14 Nov

Healthy Choice Canada $200 Giveaway

Do you take good care of yourself?  I mean, real care for yourself? As mothers, we tend to put ourselves last on the list.  Everything comes before us, kids, husbands, house, work, finances, family, friends, and then guess who’s way way at the very end.. that’s right, you.  We’ve been living our lives like this so long, it’s hard to even think about how to go about changing our routine.   But changing a routine doesn’t mean doing everything at once, slowly if you make little changes in your own life, other things will fall into place and all aspects of your life will be enhanced – just by taking care of you.  Balance is everything.

Do you think you fall into this category and want to try to make small changes in your life?  Well, there’s an app for that – there’s an app for everything now a days!  Check out Facebook Healthy Choice Canada, and sign up for the Pledge to a Healthier lifestyle.  Everyday you will get a simple healthy choice that you can complete to help you stay on track with your commitment – a new you!

Here are some ideas to get you on track:

  • Scheduling a regular date night with your partner or a good friend
  • Making an appointment in your calendar to leave work on time one night a week and spend that extra quality time with your family or old friends
  • Swap out one pop or juice a day with water
(See, easy yet effective)
To get you excited about the program and encourage you to join, Healthy Choice Canada is giving away $75,000 to 3 National Charities. With each pledge you make you decide which charity to give direct funds to:
  • Breakfast Clubs of Canada
  • Kids Help Phone
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation
There’s also a $200 giveaway for a lucky one of my readers which includes:
  • Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers coupons to get that freezer stocked with some healthy choices
  • Healthy Choice t-shirt and water bottle
  • Pedometer and athletic headband
  • Journal to keep track of your goals
  • Vitamin E Skin Care Kit
  • $40 Cineplex gift card to schedule a movie date with a family member or friend
  • $25 iTunes gift card to download your favourite tunes and get dancing
  • $20 Chapters gift card so you can spend some time relaxing with a good read
To Enter: 
  • Complete the Rafflecopter Form Below

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Good luck and I’m hoping it’s the road to a new you!

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but just as important when it comes to your health!

71 thoughts on “Healthy Choice Canada $200 Giveaway

  1. I do need to make a change. I’m dealing with some pressing health concerns right now that have made me realize I could be making much better choices with my activity level and nutrition

  2. I’ve just went through a lot of changes. I’ve lost 80 or so pounds in the last year (over 100lb total) and quit smoking in May 2011. I changed the way I ate and now exercise daily. I could still use more sleep though, so I’d change my bedtime habits.

  3. I am doing well. I just quit smoking and started weight watcher a month ago. I am moving in the right direction

  4. I have made many changes this last year as it was a challenging year. I eat better, excersize and make time for me

  5. I try to make little changes every day if not every week. Once you are aware, the effort begins. So happy to have found your blog…:)

  6. I need to exercise more – I seem to have lost some of myself along the way in marriage & having children and this would be the first step in getting back to being me.

  7. I try to make healthy choices most of the time. I need to do more exercise as my back heals from a bulging disk.

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