08 Jun

HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 & HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer

**Disclosure: I received the following products for free from HP, but guess what, there’s some exciting news for you too – wait for it….


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m sure dads around the world are waiting anxiously for their new tie!  I have to admit, I did get my dad a tie a few years in a row (sorry Dad), but those were the days long before modern technology where we could make unique and personal gifts for our loving Fathers.

This Father’s Day is going to be much different, Thanks to my new  HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 and new HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer!   This combo has made it super easy for me to make special gifts for the Dads I love.  Specifically, my dad and my girls Dad.

I enjoyed creating photo cards and printing with ease, using Snap Fish.  I’ve tried the site in the past to make baby announcements and it was a no go.  I was slightly disappointed, but now with my new technology, I’m confidant I’ll get those announcements completed shortly (what, she’s only 6 months old, better late than never I say).

So, here’s what I did.

  • Visited SnapFish.com
  • Found a Father’s Day Card I loved
  • Uploaded pics of the kids (and I)
  • Created the card by dragging and dropping photos
  • Made a personal message inside the card
  • Printed the card (front and then inside)

That’s it, seriously, it was THAT easy!  I didn’t even have to print twice, it worked on the very first try – how often does that happen?  Ugh, never! But it just did.  I am in love with the laptop, printer combo.  Look out world, this might just be what I need to get my creative juices flowing!

Father's Day Cards(Notice the ties? I couldn’t resist)

If you like to give out those personal cards made especially by the kids, SnapFish has that option too.  Here’s a little something Princes made for her Daddy.  This card is under lock and key until next week.

Father's Day Printables

You can also get some Free Father’s Day Printables at SnapFish for a special Father’s Day Party!

Father's Day Printables

So I know you are all waiting for the exciting news, well here it is!  You will be able to win a new  HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 and new HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer for the lucky Dad in your life.  ‘Cause HP LOVES Dads!

Win HP Skeekbook 6 & 120 printer

GIVEAWAY: One Lucky Canadian Reader is going to receive over $1100 prize from HP:

HP Printing Supplies Kit

  • HP ENVY  HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 ($699)
  • HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer (249)
  • High- capacity Original HP XL Ink cartridges that save up to 40% on your printing. Colours included: Black and Tri-color
  • HP Bright White Inkjet Paper (sustainably-sourced, FSC- certified paper with ColorLok technology for brighter colours, fewer smears and bolder blacks)
  • HP Advanced Photo Paper, Glossy, 4″ x 6″


  • You must Comment on this post, PLUS do one of the following:
  1. HP Loves Dads: In a comment below,  nominate a special father in your life and share why this dad should receive a new HP ENVY Skeekbook 6 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day. Explain how the special Dad would use the new PC and printer in their everyday life to balance being productive and staying connected with their loved ones. You can do this by  through words, photos and captions, video or a medium of your choice.
  2. Dad’s First Gadget: Share what this special father’s first tech gadget was and what it meant to them.
  3. Keep Calm and Craft On: Design a unique, personalized, DIY Father’s Day gift. In your comment, share step-by-step instructions on how to create the project in a comment below. Feel free to share it in a photo on FB or Twitter and tag it to (My Wee View on Facebook and MyWeeView on Twitter) so that we can see it and have it displayed on our Fanpage wall/RT it for you.

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319 thoughts on “HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 & HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer

  1. My husband already had his 1st gadget when we started dating – a cell phone back in the days when they had to be wired into your car & cost a fortune. The novelty has since worn off – now I have to remind him to turn his phone ON so that I can reach him.

  2. If I win, can I scoop the printer? – I really need a wireless printer. I’m sure he’d be happy with the SleekBook!

  3. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! This HP Envy Sleekbook 6 and Envy Printer look amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

    I’ll share Dad’s first tech gadget. Back in 1983 or 84 we got a VCR and a video camera – it was a combo of sorts if I recall correctly. One had to lug around part of the VCR with the big tape inside and there was the video camera portion to it. My dad captured a lot of memories, such as our first major trip to Barbados with this new “tech” gadget. It was very special to him to be able to shoot and take video as he always love photography. He loved this clunky machine!


  4. I remember when my dad got a colour tv, he was thrilled. Next came the remote control and we were all glad we didn’t have to change channels for him anymore lol

    I’ve tried to convince my dad to get a computer since my mom passed away because he’s on his own more than usual. I know that he would love to skype with family and friends in the UK, USA and across Canada. He has yet to own a computer but I know that if he gave it a chance he would love it! He’s quite involved in a seniors group here in Victoria and the printer would be fantastic for him to print up flyers/notices of events that he schedules.


  5. My Dad’s first tech gadget was a cell phone which he just got in the last year, problem is we can’t get him to carry it with him or if he does he doesn’t turn it on! Would love to win this for him and hopefully teach him how to use Skype so we can have another way to stay in touch

  6. What cute cards! I bet the kids would love to help designing them! I nominate my sweet husband Tim. He would use a new laptop and printer to help chronicle our kids lives and pursue his passion for design.

  7. I would love to gift my Hubby with this. As Dad to 5 he doesn’t get to play with as many gadgets as he would like and this would be perfect for those nights when he’s sitting at the end of DD’s bed waiting for her to fall asleep after a night mare.

  8. My husband is such a love gadgets he would be over the moon if i won him this computer package for father’s day!

  9. My dad’s first tech gadget was his Playbook…he’s still getting used to it but loves to use it to catch up to the latest news from around the world!

  10. A new computer would be great for us. The kids dad travels a lot and this would allow him to be able to keep in touch with the kids a lot more and would be great for both the kids and him

  11. I’m nominating my father. My dad uses his laptop all the time. Unfortunately, it is very old and slow, and it dies every time it isn’t plugged in. My dad was the best father I could have ever had and he totally deserves this! He would be using it for the usual stuff like checking emails, but also for putting up items on kijiji, which he buys and sells for his car. My dad could so use this!

  12. I nominate my amazing dad because he is such a wonderful and caring man. He just retired a year ago and is in need of a hobby since he has so much down time now. He has never used a computer and it would be great for him to win this hp envy so he can learn how to use one. It would be great to see him use facebook to keep up with family and old friends, keep up on the news, play a few games and maybe use the net to find a few other hobbies as well

  13. I nominate my step father who accepted my Mom and all 4 of us children treat us like his own. He has always been there for all of us and treats us no differently than his own 3 daughters! He is a true inspiration and amazing role model! I am thankful to have him as a positive influence in my life. This would be an amazing gift for him, to show him how amazing he is, and to help him keep in touch with all 7 of us much easier!

  14. This is an absolutely amazing giveaway and any father would be happy to receive this great gift!

  15. I nominate my wonderful husband and father to our two little girls. He is always there for us and works hard for our family.
    My husband is on the road for work alot and this would help to stay in contact with him over skype. My girls would love to talk to daddy and see him at the same time.

  16. My dad’s first tech gadget was a GPS. He was so thrilled to receive it as a gift and was amazed at how it worked.

  17. I would love to win this for my hubby! It would really benefit our family if he was able to take work on the go. Sometimes he has to miss stuff due to having too much computer work to do – if he had this he could do it in the car on the way to sporting events or out and about!

  18. My father’s first “tech” gadget was a computer when he turned 80. He has loved it ever since. It has allowed him to keep in touch with all his 9 kids & family here & in Scotland. It was truly an inspiration to see someone his age just pick up & run with something so totally different than anything he had ever used

  19. my dad works really long hours and is on the road a lot, a new laptop will be great for the hotel nights and hours at the airport.

  20. I choose option 1 and nominate my husband. He is such a hands on dad, car pooling to all the kids activities and coaching our sons T-Ball and soccer teams. He has taken everything with stride -even when I am panicking, like when we found out we were having twins and our daughter was only one. He was the rock.

