30 Apr

Cutest Bum

I have finally started cloth diapering!  Baby’s thunder thighs were way too small when she was born and after travelling for 6 weeks, we’re finally back home and ready to start with cloth once again.

I forgot how cute they were!

Cute Bum

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30 Apr

Fisher Price Fav Toys

Joy of Learning

Fisher Price has been making classic toys since 1930, that’s over 80 years.   I have fond memories of playing with ball poppers, telephones and xylophones all made by Fisher Price, the bright stimulating colours are what makes them so memorable and easy to identify as Fisher Price.  I’m sure my mom and even her mom would probably remember some old toys, isn’t there an abacus and that old tv /Music Box, remember those?  While these toys are probably mostly collector items, FP is always coming up with new must have toys for kids.

These days, my daughter loves to play house and pretend, she’s 4.  On her play list – tea time.  With the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set she fills up her tea cups and as she pours her tea a new song or saying is played each time.   With 3 options, music, learning and “tea sounds” there are many different ways to play with this little tea pot.  My favourite is Learning Time!

We are constantly trying to teach Princess Manners how to say Please and Thank You.  Thanks to the Say Please Tea Set, they are supporting hubster and I in teaching these important, respectful life skills.  Each time Princess Manners pours a cup of tea, the set says:

  • “Why, Thank you”
  • “You’re Very Welcome”
  • Umm, umm, More Please”

While she’s playing tea time with her dolls (and family and friends), she’s also learning and hearing over and over again how to have manners.  Sometimes, there’s fully dressed up toys and she’s dressed to the nines while other times, it’s just a quick high tea session with the two of us, talking over tea about our day just like a couple of old friends.  I have wonderful tea time memories with my granny as a young child, there is more than just crumpets shared over a nice cup of hot tea.

Say Please Tea Set

There’s a reason this is a FP Favourite!  Princess has had this toys for nearly 2 years now and it’s still a regular.  Her little sister is sure to enjoy hours of tea time with the Say Yes Please Tea Set in the near future, time is passing us by way too quickly.

Here are some of the other Fisher Price Favourites, I’m sure you will recognize a few of them!

  • Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack (we have this too, it’s great for learning fine motor skills)
  • Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy
  • Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote
  • Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker
  • Little People Wheelies Stand ‘ n Play Rampway
  • Little People Animal Sounds Farm

29 Apr

In the Kitchen with Dad

Princess Bakes A Lot loves spending time in the kitchen.  It doesn’t matter what I’m making (frozen pizza or frittatas) she’s stuck to me like glue.  I try to give her little tasks and also ask that she helps to set the table, she’s happy to have a job.   Why does cooking and baking with the kids always seem to be a Mom thing (Or is it just my house)?  This month, we switched things up! Dad’s in the kitchen with the kids.

I asked hubster to get creative in the kitchen, it didn’t have to be anything crazy, just some nice dad/daughter time.  He thought for a while and came up with a great idea …. Ice Cream Sundaes!  Nothing extravagant, but the two of them were able to get creative and spend some quality time together.

Here’s what they used:

  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Ice Cream
  • Toppings

Hubster thawed out the strawberries and together they squished them with a masher.  The put their healthy sauce on top of vanilla ice cream and added pink sprinkles.  They then ate their ice cream sundaes together.

in the kitchen with Dad

Home made Strawberry Sauce

Here’s another idea for easy in the kitchen treats to make with dad – Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich:

  • 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Ice Cream
  • Sprinkles


  • Squish ice cream between two cookies and then roll into sprinkles (or any other fun toppings) and eat!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

These are really simple things to do with your kids in the kitchen.  To be honest, I don’t think kids care what you do with them in the kitchen, they just care that you are spending time with them.   I hope that my kids will not only remember how amazing their dad is at sports and playing, I also hope they will remember the quality time they spend in the kitchen …. they will be doing it more often.


