21 Sep

Hawaiian Tropic Reviews by You

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Today is the last day of summer (insert super pouty sad face here).  But if we get more days like today (it was hot people), then there’s no need to complain.  Just because summer is “over” doesn’t mean you don’t have to put sunscreen on, trust me… it’s a must.

Earlier this season, some quick readers were able to review Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration & After Sun, and here’s what you had to say:

Carolyn R. Collingwood, ON – Thank you for the free samples. My kids and I are loving them both. We love the smell of the after sun so much that I caught my youngest licking his arm. I think he thought it was melted ice cream!
My kids also don’t mind the sunscreen on them. Some brands feel thick and sticky, but Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration feels great.
Hoping for more sunny days
Sarah R. Victoria, BC – Thank you for the sample of sunscreen and after sun from Hawaiian Tropic. I love the smell the after sun, putting it on is like a drenching myself in a yummy pins colada – almost worth staying out in the sun a little too long. I know I will be buying this product again and again. And the sunscreen is great too. It goes on smoothly, without feeling too thick. I can’t wait for another sunny day to try both products again!
Kelly G. Hare Bay, NL –  Hawaiian tropic silk hydration SPF 30 sunscreen lotion felt great to apply, its non greasy formula was just what I would look for in a sun screen, (I hate the feel of greasy Sunscreen and lotions)  I loved how it felt on my skin, it dried fast, and  it smelled great!!  The fact that it was non greasy was something that makes me definitely want to purchase this product!!Hawaiian tropic silk hydration coconut papaya after sun moisturizer is also a great product, felt great to apply after a day in the sun, it was also non greasy and dried fast which is something I would definitely want in these types of products.  The scent of this product was a little stronger then I would like, I would prefer if it was a milder smell.

Rachelle T. Toronto, ON – Love Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration sunscreen lotion! Feels like lotion, not a greasy/sticky sunscreen like the ones I’m used to. Light coconut scent. Dries quick and non-tacky. Broad spectrum (UVA&B protection) and water-resistant. What is there not to like? I would definitely purchase this.

Really like Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration After Sun moisturizer. I wanted to sniff my skin all day; it smells so good! I tan really easily so don’t suffer from redness or burns, but on my skin it was refreshing and so I can imagine it being very soothing for sunburns.
Joanna C. Thorold, ON – I had heard a lot about the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen lately and was pleased to be given a sample to try and review. The very first thing I noticed when using it for the first time was the pleasant smell it has. It does not smell like any sunscreen I had ever used before. What a great start. It went on easily and didn’t involve a lot of rubbing in order to get my skin to absorb it. It also did not feel greasy as most sunscreens tend to do. My 7 year old daughter gave it a try as well. She has very sensitive skin, particularly on her face and ended up with no issues when using the product. Other sunscreens have given her small rashes on her face before but not this one. We have spent a few hours outside while wearing the sunscreen and faired very well. I was quite pleased with the results. It certainly is something I would consider buying.After spending time outside we gave the new Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer as try. It was nice to find it had the same pleasant coconut smell as the sunscreen. It also went on nicely without a lot of rubbing and did not leave any greasy residue. Although I did like the lotion I just don’t know that it is something I would purchase. I just don’t find my skin dries out too much in the summer as I always wear lots of sunscreen and never get a burn. I do however see it as being a useful and soothing product on skin that got too much sun.My only suggestion for Hawaiian Tropic would be to make the Silk Hydration sunscreen available in a spray bottle form. My usual brand of sunscreen I purchase comes in a spray bottle which makes application so much easier, particularly when applying on an impatient child, as it does not need to be rubbed in. If this product could be made into a spray application with that same pleasant scent, I would switch to Hawaiian Tropic in a heartbeat, even if it meant paying a little extra for it.

Cheryl G. Richmond Hill, ON

I LOVE the new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration lotion!

I used it with great hope that as a fair skinned person it would work for me. I first used it on both arms as I burn while driving the car with the sun coming in the window. IT WORKED! I then tried it on an outdoor outing on my arms, legs, face etc.

