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Air Miles at Old Navy

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In just a few weeks time, I will have a 5 year old daughter.  Not to sound too cliché, but “where has the time gone?”  Seriously, I still remember when I found out I was pregnant, after nearly 4 years of unsuccessfully trying, we were finally going to have a family.  Here we are 5 years later and Princess Fire Cracker is about to start her very first year year in school.  Time has gone by way too quickly. (sorry, another cliché phrase, but it’s so true).

As a child, I remember the anticipation of the first day of school.  Summer quickly came to an end and I was going to be reunited with all my school friends.  This year I will have a new experience, as a mother, preparing my little girl for the next 12 years to come – it all starts in 4 weeks, with that very first day of school – incredible.

For those of you doing your back to school shopping (or first day of school shopping like me), Old Navy has a really exciting partnership to announce – AIR MILES!!!

Need I say more?

I didn’t think so.

I’m not sure if I’m proud or embarrassed to admit how many AIR MILES I get each month.  While I love seeing the miles rack up, it also means I’m a “healthy” spender.  But with each mile I collect, it’s a trip south I don’t have to pay for – Hello Beach! So anyway I can build up those miles, I’m all over it.

Starting August 1st, make sure to bring your AIR MILES card along when shopping at old Navy, you will receive 1 Air Mile for every $20 spent.  During the launch of the program August 1st – 14th, all purchases of $50 or more you will receive 10 bonus miles.  Old Navy always has affordable prices and latest styles, and now that they are offering AIR MILES, I’m sure I’ll be shopping for more than just the kids (I do have to go back to work eventually – boo).

I am a HUGE AIR MILES lover, our family has used the miles time and time again to go on trips within Canada and the US.  Over the years, we’ve saved a lot of money on flights and have made some amazing family memories.  Remember those month long Florida vacations the past two years? Yup, you guessed it – through AIR MILES.

Old Navy Back to School

So when your shopping for your kids (or yourself), head out to Old Navy.  While I’m picking up a fall jacket and new shoes, I’ll be thinking “Which way to the beach?” I’m full of clichés today.


  • 1 lucky Canadian reader is going to receive a $100 old Navy Gift card and 500 AIR MILES

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**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but is still so super exciting.  The giveaway is open to Canada, but if you have any affiliation to Air Miles, you can’t win – hey you already get amazing perks being with AIR MILES, share the love.


142 thoughts on “Air Miles at Old Navy

  1. I love collecting airmiles. I save them up and order sobeys coupons for christmas time. It helps alot!

  2. I am giddy! The amount of $ I spend at Old Navy… this is great news! Thanks for hosting this giveaway Lynette!

  3. I grew up in Australia and remember getting my photo taken in the backyard wearing my brown and whIte checked uniform and carrying my little green school case.

  4. I don’t remember my 1st day of school, but my daughter’s was just last year. We were so nervous for her, wondering how she was going to do, if she’d get upset and cry, if I would. She didn’t seem to need us at all though, so eager to start, she was serious, but gladly went and had to be reminded to say goodbye to me. Not one single tear shed (from her at least). She loves school, and for the 1st week or 2 of vacation, she was asking me when she goes back.

  5. I just recently started collecting Air Miles and I LOVE Old Navy! Would love to win this for some Back-to-School shopping for my two boys!

  6. I love collecting Air Miles. Not only do I collect them from shopping but I also do surveys that pay in Air Miles. It doesn’t take long for them to add up!

  7. I love that airmiles can be collected at so many places now. I also love that you can instantly redeem your miles now at certain stores.

  8. Wow, great giveaway! I am an air miles collector and usually cash in my rewards at the grocery store. I am very excited that Old Navy is now accepting Air Miles as well, I do a lot of shopping there for my 2 children! Great news!

  9. I haven’t been able to get many Airmiles lately but this will definitely help. I do lots of Old Navy shopping for back to school.

  10. I love collecting Air Miles — my partner and I are making it a joint effort and saving up for a big trip!

  11. We certainly collect Air Miles! We use them all up every year getting movie tickets and more for Christmas gifts!


  12. I love Air Miles, but always found it hard to find places that offer them. Glad Old Navy offers them now!

  13. I have been using air miles since before day one! I can remember working at safeway and getting these cool new cards before anyone else did. I have been using it ever since and have gotten many gift cards with it for all kinds of cool things

  14. I love Airmiles,although I have not cashed them out yet, I have been a collector for many years!

  15. I love getting air miles, we been collecting for alot of years now, hoping to go somewhere nice someday!!!

  16. I just started collecting air miles last summer when my son was born. Cant wait to get enough to do something cool!

  17. I love collecting Airmiles, been collecting for a while (hard to earn though) I usually end up using my miles to buy groceries at Metro

  18. I used to collect airmiles all the time, but i now do my shopping mainly at walmart. I miss the airmiles though, i used to redeem for great things like movie and zoo passes, cds, gift cards for the kids.