  21. I love personalized cards. I just appreciate the effort that goes into making your own cards!

  22. I would like to nominate my husband through Option 1 as a definite candidate who definitely deserves to receive a new HP ENVY Skeekbook 6 and HP ENVY 120 printer. My husband works directly for the head of a huge conglomerate of companies. This means that not only does he have to work long hours everyday sometimes seven days a week but that he has to travel a lot for his work. Having this Skeekbook would make it easy for him to keep in touch with our two sets of twins as well as myself. It would mean that when he is home with us, he can use the computer to play games with our older girls and help them with their homework and to share videos of Superheroes with our little guys (a favourite activity of theirs with their dad). He can also print out various pages that my daughters seem to endlessly want to colour. My husband may be very busy with his work but he is excellent at making sure that he spends quality time with each of us and all of us when he is home. Winning this prize would just add to that.

  23. My dads first gadget was a GPS we bought him when he retired so when they travelled around the USA and Canada they wouldn’t get lost, he loved it!

  24. Awesome to make a card by dragging and dropping photo’s would be terrific! Great review

  25. This is such an amazing giveaway! What a great bundle for any tech savvy dad!

    My father in law would love this awesome tech bundle! There is no man that I know love playing on the computer more than my father in law. He has 5 grandsons (2 of them are mine) and he’s constantly uploading photos of them onto the computer so he can loop them on the screen saver. Even though we live only 45 mins away, he loves having face them on the computer regularly and my kids love seeing their grandparents on the computer. They think it’s the coolest thing that grand-daddy ‘lives’ in the computer!
    I can’t even imagine how many pictures he would print of his grandsons if he had a printer to print!

  26. What a great idea for an awesome giveaway for those wonderful dads out there. I was watching a father and son yesterday and my heart was touched out the little guy looked up to his dad and how he fed on every word that was spoken. So adorable.

    The dad I nominate is the father of my 3 boys. He is always there to listen and give advice if asked. He teaches the simple things like how to build a screenhouse for example. I think this prize would be used to organize projects on the go and also to print out pictures of our boys so we may display them.

  27. What a great give away!!! This would be fantastic to give to my Dad.

    His first gadget was a digital camera, he carries it with him all the time so he can get pictures of what he sees on the road and on vacation, takes lots of pictures of the grand kids and the rest of the family. He loves getting that perfect shot. I know he would love being able to be able to upload them whenever he need to onto a laptop and then print his pictures to make hard copies to give as gifts and I know he wants to do albums up for each of his grand kids.

  28. I nominate my father for this wonderful tech prize pack. He is in his 70’s and cannot get out any more, and his laptop is how he stays connected with family and friends. His currently laptop is on it’s last legs, so I new one would be wonderful for him. As for the printer, he saves a lot of pictures of his grandson and it would make him extremely happy to be able to print them off and have them in frames. He loves word finds, and he could also print off his fave ones from the website he likes, to keep him busy. Thank you so much for the chance.

  29. I nominate my father for the prize pack. My dad has struggled with mental illness, but has somehow managed to come out on top. This prize would really help him with his job too!

  30. Amazing prize pack! I think my Dad’s first tech gadget was an HP printer and he seems to think he owns/runs a photo processing facility now. Purely purchased for grandchildren photos. I can’t imagine what he would do with the Sleekbook & a “fancy wireless” printer. All hell would break loose!

  31. My step father is the deserving father in my life. Though he never had any children of his own, he met & married my mom 3 years ago. Since my brothers & I are all grown up we don’t really need the ‘daddy’. But, Bret has been amazing as a Dad. When my grandson was born with medical problems, Bret was taking 1-2 days off of work a week to take him to appts. He was a pillar of support when my grandson had his brain surgery, & again in November when SIDS stole him from us.

    Bret has never thought twice in helping me or my children out in anyway. He’s never questioned it or expected anything more then a ‘thank you’. I am so greatful for him in our lives.

  32. my dad got his first cell phone about 3 years ago, a flip phone with no camera! He still has it and he loves it.

  33. My dad’s first tech gadget was the original Nintendo. I still remember how excited he was that Christmas when he received it from “Santa”, he couldn’t get over how pressing a couple of buttons on the controller would move the little man (Mario) on the screen. I remember him staying up until 3 in the morning playing that game. Now he’s much older and works crazy hours so he doesn’t have the time to play video games but I can just imagine how much fun he’d have playing the game systems that are available now a days 🙂

  34. I love this product and simply can not believe how far computers have come. I ha a dot matrix printer and now I could have a printer and computer in one. Wow. HP LOVES DAD – I nominate my Father in law. Yesterday, after 1 month in the hospital for surgery for is 6th bout of cancer, my FIL was finally released and sent home. He is a rock in our family and while he has had a horrible few months, he always has a kind word for his grandkids and never lets them see his pain. He is the glue in our family.

  35. My husband would use this to be home more often. He could work from home more often & be more home for the kids.

  36. Dad’s first tech gadget was a smart phone which meant a step into the modern world…before long there was texting, picture-taking, and even looking up directions and locations of places! Wow, way to go dad.



  37. My first computer ever was an HP (many years ago); heck I remember when computers first became available to the common household…we use to save docs on cassette tapes!

    This is an amazing giveaway.


  38. I would like to nominate my husband aka my daughters father on her behalf. He works 7 days a week to keep this household running. With this combination of fabulous products, Skeekbook and printer, he’d have more opportunity to Skype with us and we could e-mail him pics of little ones crafts for him to decorate his work locker with.

  39. I nominate my hubby. He always gets my leftover gadgets… so a nice set up just for him, for whatever he does, would be awesome. I’m not sure what his first gadget was, but I assume something to do with gaming 🙂

  40. I nominate my father. He has a bubble computer from 2000 AND the oldest printer ever, you know with the paper with the sides with holes you have to tear off….,they’re both incredibly slow. He’s big into fly tying and fly fishing, having something like the HP Envy would let him easily look up patterns AND print them out without having to wait forever. He could share his patterns online with friends, families, and fellow fishermen…AND he can actually connect with myself and his grand babies!. This would be the perfect gift for him! Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. Please enter me in your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a new HP ENVY Sleekbook 6
    and new HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer.
    Thank you for having this awesome giveaway!!!!!!!!

  42. I nominate my own father because he had ALWAYS made sure his kids had the best, most up-to-date technologies, while being incredibly stingy on himself. He could definitely get use out of a new laptop and printer that doesn’t freeze up on him or jam, and he would love using it to video chat with his kids.

  43. I nominate my husband, Tim. He works so hard to support our family which allows me to stay at home with our kids. I have always been so grateful for this gift he has given me and I would love to gift him with something awesome. We moved to Alberta 11 years ago to make a better life for our family so this would really help him stay in touch with his parents, granny, sister and his other friends and relatives who are all still in NS. It would also help him with his upcoming transition at work from tradesman to management. He is required to take some courses to make the transition and the HP Envy x2 would be great for him to take to classes.

  44. Please enter me in your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a new HP ENVY Sleekbook 6
    and new HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer.
    In response to your requirement to enter i left a comment and now
    for the second comment entry on Dad’s First Gadget: Share what this special father’s first tech gadget was and what it meant to them.
    My father’s first Gadget was a Sony Disc man.
    At first he didn’t want to use it because of the headphones
    but after he got used to them and loved having this.
    He used it when he cut the grass or went for a walk.
    He thought it was strange when CDS first came out because he was used
    to 8 tracks,Records and cassettes but he bought all his music on CD
    and loved being able to just play the song he wanted to hear.
    My father died 13 years ago but i still have that Sony Disc Man.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  45. 1) Thanks for the chance to update and go wireless and make sweet and fantastic self made projects such as snail mail greeting cards to keep in touch with family members the old fashioned way using new technology!

    2)Nominate my hubby is is a father too! His * first tech gadget* was one of those first brick like cell phones! It made him more available to customers and he could get rid of his old skool pager! I wish we still had it … I’m sure it is a collectors item now. ( We did still collect a solid rotary land line vintage phone )

  46. Dad’s first “gadget” had to have been his cordless drill. He loved it. He was going around drilling this and that, and tightening screws, just because he could go around without cords. It was comical.

