code

As for myself and Valentine’s Day, truth be told, I don’t really want much of anything, maybe just a relaxing tub with bubbles for 20 minutes by myself with no kids kicking at the door or screaming from the other room … a pair of diamond earrings seems much more realistic however.