I love the LIGHT, NON-GREASY feel of the lotion on my skin. I did not feel like I had to rush and wash my hands after applying it to my body as I usually have to do after applying sunscreen. That is very important to me, I hate the feeling of being all greased up and feeling like all my pores are clogged….like a melting ice cream!

The scent is great, a light tone without being overpowering. Nothing to strong that would attract bugs.

Although I usually apply an SPF 45 and up< i found that this sample of Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 did the trick. Much to my like, I DID NOT BURN!!!!! That is big for this light skinned freckled girl.

I also like the added option of using the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer after I have been in the sun. I like the feel of the coolness on my skin. It left my skin soft and silky and I did not feel like I had been in the sun with my skin being dried up all day.

I feel protected, and I safe in using this product out in the sun!

I would definitely say this is a win win combo by Hawaiian Tropic! You have definitely hit the mark and provided the market with something new, unique and very effective! I love it and will continue to use it and buy it when I need to purchase sun lotion.

Really want to take this new lotion to the Caribbean with me!

Mary J. Brampton, ON – I was beyond excited when I was asked by My Wee View and Hawaiian Tropic to review two products. I had the opportunity to try the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydratation SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion and the new Silk Hydratation After Sun Moisturizer.

As I spend a lot of time outside, I always make sure to apply a sunscreen in the morning. I put Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydratation SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion to the test while gardening for few hours. It worked so great that I decided to put it to the ultimate test, a day at the beach!

hawaiian tropics

This is definitely a formula that protects longer and better compared to other sunscreens. I also really enjoyed the tropical fragrance and how my skin felt moisturized and non-greasy. The Silk Hydratation After Sun Moisturizer was such a treat after spending so much time under the sun. It is refreshing and soothing.

Both products are amazing and I highly recommend them!

 Nancy T. Keswick, ON

Packaging for Both
I love that I can see the colour of the product with the ‘hydrating ribbons’ visible through the container.  The hibiscus flower on the front makes me think Hawaii.
DELICOUS! The smell reminds me of sun filled vacations and the wonderful tropical smells!  We tried out this product at our local splash pad this past weekend.  My two girls and I met up with a friend and her two girls.  I told her I was testing out the product and the first thing she did was take off the cap and smell the product, then quickly got out her camera to take a picture of the sunscreen.  She’ll be buying this the next time she’s at the store – on scent alone!
After Sun
DELICIOUS again!! I can really smell the Papaya with an undertone of Coconut!
The product is light and goes on very easy (not too thick) with a refreshing feel to my skin after application.  There is no greasy feel or look once Hawaiian Silk Hydration Sunscreen is applied.  And again the scent is delicious!!  The only downfall is that this isn’t a waterproof sunscreen.  We did try it out at a splash pad so I made sure to reapply on both of my girls every 1.5 hours (we were there for 4 hours).  With how easy it goes on, it made for a quick reapplication and they didn’t have to miss out on any fun.
After Sun
The product is light and refreshing.  I’ve used after sun products that are mostly aloe and it leaves your skin with a tight sticky feel to it.  With the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer there was a small sticky feeling however once the product had dried only a refreshing cool feeling was present.  No tightness at all!  And of course the smell left on your skin is delicious!
I missed a few spots on my back when applying and those were the only areas that got a bit too much sun.  The SPF30 was able to withstand the UVA/UVB rays in 36C (before humidity was factored in) weather.
After Sun
I applied the After Sun Moisturizer on my girls and I and the product really works well.  It leaves a cool refreshing feel to my skin.  My skin was soft and felt well hydrated even hours after application.
Overall I really liked both of these products and would definitely purchase them in the future.
Cassandra H. Calgary, AB – When I opened the sunscreen And smelt it , I thought it smelt wonderful, I applied it to my kids on a sunny day an it wasn’t to greasy to apply on and went on smoothly. Didn’t leave that much of a greasy feel on their skins, and not much resude, it seemed to work effectively as well. Kids didn’t get burnt.The after sun was also very wonderful I usually use aloe Vera lotion . So trying something else was a pleasure.I happened to have burnt my shoulders that weekend so this was perfect timing. It smelt great, went on smoothly. And the cool sensation was wonderful on my burn. I liked the cool sensation it was very pleasurable on my burns. After a couple applications of it on my burn it started to fell better. I think I’ll be buying this after care as well.
I am not sure of the prices but if its around the others ill be purchasing it. Good product and will be suggesting it to others. Especially the after sun one.