  47. HP Loves Dads: I nominate my hubby to win a HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day! He travels across the country to work for months at a time,leaving his family and he misses us very much. This would be just great for him,to stay connected to his family while he was gone. He works in the woods,and doesnt have a laptop,tablet or anything,so this would be a nice way to stay connected with us while he is away working for months at a time! He totally deserves it,and would love it,,thanks!!

  48. HP has always been known to have great product lines, my hubby’s first gadget, would be anything electronic, he loves his gadgets

  49. I’ve never used Snapfish, but I think I should. I didn’t know you could print cards from them.

  50. My dad’s first gadget was probably the computer we got in the late 80’s. It couldn’t do much, but the games were fun enough at the time.

  51. Thanks for hosting. The computer alone is a great prize; the additional contents makes it superior. *fingers crossed*

    My Dad’s First Gadget was an answering machine for the home phone. He loved it! Until he realized that not answering the phone couldn’t be an excuse for not attending stuff. 🙂

  52. I would like to nominate my son in law Cevon. He is a wonderful father to my 2 grandchildren. I love being a granny and he is a great son in law. Only one problem…..they have moved away to a different city and their old laptop has seen better days and isn’t up to skype. We keep in touch by phone and email but being able to skype would be amazing….there is nothing like seeing faces to make it seem like you are together. The kids change so much between visitis. I wish I could afford to buy them a new computer. I know that winning this would bring our family even closer. With two growing kids and lots of project, the new laptop and printer would come in handy for homework, correspondence and productivity.

  53. My hubby was in Bosnia with the Canadian military in 1995. We already had a computer, but the military set us up with the internet and it meant everything to hubby to be able to send and receive emails from our sons and I. A little piece of home during such a rough time.

  54. Thank you for the great giveaway

    I nominate my husband, he’s an amazing person, loves to be with his family, such a hard worker..he had a head on collision in 2006 it left our lives in a chaotic spin and it hasn’t stopped all the while he kept his smile on and complains little (he suffers from back, neck pain and headaches) the man is amazing. This would make his life a little easier because could work from home more often.

  55. HP loves Dad – as does Mommy/Evan. My husband George is an exemplary man – selfless, hard working and the sole provider for this household. The long hours and grueling work starting to take its’ toll on him physically – now suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Never been a man to complain – he endures on for the sake of his family. Our son Evan, is a computer whiz – which is a good thing because Daddy is computer illiterate – just got a smartphone 4 months back and has been tinkering with it since – with instruction from our son. Evan is bringing Daddy into the 20th century, I must admit he is coaching me too. lol. To close the distance we send pictures daily so that he can still feel connected to our family – having a laptop to honour him would be STELLAR. One income/one kid – no frills just day to day…so being fortunate to win this would be the icing on the cake and one heck of a Father’s Day Gift to honour a man who says little – but in his heart it speaks volumes. Tried to be brief, in closing thanks for the opportunity

  56. I would like to nominate my father for this contest because he has worked hard our whole lives to provide for my brother and I. He now takes care of my mother full time, who has early onset Alzheimer’s. His first gadget was a video camera we bought in the early 80’s and shared with my cousins. It was huge and so heavy but he loved using it and capturing us on film! Thanks for this contest HP!

  57. I nominate my Husband. He works hard and our son loves to make crafts. A new computer & printer would make it much easier for them to make crafts and add to their time spent together.

  58. My husband’s first gadget was definitely the VCR. We rented one a few times first and then finally splurged to by one. One of his favorite activities is definitely watching movies. He now watches on Netflixs.

  59. The first tech gadget I remember him being excited about was a thing called Palm. He loved it to no extend and I hated it, because you can hardly read anything from it. Luckily I rarely had a need for it 🙂 And that thing is still plugged into the outlet today.

  60. I nominate my father.

    Growing up as a kid my father was never the type of person who showed his emotions or expressed them into words, but instead he showed it through his actions. Everything my father does has always been for the family, he’s rarely ever taken a day off or splurged on items he wanted just for himself. He’s very frugal and not really a materialistic person, heck he just got his first cell phone a couple years ago (really old outdated Nokia phone)

    Spending time with him is all he generally wanted, he would reject any expensive gifts(though I’m pretty sure he would accept this :P) I gave him as he would rather me save the money (hard man to buy gifts for!)

    I take a lot after my dad, so looking back at my childhood I can understand and appreciate all the things he did for me. Everything from making sure I was happy and having everything I wanted as a kid to picking\dropping me off anywhere I needed to be. I could\can always depend on him to help me without fail.

    He’s still using the same desktop computer that I built him back in 2007, so having a FASTER PC would be beneficial to him, the portability would just be an added bonus. He would use everything from video chat (7 siblings) to using the printer to print out photos of his garden.

    I’ve learnt so many important life lessons from him, I’m very lucky to be his son. So now that you know a little bit about my father, I would love to surprise him by giving him some cool new tech hardware!

  61. My Dad is such a wonderful man! He’s raised my sister and I on his own since we were 16 and 11 which was no easy feat! And he’s been a wonderful granddad to our 3 daughters in total. I joke that he answers his phone EVERY time for us even though he has call display. He still works, at the same place after 50 years. Doesn’t have to, wants to. A great work ethic all his life. He takes care of his elderly Aunt as well. He just had his COUGH COUGH birthday, he’d kill me if I said the #! lol HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Al Hirsch and an even better Father’s Day!!

  62. Like most men, he likes his toys! I remember him starting off with a TRS-80 computer and I use to be his Sysop…system operator. lol This would be great to help with his office work and to copy pictures of the family as he’s always showing off pictures like a proud Dad/Grampa!

  63. When I was a little girl, my father bought a video camera. It was huge! The full size VHS tape cassette loaded on the side and you had to support its weight on your shoulder. It was the coolest thing back then though, and he would help my brother and I write scripts and act out movies while he filmed us. Those are special memories for us and my dad.

  64. My Dad’s First Gadget was a mobile phone. It was 1996, the phone was still big & heavy then.
    Dad used/kept it for 6 months & found he didn’t ‘need’ one. It passed along to my younger brother.
    But the past 10 years, phone has been compact. He had one (along with mom) that he could call each other when picking up different grandkid from different school. Also, we could call him all the time.

  65. I nominate my husband, Malcolm. He was laid off six hours before I went into labour with our son, and spent months out of work. It was a mixed blessing, because all though we were very broke and stressed, he got to know our son and how to be a new dad really well. He’s been back at work now for months, and he comes home every day and makes us dinner! (This mama doesn’t cook) And every single Saturday, he takes our son out for a boys only day to give me a break. He’s a wonderful, encouraging, fantastic husband and father, we’re lucky to have him. This laptop would be really nice for him to win because his grandfather recently passed away without getting the chance to meet our boy… he’s really disappointed by that and wants to start skyping with his grandmother across the country, but our computer is pretty slow and doesn’t maintain a great connection. It’d be wonderful for him to have a new laptop to do that on!

  66. I would nominate my dad. Him and my mom opened up a small business and I think the printer would/could deff help him with daily operations.

  67. My very special Dads first gadget was a Walkman portable cassette player back in the early 90’s. His first cassette he plated was a Phil Collins album! Oh the 90’s! Dad spent hours listening to that thing and rewinding the tape over and over again.

  68. I have no idea why I kept typing “Skeekbook” instead of “Sleekbook” in my post but please substitute in “Sleekbook” as it comes up 🙂 (tired Mommy, I guess). Thanks!

