28 Nov

Old Navy for the Holidays

Old Navy is an easy place to find gifts for everyone on your list.  With lots of choices under $50 there is something for everyone – men, women, teens, tweens, kids and even babies.  Their website is easy to navigate and if you have a budget in mind, there’s an simple price adjustable sliding bar to help you only see gifts in your price range.  There are plenty of items to pick from under the $30 range and even down to $10.  So there’s no need to break the bank while shopping for loved ones.

Have you seen the fun Old Navy Christmas commercials yet?  Jordan Knight, Boys 2 Men, National Lampoons… they are lots of fun.  In case you missed them, here’s “Twas the Jordan Knight before Christmas”.  I’ve been loving all the new Old Navy commercials with Jordan Knight.

Old Navy also has a big $10,000 giveaway called Griswold Lightacular Challenge.  Is your home decorated for the holidays yet?  Upload your pic to the Old Navy Facebook app and you could win the 10K grand prize or one of 2 second place winners of $2500.  It’s easy to enter and yes Canadians are eligible too!


If you’ve gone through the entire site and are still not sure what to get some of those hard to shop for people on your Christmas list – let them pick it out themselves.  Serisously, there are some people that are just impossible to shop for and it’s easier just to get them a gift card and let them pick out their perfect gift.  And I’m sure they will be able to find something at Old Navy, I always can!


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76 thoughts on “Old Navy for the Holidays

  1. my dad is the worst!!! he always says he doesnt want anything and you have to think soo hard fo what to get him

  2. Both my husband and my mother, but for some reason this year a light bulb went off in my head and I thought of things!

  3. The girls are so easy! Gift cards, perfume, fun spa stuff or outings. Pamper gifts, SHOES of course. Hobby items.

    Guys. NOTHING. Especially the son in laws. So hard.

    And don’t even get me started on the MIL and FIL. They are not spoiled by any means and don’t live frivolously, but they do buy things they want or need so they have everything! it’s all a big challenge for me as I can’t get out much to shop and SEE what we want to gift.

  4. My dad has to be the worst one for me. I never know what to get him and he usually complains about what I do get him.

  5. My husband is awful to shop for because he says if he wants something he buys it – which is true – all he ever wants are socks and underwear!

  6. My parents are the hardest to buy for, because they have everything, but they also are simple and don’t really need for anything

  7. I always have trouble finding something for my mom — she always seems to buy herself stuff right before the holidays.

  8. My nan is hard to shop for..she is 95 yrs old and already had everything she wants,so there is nothing left to buy for her!

  9. Everybody around me is hard to shop for! My guess though, it’s because I never go with less than the “perfect” gift 🙂

  10. Oh my MIL is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for! She’s very picky, and nothing is ever quite right. I spend weeks trying to come up with something for her!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  11. my daughter, she wants this & that. Fine, but last minute she will change her mind something else is better or boss her brother what he should choose for his gift.

  12. My hubby is super hard to buy for. He never asks for anything or even hints at anything he would like. And to top it off, he buys what he needs for himself throughout the year.

  13. My mom is the hardest one to shop for, nothing she really likes and whatever you bought for her, she will criticize about it …

  14. I think the older we get people get harder to shop for as we all have what we want or we can just go buy it

  15. My husband is really difficult to shop for. He always knows what he’s getting because he tells me what to get. And it’s usually expensive. 🙁

  16. My parents, they have everything, and buy everything they want…so it’s more handmade special giifts if i can keep the ideas up.

  17. I have a son and 2 grandchildren that live 3000 miles away from me that I rarely see. It breaks my heart. So getting them gifts is not easy. I also have a teen granddaughter who goes through phases of elegant, chic, or preppy to grunge… so it is hard to buy for her also. This would so help as I know they all love Old Navy!
    thanks for a great review and opp!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

  18. Ive been finding a lot of people hard to shop for this year..you want to buy things they really like and that are quality but without breaking the bank! It really is a difficult balance to achieve

  19. My BFF Elaine has to be, without a doubt, the hardest person ever to buy a Christmas gift for. She is a vegetarian, has a gluten free diet, peanut allergies, allergic to various perfumes, the norm dieting at Christmas. So I can’t buy Food, Candy, Perfumes and/or clothes. Gift card this year ? *Yikes*

  20. My mom is so hard to shop for, she is allergic to most scents, doesn’t like restaurants and her clothing taste changes too often for me to keep up!

  21. My girlfriend… she has everything and if she doesn’t she’ll buy it. I can’t keep getting her jewellery! Well I can but even she tells me she has enough…

  22. My grandfather was the hardest to hsop for, and I always felt like i had won when he actually liked any of my gifts

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