Lynsay F. Wallaceburg, ON –  Sunscreen is a must in our house being a red head and having a red head means we go through and try a lot of different brands of sunscreen. That being said i think his is the best one i have tried so far i love it, so smooth,  great smell and works well in water . The after sun lotion was excellent as well i love the cool feeling after it is applied.
Chantal D. Kingston, ON – I love summer and I love sitting out in the backyard reading a good book and taking walks in the summer . I try to be outside as much as I can in the summer so I use sunscreen and after sun lotion a lot. I hate that some are greasy and I am really picky when it comes to the scent .Over the years I have tried many different brands and I admit there aren’t many out there that I would even want to buy but I always loved Hawaiian Tropic so I was so excited to try the new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen & After Sun . I am still in love with this brand. I love the smell and I love that it isn’t as greasy as some other brands i have tried . It moisturizes my skin which is always a good thing . It might be a little bit more expensive than some other brands but I think it is worth the price.Joy M. Kanata, ON – I love this product!  First of all, I am in love with the scent. I really enjoy lotions that have a pleasant smell, and this definitely does! That is my favourite thing about it!

My second favourite thing is the way it feels, and the way it absorbs so quickly. It doesn’t take a long time to rub in, and doesn’t make me feel greasy afterwards.

The third thing I love about them are that they look pretty J The ‘dual ribbons’ are so attractive, and especially the pretty colour of the after sun moisturizer.  A pretty bottle always entices me to use it!

I would definitely buy the sunscreen again. I am not sure if I would buy the after sun moisturizer (unless it was on sale, or I had a coupon!) This isn’t something I normally use, although it does feel great on sun-kissed skin!

Thanks for the chance to try our Hawaiian Tropic! It was fun to try something new, and I really enjoyed this product!!

Michelle D. Kitchner, ON –  We’ve had some sun peek through the clouds so I was able to give it a try. I’m very happy with the sunblock. I was outside for 3hrs that day and applied the sunblock once before going out. I tried the after sun lotion once I came in and washed up. It has a nice creamy feel. Smells great. I really like this product. My skin felt great. I could even see the difference in my skin. My skin looked youthful. I will definitely be purchasing more of these products for the days to come.

Thanks for giving me the chance to try it. Greatly Appreciated

Jenny M. Sarnia, ON – Thank you very much for sending me these samples! I loved them! The sunscreen goes on silky and smooth, not greasy like other brands. The after sun moisturizer leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated!

Judy C. Dashwood, ON – The Hawaiian Silk Hydration has a nice, light tropical scent that I really liked. It’s light, making it easy to apply. No more rubbing to get it to absorb, it does the job quickly and relatively cleanly. I was outside longer than planned and forgot to reapply it but I never burned so I love the fact that it has a longer wear time than a lot of the sunscreens out there. I also love the fact that it provides moisture and hydration to my skin. Even after a day in the sun my skin felt smooth and not dried out. Love that it is a relatively inexpensive sunscreen and one that actually works!

The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion is a great after sun skincare product. I have always use aloe vera but since trying this out I am going to swtich. I love the smell of it; it smells so good. I have not used it on a burn yet but it is nice to put on after a day in the sun and it left my skin feeling smooth and silky.

Haylie L. Edmonton, ON – Received these in the mail last week and had perfect opportunities to use them as we’ve been outside every day enjoying the beautiful sunny days. I apply the sunscreen lotion in the morning before leaving the house and the smell was amazing! I reapply later in the day and again smelled yummy lol. Get home and check myself out, no burn! I’ve applied the After sun moisturizer a few times after our days out, and I wasn’t too crazy about that. It felt sticky going on, though it smelled just as good as the sunscreen. It took several minutes for the stickiness feeling to go away but it made my skin nice and soft after half a day spent outside in continuous sun.

I’m definitely going to be looking at buying the sunscreen, not too sure about the after sun lotion.


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As promised, one lucky reviewer receives a $50 Gift Card and that winner is: Chantal D. from Kingston, ON

Thanks everyone for sending in your reviews!