25 Nov

Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum

With the holidays right around the corner (pretty much here), it means drop ins at any given time – which I love!  But it also means trying to keep the home neat and tidy.  The Christmas tree and all the decorations make the house look so inviting, it’s important to keep the rest of the place looking extravagant as well.

With a preschooler at home, my floor can easily look like a war zone, not just with toys but with anything you can possibly imagine on the floor, food, old Play-doh, and just plain old dust and dirt that come along with winter wear.  With the help of my new Electrolux Ergorapido stick vacuum it’s made clean ups very easy.  So easy, even Princess Cinderella (4) can help out – I guess we’ll keep her!

This is a light weight stick vacuum, it comes with a docking station and sits nicely in the corner, charging, in the dinning room just waiting to be used.  Because it has its own charger, there is no cord to play with – bonus.  The stick also means it’s easy to manoeuvre around the sofas, dinning table and everything else on the main floor it even has a light to see under some of those dark places.  Depending on how low your sofas are the stick may not be able to fit underneath, but it is significantly skinnier than other vacuums.

We have carpet, hardwood and ceramic tile on the main floor and the Ergorapido has no problem going to surface to surface – which is great because either does the mess.  For super quick clean ups, there is a detachable hand vacuum which can easily be used on furniture or even counter tops.  These small hand held vacuums are really great for older people who can not carry any sort of weight because they are so incredibly light.

The Ergorapido also has a very special feature to eliminate any tangles.  In the 2 months I’ve had this vacuum, there is yet to be a major hair tangle in the bristles.  I was hoping to be able to test out this function, but since I’ve been pregnant, my hair is not falling out as it usually does and therefore there hasn’t been any tangles.  Sorry for not being able to report on this feature at this time.  Here’s a picture of it being used, just push a button with your foot.  Although I do own these exact same shoes, this is not me using the feature.

This would be a great gift for seniors, students, or people like us with a few floors and like having a vacuum on each level.  It’s lightweight (not feature light, but light), it moves around very easily, is not loud and it really works.


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83 thoughts on “Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum

  1. I vacuum all the time! the kitchen is so hard to vacuum because it has hard floors so I have to use a broom, this vacuum would be so great for that.

  2. We have a Pomeranian with lots of hair and a Persian cat, yep, another that has super long hair so vacuuming is a must at least every other day but usually everyday. If I go one day without, you see hair on the floors and I just don’t like that.

  3. My vacuum practice really SUCKS. (no pun intended;)

    With back injuries and many surgeries from a car accident, I can’t do a lot with heavy vacuums we have bought in the past. The last one we bought thinking it was going to be a dream…to get pet hair and have and effect on avoiding the allergens that cause asthma in our kids. No such thing. Tried to take it back and they would not so we are stuck with a heavy vac I can’t use.
    My daughters try to help some but the floors don’t get done as often as it should and know the allergens are left to wreak havoc on the kids. Mom guilt is high as ever. Our dogs don’t shed, thank goodness…so if vacuming has to go a handful of days we are OK as far as that goes. But, have a day care in our house and try to do that area every day. Thanks much!

  4. I vacuum way less than I should because I get so frustrated with our vacuum. We have 2 cats and a dog, but our vacuum doesn’t work too well so it takes forever to vacuum all the fur.

  5. I hate my vacuum it doesn’t fit under most of my furniture so when I do a deeper clean, by the time I am done I am exhausted from lifting and moving furniture.

  6. I try to vacuum weekly, but I hate doing it because of all of the stairs in the house and how heavy my vacuum is!

  7. Oh Goodness, I need something like this. I dread hauling out my huge bulky vaccuum cleaner. and sweeping just doesn’t cut it, for the most part. And you’re right with the holidays around the corner, there are more pop-ins, we are also expecting a baby day after Christmas so even more so around here…so it seems there is a lot more ‘frequent’ cleanings to be done! I would love to win this ‘sucker’. 😉

  8. i currently have 2 small children, my husband, 3 dogs & 11 puppies. all i do is clean!!! i wish i had a smaller portable vacuum to grab for quick cleanups 🙂

  9. I prefer to vacuum than mop … I only have bagless at home which is great! I love using the attachments to help vacuum the stairs and other hard areas ….. I vacuum upstairs weekly and downstairs (main floor) almost every other day!

  10. My biggest pet peeve with the vacuum we have is that it doesn’t clean in the corners… and I don’t always have enough time to do it manually. I’ve heard Electrolux is good at it 🙂

  11. I like to vacuum one room at a time each day so that I don’t seem to have to work that much in a single day

  12. I have a built in vacuum that is a headache because the wands keep coming detached from the hose! Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. left a comment on rafflecopter but just in case I said I vacuum twice a day, rugs and harwood floors it drives me crazy to have things on the floor!

  14. I alternate between two vacuums “sucks a little” and “sucks slightly more, but is a pain to maneuver”. Several times a week, sometimes several times a day I debate which monstrosity I shall attempt to clean the floor with.

  15. I have don’t have carpets so we usually do it the old fashioned way with a broom. But this would be so much quicker and easier then sweeping the dirt across the floor!!

  16. I vacuum all the carpets one day and then the hard floors another day. I don’t have a large house but I find vacuuming tiring.

  17. I vacuum everything, including the kitchen floors. The broom never gets enough for me, so I go around the corners and edges with the vacuum.

  18. I hardly vacuum because the one we got is second and it’s too loud when we turn on. I mean it’s like you have the full stadium in your house! That’s why I need a new one.

  19. I vaccum pretty much daily with 3 pets! This would be awesome for me to have due to needing one with better suction!

  20. i hate vacuuming, even more so because the vacuums i have don’t really work. 5 boys, 2 cats, its never ending here.

  21. I mostly vacuum hardwood so I need something that’s easy on the floor. I don’t mind vacuuming, but I should do it more of often than I currently do.

  22. I loathe vacuuming! I hate lugging the big, heavy and klutzy thing around, the fact that it does a lousy job (especially on carpeting and stairs) having to clean IT out and I hate the noise almost as much as our cats do!

  23. Not a huge fan of vacuuming so I leave it up to my husband who loves it. He vacuums at least once a week generally more often on the hardwood floors since we have a golden retriever who sheds tons.

  24. I vacuum every other day! When we moved the house was bug invaded with stinky Beatles and stunk up our vacuum…I’m in need of a new one, yuck lol. Thank god they’re gone though!

  25. I hate hauling out my big heavy vacuum – especially for a few little crumbs. And I have cats and a hubby that breed crumbs. This would be a great tool for me!

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