29 Apr

Peacock Feather Headband

Last year when I went to Blogher I saw the most adorable peacock feather hair clip on a tiny baby girl.  With a baby in my tummy, I knew I wanted my little princess to have something this adorable in her locks at a young age.  Like most things in life, I get these amazing ideas, but then reality kicks in…. Yup, at nearly 5 months, my baby is bald (well, she probably has about 100 very short blond hairs).  So, I improvised: Peacock Feather Headband!


  • Peacock Feather
  • Velvet Ribbon
  • Glue Gun


  • Cut ribbon to fit  your child head and glue gun it in place (take it off your kids head first, the glue gets really hot).
  • Cut the peacock feather down and glue it on top of the ends you just glued together.

That’s it, it’s that simple and it’s adorable.  You can make them to fit anyone’s head (I made one for my 4YO too) and can use any feathers you want or any ribbon for the headband.  I might actually add a rhinestone to the front of this one as well.

Peacock Feather headband

Does this happen to you? You have Amazing ideas that get squashed and so you have to improvise?

28 Apr

Build-a-Bear Princess

build a bear logo

Last month, we were in Florida enjoying all the wonderful things it has to offer, including shopping of course!  There is an abundance of shopping in Florida from Outlet stores to designer malls.  We spent one day in a fancy mall with my cousin’s kids.  The oldest daughter wanted to drop her cash at Hollister, but the younger kids had their dream shopping trip too, Build-a-Bear.  Each child picked out their favourite bear and eagerly watched as their new best friend got stuffed with fluff and a beating heart.

build a bear shopping

Fast forward to when we arrived home from vacation.  Ironically, Build-a-Bear contacted me to see if my kids would like one of their lovable bears, the answer was without a doubt “YES”.  As I opened up the package, the bear looked alarmingly familiar  it was the exact same bear my daughter had picked out just 2 weeks before.  If you’ve ever been to Build-A-Bear you know there are many, many choices of bears, dogs, cats and even alligators to choose from!  In the end, after slowly going over all the choices, Princess picked the new Princess Bear.  The Princess Bear comes with a crown and the Disney Princess on one foot.

Build a Bear Princess crown

Build a Bear Princess Feet


Obviously my daughter loves her bears and the accessories.  She get’s them dressed up and uses the flashing ward around the house.  She treats these like her little babies, tucking them in at night and waking them in the morning.  Unlike other toys, Build-a-Bear toys come to life right before their eyes, made by them especially for them, which I have found made for a stronger connection with the toys.  We even registered the bear in store just in case she ever gets lost (another genius idea)!

Build a Bear Princess


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28 Apr

May is the #MonthofMom

Hey Mom’s, our month is finally here (well… day, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have a month to ourselves? Now I’m totally dreaming).  Here’s an example of how I expect Mother’s day to go at our home:

Kids day


uh…. nothing too special!

Anyway, I have a fun challenge that I am going to partake in for the month of May – a photo a day challenge!  I’ve never done one before  but thanks to smart phones, I think I can do it.  Each day I’m going to take a picture around the words in the pic below.

MonthofmomWant to try with me?  Take a pic, upload it to  your favourite sharing site and use the #tag #MonthofMom! I’m excited to try it out.


28 Apr

Schick Pure Nourishment Razor Reviews By You

Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment logo

Last month, 25 of my readers had a chance to test out the new ‘Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor.  Well, the reviews are in, and here’s what you all had to say:

Deena S. Regina, Sask – Lynette and Shick, firstly thank you for the opportunity to try the new ‘Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor’ … it was a welcome surprise to be selected. As a woman (and university student) it is always hard to navigate old and new products while staying on a tight budget.

Upon opening the product envelop I immediately noted the heavenly scent of coconut milk and almond oil – a heavenly blend that instantly reminds me of vacationing on the beach! The packaging is attractive and light weight and I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of another shave head, as well as shower holder and razor cap.

