21 Aug

Back to School Clothes with Sears

In just over 2 weeks, I will officially be the parent of a primary student (for those of you outside of Nova Scotia, it’s the first year of mandatory education).  This week was back to school shopping for us, and since the school has taken over the chore of buying supplies (for a small payment of $35) we were just left to get “the other stuff”.

Earlier this week, I took Princess PreSchooler shopping to get her ready for the big day.  While I’m excited to have her in class all day (hello – entire days to myself … well, minus the baby…. but still only 1/2 the kids at home), she’s a ball of nerves – which makes me feel sad, because I know she’s going to love it.  To help her get over those first day jitters, I thought she might like to get a new backpack and lunch box to be proud of as she ventures off and on the bus with her schoolmates.

I took her to Sears to pick out some new digs, they have a Back We Go event, and unfortunately, my brilliant plan failed.  She didn’t want a new backpack or lunch box, she loves her Penguin backpack and Strawberry Shortcake lunch box she already has.  So, plan 2 was quickly put into gear.  I didn’t really have a plan 2, but us Moms have to come up with things on the fly.  I let her pick out her own clothes, she’s only 5 remember.  I hadn’t planned on letting her pick out clothing, ’cause things can go down hill really quickly.  Her idea of what matches is much different than what Stacy London would suggest.  But, if it was going to get her excited for school, it was worth it, even if she did end up as a candidate for “What Not to Wear”.

The Sears store is laid out so matching items are all near by, mix and match tops and leggings are all paired together.  Phew, this made picking out clothes really easy.  She wanted some character tees, Hello Kitty, Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake, and when I asked her about pants, the matching leggings were at her eye level to pick out.  I just helped with sizes and she went on her way picking out pants with little stars on them.  We also picked out some unmentionables, which I wont talk about cause you’re not suppose to mention them, but we thought it would be a good idea for back to school.

Mix and Match Sears

In the end, she picked out 4 pairs of leggings, 4 character tops, 7 unmentionables and 4 pairs of socks for $105.  Most items were on sale or one of the mix and match 2 for $17.97 deal.

We also went shopping with a few tweens, and they were excited to put on a fashion show for us, this was actually a great idea because it got Princess I Don’t Want To Go To School excited for her new clothes too.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t stand still to take a decent photo – have you tried to get a good still shot of someone break dancing?  Yea, hard stuff!  The good news is, she’s excited for her new clothes and she can’t wear them until school begins. The bad news? I forgot new shoes; I still need to get indoor and outdoor shoes.  Ok, so this is my first time back to school shopping and forgetting shoes is a bit of a Mom Fail, but I’m new at this.

Sears Back to School

So, here’s my favoruite part about the Sears clothing – the Kidvantage Lifetime wearout Warranty!  Yup, that’s right, as long as I save the receipt (don’t let hubster throw it out, don’t let hubster throw it out, don’t let hubster throw it out) if anything happens to the clothes while my kids (yes, I said kids – hand me down count too), they will replace them.  I would really like to put this to the test, so I’m saving that receipt!

Back we go contest

Sears currently has a “Back We Go” Facebook contest, where they are helping you get ready for the big day.  They are giving away $500 in weekly Gift Cards  and 35 daily $50 Sears Gift Cards.  Go enter and good luck!