27 Nov

Playtex Diaper Genie Elite (10 Winners)

It’s hard to believe I’m going to shortly be in diaper mode again.  Last time around I mostly cloth diapered, but there were times when I also used disposables – especially when the baby was first born, over nights and when Princess got a bit older.  Is there anything worse than a trash can full of diapers?  Well, I’m sure a few things could be worse, but we don’t really want to think of them.  There’s no doubt dirty diapers are pretty high on the list.  So, what’s one to do with all those diapers? A diaper Genie of course.

I did have a Diaper Genie last time around, and nearly everyone I know has received one as a gift for a shower or went out and bought one on their own.  Why?  Cause they are super easy to use and they seal up all those stinky diapers.  With the push of a foot pedal each diaper gets sealed off in it’s own little trash bag, when the trash bags are gone, dump, fill the top with a Diaper Genie refill and you’re ready to go again.   Easy, Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  No mess, no fuss and no smell (best part)!

With baby 2 on the way, I’ll see how this one compares to the “old version” from 2008.

Want to try one yourself?  Here’s your chance with a little fun twist for you too!

The winners (yes winners, there will be 10) will be asked to write their own review (in the comments sections below) and then will also be entered into a $50 draw to Babies R Us.  Fun eh?


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  1. I have one in easy ups and one in diapers starting solids. The trash stinks of diapers ans its stinking up the rest of the house.

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