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I drink a lot of water for a few reasons, it’s good for you and there’s no added calories.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy a flavoured drink, I just don’t like the extra bulge it adds to my waist.  I recently had the chance to try SodaStream, it’s the in home fizzy drink maker.  I had heard a lot of “buzz” surrounding the SodaStream and had tried a small sample in the summer and didn’t care for it much – but there’s a reason for that (keep reading).

Here’s how it works: Fill the SodaStream bottle with water, twist onto the SodaStream machine, press the C02 button till is buzzes at you, add flavour and you’ve got yourself a carbonated drink – in all kinds of different flavours.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!  (Or Orange Squeezy depending on the flavour used).


Here’s what I love:

  • Making the drinks is super easy and the main ingredient is water straight from your tap! The calorie content of the SodaStream is less than 1/2 of any other juice or carbonated drinks.  For Example, in a SodaStream Cola there is 35 calories for 250 mls vs 97 calories of the “real thing”.  Juices are also only 35 calories for  250 mls. There are usually over 100 calories in a cup of juice.
  • There are also a lot of different choices for the SodaStream, there are over 30 flavours varying from grapefruit to ginger ale. My favourite so far is cranberry raspberry – sooo yummy!
  • There is no bottles to throw away.  The SodaStream is actually environmentally friendly. With a reusable water bottle it means no plastic bottle to throw out over and over again.
  • There are no cords! Think of all the appliances you have on your counter top.  Since the SodaStream is powered by a C02 bottle, it doesn’t require power.  It’s slim and can easily be packed away (but we just keep it on the counter because we use it everyday).


Here’s what I don’t love:

  • The diet drinks! The diet drinks are way too sweet (even for me and I have a sweet tooth).  Perhaps I could use less flavouring, but it’s not the flavour that’s the issue, it’s the sweetness.  In the summer I tried a diet iced tea and found it way too sweet! They do however have 2 or 3 calories.
  • The bottle is only 1L, and our family can easily go through a bottle of carbonated drink in a sitting.  We are honestly loving the SodaStream so much we are going through a pack or two a day.  It’s fun to make, taste great (other than diet) and are low in calories …. oh yea, I forgot I’m suppose to be talking about the things I don’t like! Well, there’s nothing else – seriously.


  • 1 lucky Canadian reader is going to receive a SodaStream

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110 thoughts on “SodaStream

  1. I don’t live in Canada, so no luck for me on the giveaway 🙁 Really, though, I just wanted to let you know of a few other things you can do with your SodaStream. My mom got one a few years ago 🙂 1) Use Torani coffee syrups to make Italian Sodas. Think about all those tasty flavors you can get! 2) Take it camping for something more fun to drink than water. As you already pointed out, it has no cord, so you can take it virtually anywhere!
    Good luck to all entrants! Someday I’ll get one…

  2. I love carbonated drinks but I am trying to rreduce or eliminate pop from my diet and some flavoured carbonated drinks and soda stream woould certainly help me do that

  3. I love this idea, I would save so much storage area in my pantry having a soda stream. No more lugging cases of pop home from the store. I love entertaining and many of my friends are not drinkers but do enjoy a soda, this would be a perfect idea for my many get togethers.

  4. I do like carbonated drinks but cut down on them a lot over the last few years. My kids and hubby love them.

  5. Yes I like carbonated drinks, especially club soda & diet coke, and my husband is addicted to Coke….I would love to win this, especially to give him a healthier option!

  6. I don’t like pop.. but I LOVE soda water, and carbonated juice. That’s pretty much what got me through being pregnant in the hot summer months last year.

  7. Yes, I like pop and I have a can pretty much every day. It adds up. I’ve had my eye on a SodaStream for a while now. Hope I can win one!

  8. i do love carbonated beverages!!! my favourite is orange pop 😛 would love to make my own !

  9. Been looking to pick one of these up! Think it would be a great addition to the kitchen and help save our wasteful soda addiction.

  10. My husband would love this! I hope I’m lucky enough to win it for him. Great bday gift for him. 🙂

  11. I tried a sample at walmart a few weeks back and my kids and I loved the taste. Would love the chance to win this

  12. I love carbonated drinks, especially ginger ale. Would love to make my own at home as well as try all the different flavours that Sodastream has to offer.

  13. I love carbonated beverages, my husband even more. With the costs rising so high on soda, this would be fantastic to own!

  14. What a great idea ..Saves money…plus cuts down on Plastic .I would be happy to win.. That’s for sure

  15. I love carbonated drinks, my family as well. I seen the soda stream in action at the store once, Im not sure if i would have more fun making it or drinking it 🙂

  16. I love carbonated sodas and i would definitely love to win this awesome machine. This sounds so delicious and so many possibilities! Good luck to me!

  17. me and my husband have always wanted to try this. but we dont know anyone yet who has one. to win one would be awesome.

  18. my hubby just saw one of these and thinks it is a super idea! what a great way to start off the summer season!

  19. i seen it at walmart it looks really easy to use and if your like me i buy a two litre daily it would save me alot of money i just wonder how it tastes ?

  20. This seems like such an awesome machine. Cannot even imagine how much money you can save using this. I love, love coke and DR.pepper

  21. I don’t really like them but my kids love them. I do like them on hot days they do quench your thrist better,

  22. I don’t actually drink carbonated stuff, pop is too full of sugar, and diet pop is full of chemicals, so I try not to have it if I can avoid it, but I am very curious about the flavoured carbonated waters, I reviewed a soda recipe book a while back and this would pair perfectly with it 🙂

  23. Yes we do love carbonated beverages in our house. I do not allow my children to drink pop though because of the high amount of sugar in it. So this would be great! They can “think” they are drinking pop, but I know they are drinking water!

  24. I used to be a Diet Pepsi addict but have changed my ways. I still enjoy soda but much less often and now I prefer flavours like grape and orange.

  25. I would love to win one of these. When I was 16 we brought one back from scotland and I loved making my own pop. Used it for years but it has gone missing since and having my own children now this would be great to have. PLZ PLZ

  26. I’m having tropubles with gmail – hate it and don’t recommend it.
    I switched my e-mail to outlook. Not sure if I got it switched correctly with this entry.

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