  69. I remember when Atari first came out. Yes I’m old lol. Anyways, we were the FIRST house on the block to get one. And my Dad didn’t share. You would think he got it for us kids, but NOPE, he got it for himself and his was so happy with it lol. Like a little kid on Christmas morning 😀

  70. My Dad was a techie even back in the 50’s and 60’s. We were the first ones to have a color television, a microwave, and Pong! Dad did a lot of the cooking because he liked to eat right at 5pm and Mom didn’t get home till then. He loved that microwave and used it a lot. Miss you, Dad!

  71. My dad works long hours and is very selfless. He is a gadget freak but would never treat himself to this so hopefully he wins this.

  72. My biological father left the picture pretty early in my life, so my mom was a single mother. I had a heart condition for the first few years of my life, so my mom had to go to the doctors, like all the time to monitor my progress. But luckily she had a brother who really cared for us. He helped my mom go to all her doctors appointmemts, he was there when I was born. He and his wife have been the best uncle/aunt I could hope for. He can be seen in our home videos at my birthday parties helping my mom cook, stringing up the decors and taking care of me. He was there at my high school graduation, he along with my mother drove me to to university and helped me through uni(financially). So although I didn’t have a father on a daily basis there for every little thing, he made sure he was there when I needed him and there for the big things. I’m very lucky to have him in my life.

    What i can assume is that he will use the new laptop and printer to clean out his den, his wife works from home so i would think the all-in-one would be of great use to them. The laptop/tablet i can assume will become a family computer and stay in the family room.

  73. What a great giveaway!

    Dad’s First Gadget:

    My Dad’s first gadget gift was an Ipod! He loves the newest things, but never really understands them :). My brother and I got our Dad and Ipod a few years ago, and he was so excited! He went right online, installed Itunes and away he went. Still, I get a call from him from time to time with him telling me his recent purchase..”Can you believe I got 50 Elvis songs for $10?!?”

  74. I nominate my dad. He is getting good at using his iPhone to communicate with his friends and family, and with a computer and printer, he will be able to use a bigger screen or print out the longer emails and read them at his leisure.

  75. My dad has always been there for me. I’m sure this would come in handy when printing out things like airline tickets, photos, and receipts. 🙂

  76. I’ve used Snapfish before and found it an excellent site for uploading and printing photos.

  77. My Dad’s first gadget was his laptop that we helped him pick out. He loves going onto news sites and reading the latest, plus playing Hearts on his computer, so it was nice for him to finally have a computer that was up-to-date and fast!!

  78. Me and my daughter were not fortunate to have Fathers in our lives but what we did have was Barrie my Brother-In-Law and Sara’s Uncle. We would give this to him. He retired from teaching in his 65th year. It is hard to believe that it has only been a year. He was a wonderful French Immersion Teacher to grade 7s his entire career. He is recovering for the second time from skin cancer. He would use this to email family, friends and students that he taught previously. He is also a musician and plays in several different bands. One of those bands plays the ‘big band sound’ of the 30s. He would use this computer and printer to schedule the bands performances.

  79. One of my dad’s first tech gadgets was a Commodore 64 computer. We used to load the computer games by cassette. We would even painstakingly type out computer programs for games. How times have changed as I tap on my smartphone!

  80. Dad’s First Gadget: Share what this special father’s first tech gadget was and what it meant to them – Barrie’s first tech thing would have to be his Mac laptop…he has always been a Mac guy but it is never to late to change or to teach an older dog new tricks.

  81. The Father who could use this is my Husband as it would be great to print off things he does with the kids to keeping in contact with family and friends that are not so near. From emails to work to life these are great to help to stay in touch with people and do things that are needed to be done on the HP.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  82. I am nominating my father. His first gadget was laptop and it meant a lot to him since he can email and video conference with his children and grandchildren.

  83. I would like to nominate my father, he is absolutely the best man I have ever known in my life, always there, always lending a hand or advice, love him so much!! 🙂

  84. What an amazing give away, I would like to nominate my father. His computer is very old and does not work that well, I actually think it is a cast off that my brother gave him. He needs a new computer to keep in touch with his grandkids.

  85. Dad’s First Gadget was a digital camera and an HP printer will be a great accompaniament

  86. i would like to nominate my dad, because he works so hard everyday. he doesnt have much time for relaxing, and he deserves a beautiful laptop.

  87. I know myself and my children would agree my husband /there father is deserving of the best fathers day ever. he needs a laptop. he doesn’t get a chance to often to get on the computer much-since there is only one for the whole lot of us. and I hog it the most. happy father day to all fathers.

  88. Great giveaway, seems you can really do a lot with the HP Envy and printer.

    I’d like to nominate my father who has been a great example to me, and has never let me down. He’s a very generous and giving person, and I try to be the same. He’s been looking for a new computer, as his is quite old (in computer years)

  89. Wow, this is one incredibly awesome giveaway, thank you so much myweeview for a chance to win it, I am luving, sharing and wishing every one lots and lots of luck..:-)

  90. I love what you can do with the HP Envy and printer. It is a great prize and my husband is who I would nominate as best dad ever.

  91. Wow..this is the best giveaway out there, thank you so much and I cannot wait to win this.

  92. My husband’s first gadget was his cellphone and what it meant to him was the convenience of phoning for help if he had a breakdown in field or needed fuel etc. It was a great thing for him to have this cellphone.

  93. I’d love to win this for my dad. He needs a new computer!
    My dad’s first tech gadget that I remember was the first iPod. He loved it, and he still has one of the first ones. Music means a lot to him, and it’s important for him to be able to have it be so portable.

  94. Firstly I would just like to say Thank you for such an amazing Giveaway.
    I would like to choose option A and nominate my Dad, who I just found only a few years ago after 33 years. He would def benefit form this giveaway as he uses the computer to keep in touch with everyone. He would balance his everyday life by actually using the computer package. He is def trying to catch up on alot of lost time and he prints pictures and sends cards all the time, so he would love the make a card feature. It would def save him some money by not buying so many and at least he could make them personal. Plus he needs a great new system to keep up with all of us and what we are doing in our daily lives. It would be great to get him set up to be able to communicate easier with all of us

  95. Love to win this for my office.
    My dad’s first gadget is his cellphone…no real reason except everyone has one.
    My husband’s first gadget was his 365 computer…bec he wanted to play video games.

  96. The Dad I want to nominate is my husband. Currently we have a super clunky old laptop that is heavy as a brick and overheats, and no printer. We are unable to get Internet hookup with our beastly old computer. My hubby would love a new laptop and printer. He would use it to keep in touch with family via email, and bookwork for the farming we do. Of course the printer would also help to print out budget reports and farming related info. I think he would hit the roof if he won this!

  97. An ode to my husband, this opportunity is rare, I get to show him my thoughts and offer an opportunity for him to enjoy our family when he is away!

    My husband Jeff is a great Dad
    His style sense is sort of bad
    An HP ENVY sleekbook
    What a sweet look containing all the pictures that we took
    An HP ENVY 120 Printer
    Keeps him busy all winter
    Making Christmas Calendars, keeping in touch
    Never forgetting those who mean so much
    Online calendars reminding him of those special days
    Then he can contact us as he works out of town far away
    Gone for 3 weeks back for one
    Now dad can have the tools to share in all the fun
    Our kids are growing up, they can’t wait
    Time doesn’t stand still and you sometimes run late
    Having a way for dad to print out their photos and poems
    Knowing we have him in our hearts even when he can’t be home!

  98. My husband Jeff is my nominee, he is a great guy and not a techie! I try to get him a wee bit onboard, it is happening slowly!

    His first tech gadget was a Walkman, then he moved up to the discman and finally he now rocks an MP3 player. What that means is that he has the music he loves and grew up with at his fingertips and he can plug it into the car and share his love of music with the kids. The MP3 offers him the opportunity to hold hundreds of albums in something smaller than a deck of cards and to share his memories and stories through music. It offers an easy way to access his favorite bands.

  99. My husband had his first gadet when we first started dating and it was a car phone, the big ones. lol. He love that thing and would call me everyday on his way home from work.