The razor simplified my shower routine with the built in shave gel, and was easy to become accustomed to the amount of pressure needed – no cuts, finally! I not only had amazingly soft legs, I also smelled heavenly.

However, the only issue I found was customer related, … as I dropped the razor on my second use and chipped away at the cartridge head. So a close shave also requires close attention, LOL!

Once again, thanks for the opportunity to try the ‘Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor’ …. it is a product that I have boldly discussed at length with the women in the office, class, home, and surprisingly the store while I explored other scented cartridges.

Debbie W. Hamilton, Ontario – I am impressed by the closeness of the shave, especially under my arms. The wider surface allows the shaver to glide. The soap immediately dispenses evenly, and effortlessls, leaving behind a very nice scent, and a non sticky feeling. The soap easily rinses away, leaving smooth soft skin, and hubby agrees.

The true test was waiting a few days to see when the stubble returns. Normally I need to shave every other day, but I made it to day 5. Not bad!!

The only criticism I have is the holder. It would not adhere to any of the surfaces, so here my shaver sits in it’s own little soap dish.

Teresa M. Victoria, BC – I have very sensitive skin and recently saw an allergist. I am allergic to many lotions and scents that come into contact with my skin. I received the razor on Thursday but waited until Friday night to shave in the shower with it. This would give me the weekend to get over any allergic reaction. I admit that I was a little nervous at first. My throw away razor tends to nick my skin on the back of my ankle and on the back of the knee. I avoid shaving most of the time. I found shaving with theSchick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor a pleasure. When I woke up this morning, my legs were smooth, soft and I didn’t have any allergic reaction to the pretty scent either!! I will be using this razor from now on and will be recommending it to my Mum, sisters and daughter.Erika R. Creighton, SaskI’ve been a long time fan of Schick Intuition razors but after trying out the new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor, I’m officially hooked and will never use another razor! I truly loved everything about it!Firstly, the smell of coconut milk & almond oil is simply wonderful! The 4 blades allowed for an exceptionally close shave, leaving no stubble behind! The razor shaved with precision and even lathered and moisturized while I shaved, leaving my skin looking and feeling incredibly soft!If you’re looking for the perfect razor, the new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor is the way to go!!

Lynsey F. Wallaceburg, Ontario – Thanks for the opportunity to try the Schick Razor. I loved it and the Coconut Milk and Almond Oil scent was fantastic. I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels. I will purchase this product in the future 🙂

Karen H. Sackville, NS – Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to try out this product! Here are my thoughts on it:

I was given the chance to try out the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor and have now been using it for about a week. Inital thoughts when I opened it up to check it out – it was very large compared to the regular brand I use and I wasn’t sure about how easy or comfortable it would be to use. I did really like the suction holder that it came with (I later found out this suction did not hold on my shower wall for some reason and within 5 minutes of putting it up, it would fall off). I always do my shaving in the shower and usually tend to do just a “wet shave” minus the soap/shave cream as it’s faster – who has time for all that? In turn my legs are often left very dry. First time using this Schick razor I was in LOVE! The bar ring around the razor lathered nicely without having to waste any extra time and my legs aren’t nearly as dry as they usually are. The shave was very close, leaving my legs nice and smooth and the handle wasn’t as akward as I originally expected it to be – the shape was a great fit in my hand. The one downside I’m finding – one side of the solid bar is getting used up, but the top half of it is just like new, I feel like I’m going to be wasting alot of it. My “wish” for this product would be that the ring could be clipped on seperately so that when one half got low, I could take it off, turn it around and clip it back on to use the rest of it. I’m looking forward to seeing if this razor holds up against my regular brand in terms of how long I can use it before having to change it for a new one. As of right now, would I consider buying it on a regular basis? You bet!