  19. Airmiles are great for ordering Shell Gas. The only place I seem to collect them is Metro and LCBO.

  20. I’ve finally started the Air Miles program. I am amazed at how many merchants participate and I should have started ages ago.

  21. I’m 42 and I can still remember my VERY first day of school, that’s how traumatic it was!!!!! My teacher was Mrs Smith. She had looong brown hair. Beautiful, sweet. But I was a mommy’s girl. I stood there and cried my eyes out while my Mom was telling me she’d come get me in a couple of hours, I would have fun.. then me and Karen met, ate some glue.. it was ok after that! lol

  22. Well, well, this is great news. We’ve been shopping at Old Navy for years & are Air Miles collectors as well, so this is definitely a plus for us.

  23. My youngest DD3 will be starting school full days in September (GAH!!) and older DD7 will be in Grade 2 FI. I love Old Navy for uniforms! DD7 attends a uniform school and we love the white shirts, jumper dresses, Bermuda shorts & skorts from Old Navy!

  24. I’m a bit late to the Air Miles program… I only started collecting them two years ago but I love how I’ve been able to redeem them for groceries and gas. Now I try to get as many as I can.

  25. My daughter will be starting JK this September! We will be going to Old Navy to stock up some back to school clothing! Hopefully she will have not problem in school for the first time! I just started to collect Air Miles less than a couple of years ago, so hope that I will be earning more miles and redeem for reward for groceries

  26. Air Miles program is not as great as it used to be, but I love their new offers like bonus miles for redemption.

  27. My miles take a long time to collect, since I don’t have a debit card that collects miles, only an Airmiles card. Thanks for the giveaway

  28. I love Air Miles as a lot of stores where we shop anyway offer them. We’ve collected enough for flights to go on a really nice vacation. Now Old Navy offers them too? This is great news!

  29. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win The $100 old Navy Gift card and 500 AIR MILES.
    In response to your requirement to Please make a comment on the original post about your Air Miles or your first day of school.
    I don’t remember my first day of school
    but i have been a collector of Air Miles for many years now.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  30. I enjoy collecting Air Miles and I was really happy when I found out Old Navy offers them. It’s my favourite place to shop for clothes for my family.

  31. I remember on my first day of school my mom took a picture of me in my light purple mini skirt and white top. That was more years ago than I care to think of!

  32. I don’t really remember my first day of school, but I also will be sending my DD to school this year for the first time. Can’t believe how quickly she’s become a big girl 🙂

  33. I really like airmiles have been a member since it first started in the mid 90’s I love using the airmiles app. I use the shop online feature a lot

  34. I just recently started using airmilesshops.ca to shop online and get more Air Miles. I’m trying to save them up, so I can take a trip somewhere nice with my boyfriend;)

  35. I love collecting Air Miles. I have used them to fly out to Nova Scotia and also for groceries and a hotel stay.

  36. I love collecting Air Miles but it takes such a long time, it seems, to accumulate them. But no giving up!

  37. I love collecting Air Miles, but I find that I don’t take advantage enough at grocery stores that promote double days, etc.

  38. I love collecting Air Miles. I work hard to get my gold status every year so that when I cash in the air miles on flights, I get a better deal.

  39. It seems to take me a while to collect Air Miles so 500 of them would sure come in handy! Thanx! 🙂

  40. i always redeem air miles for gift cards. they are great to collect and i’m always looking for bonus offers

  41. I’ve just gotten into the whole air miles thing! I’m loving it so far and I’m so happy that old Navy is on board

  42. I love redeeming Air Miles for Canada’s Wonderland tickets or even their cash option of $10 off gas at Shell!

  43. I just returned from my first flight using Air Miles. I’ve been saving for years! I was apprehensive, expecting lots of Air Miles red tape and difficulties, but booking my flight went smoothly and the holiday was great! Now that more businesses are giving Air Miles, I can look forward to collecting miles much faster for my next reward.

  44. I have been a huge Airmiles fan for over twenty years!! I have used points for travel, magazines and gift cards. I can not quite remember my first day of school, but I remember being so anxious when my son started!