  100. I would love for my husband to win this, he travels a lot for work and the kids really miss him when he is gone. The kids are 4, 3 and 12 months. He is an amazing father when he is here. We could make all kind of neat things as I miss you cards…..

  101. I would love to say this would be an awesome prize to give my Dad, but the truth be told, he is a self=proclaimed “un-techsavy” kinda guy. Still… he would benefit from it as he has me do all the work for him!! lol. What an awesome giveaway!

  102. One of my Dad’s first gadgets was a digital camera!!! He was pretty excited to learn that you could see the photo right away and there were no film strips involved. He builds hotrods from the ground up and likes to take photos of the progress, so I thought it would be the best gift ever…. He still calls me every few weeks to go out to his house to use his camera and take pictures for him! lol.

  103. Would love to give this to my hubby for Father’s Day. His laptop is no longer mobile.

  104. I have been around gadget guys all my life my Father back in the day Built a small 7″ television to watch the Queens coronation (I wasn’t born then) he turned a crank wringer washing machine into an Automation ( I was just walking then) He loved to tinker self taught man. My DH is the same he comes up thing things to make his life & mine easier, One of the poster commented about cell phone in the car DH had one too it was in a small case He made this huge battery pack for it so he could carry it with him every where. He always looked like he was going on a trip.
    Good luck everyone Ann/alba

  105. My husband, or affectionatley known as grandpa, would love this, he does all sorts of projects with the grandkids and could use the computer and the all in one for their woodworking designs.

  106. Ok. First. I nominate my dad for this, but that is not the entry I am choosing. It came to mind that my dads first piece of technology was a giant.. and I mean giant, motorolla car phone, You know, the one the size of the printer you pictured above lol. My dad was a salesman for a compressor company and was often on the road, so the phone was provided by the company in order for him to better facilitate his job, but let me tell you- that phone was huge!! Add in the zip up carrying case (with handle ) that it came in and I am surprised the phone fit in the car hahaha

  107. LOVE the versatiity of the HP laptop. My Dad woud love to win this I am sure. He is sick with terminal cancer adn a laptop would allow him to still do things on the computer like keep in touch with people, emai and skype with his grandkids in the comfort of his bed or chair.

    Fingers crossed!

  108. I would love to win this for my Hubby – running his won business is time consuming. Having a computer that could go with him to the job site would allow him to be more productive during the day and free up his evenings for family time and some fun.

  109. LOVE what you did with Snap Fish for the fathers day card! absolutely fantastic! such a great personalized present from the kids!!
    I love how you left a spot for the kids to be creative this has more value then anything you could ever buy 🙂

    I’d like to nominate my Husband as the special father in my life. My Husband deserves to receive a new HP ENVY Skeekbook 6 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day!!! He would use the new PC and printer everyday to balance being productive and connected with loved ones as he’s always on the go between work, taking care of the kids and being active that the only time he is able to spend online is on our desktop computer at home and also very late at night 🙁 Winning the Sleekbook 6 for him would allow him to be mobile so where ever he is with work he can be connected to the kids and I. he would be floored to get this for fathers day!! thank you for the chance!

  110. -Love
    Would nominate my father. For sure the best father ever.
    Not sure what his first gadget was
    would have to think about the DIY

  111. This is a great prize package!

    My dad would not have known what to do with it, though. His first ‘gadget’, which was a big deal at the time, was a colour television!

  112. Nice post! Great giveaway!

    •HP Loves Dads: I nominate my father and I will like this HP ENVY Skeekbook-printer combo for him because he is a special to me and deserves the finest things in life. Winning these things will allow him to more productive and provide more options to do things from home, such as print important letters/forms and do things like online banking without relying on others for a ride to bank, or print forms for him, etc
    •Dad’s First Gadget: My father’s first major gadget was a VCR – it gave him a chance to catch a break from him humdrum/active world and gave him choices for entertainment.
    •Keep Calm and Craft On: I will design a father’s day greeting card at a site like eGreetings.com.


  113. This is a fantastic giveaway and really anyone would be thrilled to win!

    I’d nominate my own father who is a pastor of a very small church. He is otherwise retired and gives back everything this little church pays him into the collection plate each week. He loves all sorts of gadget and doesn’t have anything nearly this techy or sleek. Would be a great gift!

    I imagine he’d use it for his church… creating and printing bulletins, flyers, announcements and the like. He’d probably use it for personal use too to stay connected with family and friends.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway! So excited to be in the running!

  114. My husband should receive a new HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day. Our daughter lives out of town and, although he’s getting better at communicating with her by email, she often sends him photographs that he’d love to be able to print and show off!

  115. I nominate my husband because not only does he work hard but he also is a huge advocate for our son who has Autism.

    He could use this computer/printer combo to access even more tools to help our son learn to communicate and to help gain even more understanding into new and developing tools to help create a more self reliant life for our son.

  116. I would like to nominate my husband because he is such a wonderful father and husband. If he won he would share it with his family since we love to make crafts He would also use it to work and to keep in touch with his family who live across Canada :).

  117. I nominate my hubby because he is an amazing dad, & husband, and I think he deserves a new HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 and HP ENVY 120 printer on fathers day, he would love it very much! If I won this for my hubby he would use it for work, he just took over a family business so this would help us alot right now!!

  118. HOpe i win daughter is going off to work in Florida and has a lousy laptop would be nice to have a nice new one.

  119. i just read what the comment should be about sorry should have done that first, as i stated in first comment it would be for my daughter. Neither of us fathers, mine died when I was 5 and hers abandoned her at 5 yrs old. so I had to be both her parents , you can award it to me as a single parent if you like I still would like to give it to her, she just worked two jobs for months and deserves it.

  120. Dad sacrified a lot for the comforts of everyone. The long and physical hours he put in, much respect to him and much thanks.

  121. my dad’s first gadget was a cable box converter. now for the first time there were more than just 13 channels AND you could change channels without having to get up. it was heaven.

  122. What a great prize giveaway, thanx for the chance, any dad would nee lucky to win this

  123. We could so use a laptop, ever since my daughter dropped our netbook it has had issues and this is the machine I take when travelling for work so I can skype, etc with them to wish them goodnight! Plus, it would be great to be able to set it up with our tv and play movies from!

  124. My husband would be a great person to receive this combo. He is a stay at home parent to our two children, one with hearing loss and one with ADD, anxiety and gross/fine motor skill deficits. He is always online researching about the conditions, ways to help and finding games/apps/etc to help them. He is also great about knowing how to use Skype, etc to keep the kids connected with family/friends that live far away and he takes wonderful photos and uses pc for editing.

  125. HP loves dads:
    I nominate my dad to win this computer package for Father’s Day!!
    Him and I currently share a computer to do all our work on. He has work AND school to do on the computer, and I have two small at home sales businesses and I have just finished a year of online schooling!! Needless to say, first, our computer is so frazzled from being on 24/7 and its very stressful having to find time to share the computer.
    If I could win this for him, I would be so excited to gift him a new computer, and I would just take over the old one until I can purchase a new one!!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity! My dad is the ultimate best!!, and he deserves to win this!!

  126. My husband would love this prize package. Best of all he helps the kids with their homework projects and this would come in real handy for the new school year. Great prize for one lucky dad

  127. This is a great prize. My dad used to make lots of gadgets for around the house- none of them ever worked really well. he created a cutting board that slid into the cupboards like a drawer- unfortunately my mom could not remove it to sanitize it so it did not get much use 🙂

  128. This package would come in so useful in our family. My Dad’s first tec gadget was a solar powered calculator! (He was way behind the times). As a contractor it was very helpful in doing quick calculations, even though he prided himself on his math skills! Finally he got a wireless phone to carry with him, and that kept him in touch with all of us, so he never missed a call from his children or grandchildren because he was ‘on a job’.

  129. My poor dad, he can do plumbing, electrical, and build ya the house too! But for the life of him, computers and technology are still beyond him… lol Love him anyways!