Angela M. Beaver Bank, NS – I recently received the Schick Intuition pure nourishment razor for review. The first thing I noticed was that it came with an extra blade, which I thought was a huge bonus. The next thing was the nice light scent of coconut and almond. The razor lathered up very good and there was no need of shaving cream. It was a smooth shave ,in which I never got any cuts or nics. My legs were left smooth and soft after I shaved and there was no need to apply lotion. I will be using this razor again and I will be recommended it to family and friends.

Amie P. Waterloo, ON – I got the schick razor in the mail yesturday and I have already tried it.

It is Great. My skin feels so smooth after using it and it shaves so well. I have never used a razor that shaves this close to the skin with out cutting myself.  What a great product. Thank you for allowing me to try it.

Emma W. Toronto, ON – Used it to remove a winter’s worth of leg hair growth today. No joke. Yes it’s TMI. Was really smooth. Really pleased with results.

Didn’t like how much packaging there was. And wouldn’t it be great if they could use degradable plastic for something that’s ultimately disposable?

Jen D. – Niagra Falls, ON – Just received my Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor in the mail today (thanks MyWeeView and Schick!) and immediately hopped in the shower to try it out!

Yes, this was at about noon – but as a new mom, our pace is a bit relaxed to say the least 😉
As such, usually I’m in a serious rush – get in, get out, move on to the next task. To be honest, I have had to skip plenty of leg shaves in the past couple of months, something that will be harder to manage with summer on the way! The Intuition razor is a huge time saver. I know many may not think lathering up with a gel takes much time, but I’m happy for anything that saves me time.
I found my razor’s scent – “Coconut Milk and Almond Oil” – to be light and beautiful. The experience of shaving was not just quick, close and fabulous-smelling, but, much to my surprise, actually moisturizing! I’ve become a skeptic when I read products that describe themselves as “moisturizing”, “nourishing”, or “soothing”. My skin is especially dry, so I don’t expect miracles. I still had to lotion up after my shower, but I always have, and I DID notice an improvement this time around, even if it was small.
I hadn’t considered it until now, but I would MUCH prefer to pack this razor for travel versus traditional blades plus shave gel. I have way too many things to remember while packing (for myself, hub and now lil babe), and let’s face facts, baby gear tends to overrun the available packing space anyway!
Definitely a winner in my books!
Monique D. Oldcastle, ON – I actually just tried the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor, I was pretty skeptical about how it might work. I currently use a 5 blade mens razor because I find they are a better shave then most womens razors out there, but I was pretty shocked with how nice of a job the Schick razor did. Nice clean shave and left my legs smooth 🙂 I liked that I didnt have to use any shaving cream which will be a big money saver! I would deffinately reccomend this razor! 2 thumbs up!

Jennifer C. Shining Tree, ON – I loved the razor the 1st time I used it. After that I had to return to my old razor… it wasn’t cutting close enough and left my legs red and itchy.

Christine L. Bedford, NS – Schick razors I will admit that this was a review I wanted to win only because I love my Schick razors. Both my daughter and I have sensitive skin that seems easy to rip to shreds with a bad razor so when she started shaving (she’s 16) I needed something that would keep her legs looking nice, without too many nicks and band-aids. We both have our own razor and will fight over which one has the most soap/lotion combination. I was happy to get a third only so I have an extra one when she steals mine and I can’t find hers!

Seriously, the razor is the only I will use. The soap/lotion keeps my kegs from getting scratched as they can become if I go to fast or have an older razor. My skin is super soft afterwards and I can use it day after day without any dryness or rash. A great razor.

 Sheena M. Eldee, ON – I was happy to get the chance out of 25 people to get picked to use the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor. I used it the day after I got it. I really liked the fact that when you are shaving you get a nice smelling soapy stuff coming from the razor to make your legs feel smooth after shaving. I would recommend this razor to anyone. Its a great razor. Thank you very much for the opportunity to try the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor.

Thanks to everyone who participated and sent in a review.  As promised, one of the reviewers is going to receive a $50 Gift Card just because they participated, and Jen D. from Niagra Falls the winner is you!