  45. This is SO exciting! I love collecting Air Miles, and I love shopping at Old Navy! What a wonderful pairing 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  46. I have not collected enough air miles to cash in for anything most especially a trip…but I still keep collecting them anyway

  47. Airmiles is my favorite rewards program. I guess since I’ve had an airmiles card since I was a teen (a very long time ago!!) and I’ve gotten so many great things with their rewards.

  48. I collect air miles wherever I can! I just found out the pet store I go to gives them as well, which is awesome! 🙂

  49. Remember to take your childs picture on the first day of school each year and I try to shop where airmiles are awarded

  50. I love Air Miles, hoping to get enough to cover our flight to Disney in November…so I really want to win.

  51. I don’t remember my first day of school, but my daughter’s first day was last year and my favourite memory was her skipping almost a whole block ahead of me on the way there – she was so excited to go! It helped me say goodbye more easily, seeing how happy and confident she was. 🙂

    As for Airmiles, I love them. So far we used them to buy a baby swing (yes, where does the time go, that was 6 years ago now!), a new camera, and my favourite movie, Life is Beautiful. Happy to see that we can collect them at Old Navy now too!

  52. i love airmiles i reck up alot of points during the year and then redeem them for christmas presents for my children

  53. I don’t remember much about my very first day of school, except for posing for pictures in the front yard.

  54. I am a long-time AirMiles collector. I am not sure what I am saving for but winning this giveaway would be a huge boost!

  55. I’ve been collecting air miles for over 10 years and have saved so much money this way! My kids love Old Navy…they would love to do their Back To School shopping there!

  56. We used our airmiles to get my nice new nikon dslr, however, my youngest son broke it the second day I had it. It still works, except that I can’t see anything on the screen. *sigh*

  57. My first day of school. I actually remember this, and what I remember most about it is that I wasn’t one of those kids who was scared, I was all excited, I thought I was so grown up, going to kindergarten! I also remember that I was really mad when I got home, becuase my younger brother had broken most of my dollhouse furniture while I was at school! I was so angry at him….seemed like the end of the world, at the time! 🙂

  58. I LOVE Air Miles. It is so easy to collect points and I love the fact that they are expanding the points program with more retailers making it even easier…..Saving towards a trip 🙂

  59. Awesome giveaway! The first day of school is always a nerve wracking one – it DOES help to feel confident in a new outfit tho

  60. I don’t collect as many Air Miles as I used to – so I’m glad you can now earn them at Old Navy. Another reason to shop there!

  61. Airmiles ROCK! I was able to take my whole family on a trip! We saved effortlessly and before we knew it, we were on our way!

  62. I certainly will be collecting air miles next time I shop at Old Navy!

    Great clothes at great prices.!

  63. I LOVE Air Miles. I have been collecting them for so long.. 2 days ago, I just redeemed 1950 of them for a round trip flit to New Brunswick to finally see where my hubby was born and raised. I’ve never been East of Ontario, so it will be a nice adventure. I can’t wait… Now back to saving the miles again, so I can go somewhere new next year! Even better, ould be winning a few hundred 😉
    Thank of for a great giveaway!!

  64. All I can say is I wish I would have applied for Air Miles a lot earlier. I only recently did so and was deterred prior to this due to the fact that traveling isn’t much of an option for us. Knowing now though that you can also use your points to purchase products I could have accumulated much more. So now I am on a mission to start collecting points, which will take sometime as shopping is also limited around here. I think it’s a great program to be rewarded when you shop etc. My mum has certainly benefitted from it as they do a fair amount of traveling and she has been a member for years.

  65. Would Love to collect more Airmiles! My oldest is starting K this year, I am so nervous for thier first day! =)

  66. Just loveeeee old navy for back to school shopping..and air miles is an added bonus for sure. Thanks for the contest 🙂

  67. My airmiles card is still in my maiden name – gets me confused when people address me as Mrs Neil!

  68. We have been collecting miles for years and we have enough to go on a couple of trips actually.

  69. I like to redeem my Air Miles rewards for gift cards and charitable donations for worthy organizations.

  70. I love airmiles as it’s something else to be able to collect rewards with but I really hate how long it takes to be able to collect enough reward points for something you want!

  71. I have been putting all my tuition on airmiles. By the time I graduate I hope to have enough to get to Europe!

  72. I don’t remember my first day of school for the most part. I only remember, that it was so important to have a pencil case and paper in a book! Really un-needed.

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