    First techie gadget/HP Loves Dads:
    Mom has always been the techie in our house, dad tries to hide from it. The cell phone, the computer, the internet, etc. Its always been mom’s in our house, since dad could only ever use solitaire on the computer and he was quite content with that. But since he’s close to retiring, him and mom decided to get a camper, and so, we got him an older laptop just for him so he could take his solitaire with him. He was so excited (at least as excited as my dad ever looks lol He’s not the most dramatic man) He got himself a new mouse, and we helped him download a couple new games for free and he was so proud!

    Well, last year they went to take the camper out, it was their first trip of the season, and everything was packed, including his laptop. They arrived at the campground which was a couple hours away, and went to register when mom went to grab something from inside the camper. Something above the fridge caused the unit to catch fire, and almost all of the stuff in their camper was smoke damaged. Including his laptop 🙁

    Getting him a new one that he could take in their new camper would be a dream come true! He does so much to help out everyone around him, whether its co-workers, friends, neighbors… always the first to run if your furnace quits in the middle of the night, or your hot water tank has trouble. He never thinks twice about getting there as soon as he can to help you, or at least give you advice on how to fix it yourself if you can. He is a quiet, gentle soul who will listen to anyone who needs an ear, full of sage advice, and funny stories too! He has such a great spirit, and I can’t do him justice on here… 🙂

  130. My Dad has always been technology challenged. His first “gadget” was an old cell phone with the bag and cord and plugged into the cigarette outlet in the vehicle. Remember those old things? Well he just couldn’t get that darned thing to work! Now a days, he is a big wig at a big company and he has to use a computer everyday (a big deal for him)!. And his cell phone now? An iPhone 5! Go Dad Go!

  131. I want to nominate my husband. He is an amazing man. Working hard every day to take care of his family. We got married almost 4 years ago and he moved over 300 miles away from his family to be with me and my kids. He has a son in another country and I think a new laptop or tablet would be great for him so he could communicate with his son. It is hard on him being so far away from his family. He has taken on my children like they are his own as well. He definately deserves this

  132. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.
    My dad’s first gadget was a TV with a remote control. This enabled him to change channels without having to get up. He absolutely loved it and it was a gift from my mom and us kids.

  133. What a fantastic Father’s day giveaway!

    I nominate my Father in Law. While I love having my in laws here with my family.. I know it breaks his heart not seeing his other grandchildren that live in Alberta. He’s recently retired and really can’t afford to make trips there often to see them. I think this would be a fantastic gift for him. He’d be able to keep in touch with family… go on webcam with his children and grandchildren, print out photos of the important special days he can’t always be part of in person.

    Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful gift!

  134. I nominate my husband for the best dad. The reason why the prize would mean so much to him, he would be able to keep in contact with his family. My husband works away from home and works hard to support us. He is only home for 6 days a month and he makes those days really count with our children. They are always great memories for the children. This prize would let him video chat and see the children more. Myself, children and husband would be so grateful. It would bring our family even closer when he is a far.

  135. I have any Envy – it’s awesome. I’d like to win one for my husband [so he’ll quit whining 😉 ].

  136. My dad’s first (and last) gadget was a fax machine – as an old time farmer he wasn’t much given to tech unless it related to the tractor 🙂

  137. What a great giveaway, My dad own owns an old desk top, would love a laptop for him 😉

  138. HP has wonderful products, thanks for a chance to win!!
    My mandatory comment went in the space that was provided under the 1st option on the rafflecopter form 🙂

  139. This is an amazing prize package. Would love to win for my fiance, who’s a great dad to our son 🙂

  140. Dad’s First Gadget was a digital camera. He was quite impressed that he could erase the pictures if he didn’t like them rather than developing them and throwing them away after paying for them.

  141. I posted about Dad’s first tech gadget. Reading some of the other posts about fax machines and Palm Pilots brought a big smile to my face.

  142. I nominate my dad (Michael) to win this prize! He is not only an amazing and supportive dad but he spends 16 hours a day working. He runs his own company and also volunteers for over 10 charitable organizations. He runs most of these organizations and therefore has to spend numerous hours organizing and planning events. He loves doing this and he finds great satisfaction in helping others! This prize would be amazing in helping him with the charitable organizations, he uses all of his own equipment and product for these charities and this would be a really nice payback for sure!

  143. What an awesome giveaway!

    My dad’s first gadget was a Beta machine for movies. He just loved it. He is now 82 and owns a Mac and still uses it for his email and photos. He used to have slides and now likes to print some of his pictures, so this would come in very handy for him. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

  144. Wow — you can’t beat this awesome giveaway. I really would love to win it for my Dad.

  145. I’m picking option 1 and I’m nominating my father, otherwise known as “Papa.” His very old computer just died so this would be perfect timing! He became a father at age 19 and was and is the most fun, caring, loyal and honest guy I know.

    He would use his laptop and printer mostly for staying connected to my sister and her family in the military across the country by Skype/email and Facebook. Also when my parents go away for several months in the winter he would use it to Skype my family so he could see his grandkids and me of course!
    I am sure he would also use the laptop and printer for staying on top of all his sports pools which is a VERY big hobby of his.
    What a surprise for a lucky Father this Father’s Day!

  146. My Husband owns his own business -well just opened it 2 years ago and hes been talking about getting a laptop for work to stay connected with customers easily and its been hard for us to come up with the $ with all the expenses so this would be a WONDERFUL surprise and bonus for a fathers day present! Thanks for the chance!

  147. My dad has always loved technology but he has definitely slowed down now that he is in his mid 7o’s. I would love •HP ENVY HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 for him so we can set up Skype and see him regularly. My brother works out of town and sees my Dad every other weekend, but my Dad is on his own so that is why I am nominating him. I feel it will really help him stay connected to all of his kids as we all use our smart phones regularly and text, facetime etc. My Dad uses a landline and can’t be fussed with a cell phone, but he does love computers and has an old desk top.
    Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize pack! Twitter fan@plumerea

  148. I have always wanted to make a homemade calendar. I think I could pull it off with this prize pack. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  149. I know a special father. His name is Cliff Nernberg and he is the father of our two boys (young adult men). Aside from being a prime caregiver to his disabled wife, he is always helping his boys out. If they can’t be home for a meal, he will always stop what he is doing to fix them something to eat when they get home; he always helps them problem-solve issues and will help them out financially if required. This prize pack would be a great asset to our home office.

  150. I nominate my Grandpa! He is such a great man and would enjoy usining this to keep in touch with me and his new future great grandbaby! 🙂

    • We would be able to video chat and he could print pictures of us as his great grandbaby grows 🙂

  151. I nominate my grandfather. My father has never been in my life and my mother has raised me as a single mother. At the time when I was expected, his youngest was 10 yrs old, so well out of the baby stage. He, and my grandmother, stepped up to help my mother raise me and has been father figure my whole life. We lived with them until I was 8 but moved back in myself when I was 16. He should win this because they sacrificed their time to help parent a 5th child, and that’s how he’s always made me feel, so I was never lacking without a father. He would use this to skype with us and the rest of his family, as we all live scattered now, and he’s constantly printing out pictures I send him of my kids. He’s had his current laptop and printer for several years now and I know he’s been having some issues with them lately, so I would love to win this for him.

  152. My dad’s first tech gadget was a cellphone. It was convenient to keep in contact, but it took awhile for him to remember to take it with him when he went out of the house or to keep it charged.

  153. I would give this new PC to my husband as he sometimes travels for work and it would allow him to communicate with the kids and I back home via Skype. Also a new computer would help with his job!

  154. My husband first gadget was a radio with cassette which was huge as he grew up in communist Romania!

  155. I nominate my father because he has always taken the time to teach us (his three daughters) new things that he has learned. He is so patient with us, and one of the things that he has been wanting to do is learn how to use the computer (I know, he’s very old-fashioned!). The problem is that there is one desktop at his house that is constantly used by the youngsters. I would love to win this PC for my dad because he loves to read the newspaper, and having a computer and being able to go online to read a variety of different newspapers would be amazing for him – I would definitely teach him how to share interesting articles with us through email or twitter, etc.! He would definitely make use of the printer because he likes to organize things and make labels. I think this would be so great for him to have a new laptop and printer to play around with!

  156. My Dad is pretty techie (sp?)!! He would love to use these HP products to keep in touch with the rest of the family via skype!

  157. I nominate my grandfather to receive the HP ENVY laptop and printer because he is a dad to 8 children. All his children live in different cities and it is hard to keep in touch. With the computer he could speak to them via the internet and his kids could send him pictures. As he could finally do his banking online as well. And he could use the printer to print Christmas cards of his grandchildren.

  158. My Father would love this so he could write his sermons and Print them off while on the go! 😀 . I dont think my dad really ever made a first gadgit if he did it was when he was a boy! Probably a sling shot or something LOL . The classic Ashtray craft .. not because he smokes or anything because he doesnt, but its great to just have something that is made and can be put on a table to show my love towards him LOL also can be used as a Candy dish LOL Step1 Clay and lots of it, Step2 mould clay into a flat pancake, Step3 place hand palm down and press into it to make a hand impression, Step 4 turn it over and carve your initials or name on back or bottom, Step5 Let dry till rock hard, Step6 once dried paint many different colors of choice let dry, Step7 repaint a glossy glaze over the paint and let dry. ANd now you got a HAND MADE ASHTRAY or CANDY DISH 😀 YAY!

  159. The Person that I think needs it the most is my BF, Ken . We have been together for over a year now and has taken the responsibility of the “father type role” in the step setting. He has Patience, Confidence, and most of all the love for the kids and his family.

  160. My husband Scott deserves this so much, he does so much for his family, and me not working right now, he puts in all the overtime he can to care for us. He has never owned his own laptop, this would be amazing for him because he loves to look up songs to play on his guitar and print them out, but he goes to the library to do it..this would keep him home with us to play as he looks them up

  161. My hubby could really use this for work. My computer gave out and now we are sharing this very old laptop.

    • Also his family lives in Scotland so the computer is definitely something he uses to stay connected. Calls to Scotland from Canada are expensive. And he gets to see them through the computer where as in most phones you can’t. He really does deserve to win he works so hard so I can stay home and raise our girls.

  162. My father would love this he would be able to print off coupons and family pictures for us. As well as printing off his budget and charts he does for himself.
    His first gadget was the compact computer I remember making the frog move around the screen, he took pride in showing us how to use it.
    Tie craft
    trace a tie out of cardboard, cut it out take some glue and elbow macaroni. Glue them on once dry use spray paint to paint the noodles add a ribbon at the neck your dad can wear it on fathers day. Easy and fun for children of all ages.

  163. I nominate my lover, David, because he’s the greatest dad I know!! He does everything he can for his children. If he wins, he could do his banking online, use Skype to stay in touch with our families and it would be easier for him to share pictures with his loved ones.

  164. My Dad’s first tech gadget was Nokia flip phone , and It was so funny cuz when it would ring He would say “whats that noise I always hear it” lol and It meant that He would be able to be in touch with everyone at anytime

  165. i nominate my husband..he is forever doing things for our 3 kids, including printing endless picture/projects for them…this would help a lot!!

  166. My first Gadget was an old school electronic daytimer that kept phone numbers and addresses and scheduler. It was very old school. Did nothing more than that but I felt like I was a rich man carrying that around years ago.

  167. Dad’s first gadget: A Playstation….even though he was a “grown up” this thing took over his life for a while. He became so obsessed with mastering a snow boarding game that every waking hour was spent on it. Funny thing was, in real life, he had never set foot on a snowboard and had no interest in the sport whatsoever. Yet, on the playstation, every “trick” that he mastered he truly believed that he could do!!! Thankfully, he has got it out of his system now!

  168. I would love this for the Wonderful father of my 4 kids! He’s a great Dad and he deserves this!! He’s our everything our mechanic, plumber when the kids clog the drain, our appliance fixer, and cooker (once in a while but an awesome cook) Thats why we nominate him as the best dad ever!

  169. The giveaway is amazing and perfect for me.

    My first gadget was a digital camera. It was initially used to take pictures of our first Canada Day as a family.

  170. what a great prize to win for fathers day. my grandson is a father and is very versatile with these gadges. recerntly his computer died and this would certainly be helpful. he is a great father.

    • That said, how pleased I am this contest includes (extra?) ink with the printer. Saves time from having to buy more when the initial bunch runs dry.

  171. I would nominate my Husband He is a great Dad, that always invests his time and effort to do things that are different and fun. He builds 5ft x 8 ft x 20+ ft 1/2 pipe in our backyard for his skateboarding son. He builds and lauches rockets, and goes on long bike rides. He drives 2400 km so his sons can see the 2nd last space shuttle launch and then back 2400 km in a 6 day period. He is a role model and example of they can and should aspire to be Simple put he is the best!

  172. Mandatory comment on this post: I have had several HP laptops and loved each one. We also have had many HP printers. It was be such a lovely opprotunity to be able to give my Hubby this prize package. Thanks so much to HP for the chance to win. Good Luck everyone.

  173. I nominate my dad to win. He lost his hearing when he was 8 years old, after having an illness which caused him to have such a high fever that his eardrums had burst. As a result, he wasn’t able to continue with his education because there were no schools in our area to accommodate deaf children. He never did learn sign language because he and my grandparents would have had to travel across NL to do so, and they couldn’t afford it.

    Having HP Envy x2 would mean that he could communicate with his brothers and sisters. He is the only one out of all 8 children that doesn’t have a computer, and due to his disability, he cannot use a phone. He was very close to my grandmother who passed last year, and it would mean the world to him to be able to communicate with his brothers and sisters. Most of them live off the island. The computer will also allow him to finally get the education he has always wanted, and finally learn sign language.

  174. I would nominate my husband for sure. He is such a great Dad. Even though he is in the midst of starting his own business he always makes time for family. When he gets home from a long day he takes the kids to the park. He just is a great and loving dad nevermind he stays involved in their lives!

  175. My Dad isn’t the most tech-savvy, but he sure does love his iPhone. I think it’s because he got it as a gift from us kids for his birthday.

  176. This is such a wonderful contest. You are such a blessing to do it. Whoever wins should thank you for your incredibly generous heart. God bless.

  177. I nominate my dad who came to canada and worked long hours and a terrible jobs so we could make ends meet, he gets my well wishes and my prayers and anything else i can do for him. This will probably a little elaborate for him to use, but i am sure the touch screen will be nice and straight forward for him.

  178. My dad’s first gadget. That is tough. He loves gadgets. But it had to be way back in the days before dvds and blurays. It was in the days of VHS and Beta. God bless his poor soul. He had the opportunity to choose between a VHS and beta for the first video player. Unfortunately, he chose Beta. Beta ending up bombing, and VHS became the next best thing. Much more popular and in demand. So that is my story of Dad’s first gadget…

  179. Would love to win a printer for my dad. His first tech gadget was an MP3 player. He was so impressed with it, getting us to download his huge collection of listening music on to his new toy.

  180. my father’s first gadget was a computer he had no idea how to use one it was hilarious trying to teach a 60 year old man how to use one then it was the cell phone that was even worse but we got through it but unfortunatley he’s past but you got to love seniors you know that saying teach and old dog new tricks with new gadgets!

  181. HP Loves Dads: I nominate my father in law who became a father figure for me since my dad passed away. He would use the HP sleekbook and printer to keep in touch and print all the pictures he takes of his grandkids.

  182. Dad`s first Tech gadget was a GPS. He was kind of sceptical about it until it got him out of a few jams as he was driving through Europe.

  183. Dads first gadget was a Commodore 64 – he used to program and play on it all the time. Talks about it all the time too!

  184. Would love to win this. My current laptop is on its last legs, and it’s taken every inch of will power not to fling across the room. lol

  185. Thank you for the chance to win. Would love to win, as our printer broke several months ago.

  186. My dad’s first gadget was a fathers day gift from my brother and I. It was a dual sim cellphone with mobile browser capabilities so he could email us (in Canada) from Kenya where he lives.
    Great contest! this would be a great gift to give my dad.

  187. I was selling a tablet computer recently, and offered to sell it to my father at a real steal. Sadly, his wife told him he wasn’t allowed to buy it, but now she’s redoing their floors in oak hardwood and forcing him to take a month off work (he’s an entrepreneur and times are tough for the job he does already!) to go to Newfoundland on vacation! My father desperately needs some sort of portable device to work on, and hopefully to draft divorce papers on as well. 😉 This computer might just be the tipping point for him financially and with his family! A girl can dream. (FWIW, SHE is taking him out on Father’s Day, so I can’t even see him. Real nice, eh?)

  188. Thanks for the giveaway!

    My brother is the best dad I know, and his computer is a dinosaur…desperately needs this laptop!!!

  189. I’d nominate my father because he raised my brother and I by himself (my mom had left us for someone else) from when we were 7 all the way to 20 and he still is always there for us no matter what. He is the definition of a great father. He could use this pc very much because he currently has a really crappy desktop computer that takes about 10 years to load up anything and I imagine that this would be light years faster so it eliminates the waiting hassle and the printer would also help him because he does Ebay and he need to print out the shipping labels. Thanks for the chance.

  190. Great Gift! My Dads first tech gadget that I remember was a huge video camera where he had to carry half the VCR in a bag to tape things, lol Im glad technology has gotten alot smaller these days!!!

  191. This is a GREAT prize! Thanks so much for running the contest.

    The Dad I am thinking of had a cellphone as his first tech gadget. It’s been upgraded many times since then. LOL!

  192. I nominate my dad. He loves computers and his laptop just broke so a new HP ENVY Skeekbook 6 and HP ENVY 120 printer would be the perfect Father’s Day gift! Thanks for the chance to win.

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

  193. The father of my children would love to print pictures of his kids! He works so hard to make ends meet!

  194. My dad’s first gadget:

    His first tech gadget was an ipod touch I got for him back in…I believe 2004. He was never much for gadgets such as these (didn’t have a cell phone), but he loves music so I wanted to get him something so he could listen to music all the time.
    Well suffice it to say, he had a heck of a time trying to figure it out. It took a lot of hours and patience on my part for him to finally be able to handle the device on his own. He used that ipod for years before it finally stopped working. I like to think he could have upgraded at any time, but because it was a gift from his son, he kept using it for as long as it would last.

    Fast forward today and he’s a totally didn’t person when it comes to gadgets! He’s always showing me this new latest and greatest phone, his new camera, etc. It drives my mom crazy!

  195. Thanks for this awesome’s contest!

    My dad is not that young, and judging by the way he obsesses about flashlights, that flashlight might have been it! 🙂 But in all seriousness, it was probably the portable black and white tv with an antena!

  196. I would nominate my husband. He is the greatest father anyone could ask for and always puts the needs and wants of his family before his own. I feel so blessed to have him as my partner. He is currently using a very very old computer so if he were fortunate enough to win it would be amazing. He would be able to use the new computer to do work that he brings home but more importantly use it for his gaming which he loves to do in his free time.
    Great giveaway and good luck to all the amazing fathers out there.

  197. My Dad’s first tech gadget was his cell phone, it means as much to me as I am sure it does to him. We are able to text each other, and we do all day long, to stay in touch. We live on opposite sides of the country and this was so wonderful for him to have, if anything just for me.

  198. Would love to win this for the father of my unborn son. What a wonderful way to help us announce the birth of our son to our family members in other states, and continue to keep them updated in his first years!

  199. My husband’s first gadget was his smart phone which he uses to Skype us on when he is out of town working. It took awhile but he got it 🙂

  200. I nominate my hubby also a daddy to our 2 girls. Ever since he got an android phone he is upsest with the little android guy! And since then has become even more interested in techy stuff. This would be awesome since he just discovered android cloud where you can print from your phone! We actually made him an android cake fir father’s day it’s hidden my daughter is so excited neon green icing!! We need a printer though! Thanks again happy father’s day to all the papas out there:-)

  201. The pocket calculator that was dad’s first tech gadget meant he could figure out fuel mileage faster. He also got an 8 track player for his car! Music he wanted to hear on demand!

  202. my dad’s first gadget was a mini weather station. he set up an antenna on the roof and had some crazy gadget on his desk. he still has it, and is still obsessed with it. if i ever want to know the barometric pressure i know who to call 🙂

  203. I would love to win this for my Husband. He is hard working and always there for me and our Son.

  204. Wow, so many entries for this amazing prize from HP! Well, I’ll share my entry anyway in hopes that we get lucky!

    I am nominating my partner, Mike – loving father to our 2 baby girls & amazing step-father to my 3 older daughters.

    He’s currently finishing his Masters degree in City Planning when he’s not working at his job full time. I’d love to surprise him with this amazing prize pack from HP for Father’s Day because he’s currently writing his thesis & his laptop is almost 5 years old, so really slowing down now.

    A new HP ENVY Sleekbook is just what he needs to get down to business when he’s writing his thesis because, as you can imagine, with 5 kids in the house it’s difficult to find the time to work on it. And when he does he doesn’t need to be dealing with his ancient laptop shutting down on him all the time.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  205. my dad’s first gadget was his nokia cell phone. He was on the go all the time, and was able to keep in touch with his family

  206. This is on my wishlist for sure. Sounds like a fab computer and I would love the convenience of having a printer at home-to stop sending my documents to an online print shop.

  207. I nominate my Husband who is ALWAYS there for our Son. Our Son was born 10 weeks premature and spent 7 weeks plus in a hospital that was 3.5 hours away from our home (one way). I spent the 7 weeks in a Hotel while my Husband went home to work during the week and visited every weekend. It was hard for him to leave his only Son in the NICU for a week at a time. Now the 2 are inseparable. They even walk to School together.

  208. I would nominate my husband as the recipient of this fab gift. He has been a stay at home dad for 2 years now since losing his job in 2011- it was a rough transition for our family. He has embraced the role and now maintains our family budget, all the appointments, and chores inside and outside. He keeps the family thriving while I work full time and attend college. He hopes to start college soon to become a genealogist and a computer is essential now for this line of study.

  209. This would be a great way to make my husbands Father’s Day even more special! He is the best father and husband!

  210. My husband’s first electronic gadget was MR CHALLENGER!!! We just found it in a box of old things! He LOVED playing that when he was a boy!

  211. This is a great giveaway! I would nominate my dad, his first tech gadget was a typewriter!! Now he has a desktop to keep up with the surveys he does in his spare time.

    • In the Rafflecopter I clicked the RSS instead of the email entry…I can’t go back and change it, I didn’t enter through the email instead…I hope this is ok.

  212. Your post was great because you didn’t just highlight the laptop and printer you showed us that it does some really awesome stuff. Especially in light of father’s day the cards are awesome.

    I would love to share a story about my baby’s daddy on my baby’s behalf to try and win this for dad!

    I remember mommy telling me about daddy’s first tech gadget (and why he still has it today) it was a computer. Daddy got his own computer in grade six, he got the computer so he could practice what he learned at school. He was so careful with his computer at night and during the day when he wasn’t using it he would cover it with a cloth to make sure dust didn’t get it through the air vents. Daddy would also supervise his sister’s using the computer and would only let them use it when they had clean hands and when they weren’t eating anything. Today when I go to grandma and grandpa’s house I still see his shiny – really old – computer in his bedroom. He let’s me play with the keyboard. 🙂

    But to try and save money daddy still uses an older laptop he says that it works fine so we don’t need a new one yet.

    Thank you!

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