30 Nov

Become a Field Agent – $50 Visa Gift Card

Have you ever wanted to be an undercover agent? Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Well, you most certainly can with the Field Agent App. What is a Field Agent? It’s a person that goes into stores with a mission – taking pictures, asking questions, purchasing products or just makes observations and then creates a report on their findings. The fun part is, you get paid to be a Field Agent.

My husband has been a Field Agent for a number of months now, and really enjoys the mini challenges he has to complete. Here are a few examples:

  • During the Olympics he accepted a mission to walk around Walmart to find Olypmic themed displays and report back on the app – that’s it.
  • A few weeks ago he acceped a mission to visit Tim Horton’s to order a new Panini, he had to answer questions such as how long did the order take and if they got his order right
  • He once had at mission a Shoppers where he simply had to take a picture of a special display and report back – this can be rather difficult while trying to be discrete as other shoppers are walking around the store.

Each mission is paid and can be anywhere from $2 up to $50. If the missions are in places you already visit or happen to be at, the extra money for a quick mission seems like a no brainer. Genereally, my husband says most missions are around the $3 – $13 mark, but it can mean a free lunch (like from Tim Hortons – his Favourtie place) so it’s worth it.

To become a Field Agent, you first have to Download the Canadian Field Agent App. Most of the missions are posted right on the app, but once in a while you may also receive an email (well, this is how it works in Halifax anyway). You can accept a mission and then get on your way to completing it. As soon as you finish the job, with pictures or writing your review it gets submitted and approved and the money goes into your Field Agent account straight away. You can cash out through their website at any time and your money will end up in Paypal.

Here’s a quick example:

My husband really likes using the app, he frequently tells me about the missions he’s accepted (especially the Tim Horton’s ones) or about the missions he has missed and would have liked to partake in. There are only a certain number of participants for each mission so it’s important to check the app regularly so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.


  • 1 lucky Field Agent is going to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card
To Enter:
  • Make a comment below about the app including your Field Agent Score (you can sign up if you don’t have the app yet)
Bonus Entry:
  • Tweet about this giveaway (you can tweet once a day) something like – ” Become a Field Agent, Get paid to do missions and Enter to win a $50 Visa Gift Card” with a link to this giveaway.

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– Open to Canada only. Giveaway ends December 15 @ 11:59pm EST
**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however my husband has been using this app long before I was ever approached to write about the Field Agent App.

175 thoughts on “Become a Field Agent – $50 Visa Gift Card

  1. My score is 96! 🙂 Love doing jobs at the Zehrs right across the street from, it’s been very easy money.

  2. my score is 96. I like doing the recipe to riches ones so far!!! close to home so some extra cash 🙂

  3. My score is 100! Since the end of summer I have earned $152, which I cashed out last week – and it was in my paypal account the next day! So simple and easy to earn with Field Agent – I love it!

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  5. My score is 92.

    Love the App, gives me an idea of what to do during my day off.
    As well as making a bit of packet money at the same time.
    Just get another friend signed up today.
    We love the idea of no minimum payout.

    Thank you for making a little side job possible to the public!
    Love for Field Agent!!

  6. Love Field Agent! So much fun to go around and complete jobs — wish there were more here! Score is 116 and $169 in a year! Thanks FA!!

  7. I think this app is genius. Businesses love it and it’s a great way to earn a few dollars. My score is 112. Great app!

  8. If you want to go out and run a few errands and make a few bucks doing so, Field Agent is an awesome way to do that. With a growing service area and ever-increasing contracts, Field Agent is a fun way to add to your income.

  9. I love field agent! I’ve been able to get so many cool things from the Internet from the money I’ve earned. I love it! And my score is 94.

  10. I love Field Agent!! Weekend jobs have paid for two iPod touches for my little girls for xmas and an iPad mini for my husband!! It is fun work to do!! I love being part of the “secret society”!! 🙂

  11. Awesome post for an awesome app. My current score is 94 but I’m hoping to increase it very soon. It’s fun and earns me some very welcome spare funds.
    The minds that came up with Field Agent are brilliant.

  12. My Field Agent score is 121. I love this app so much!

    Whenever a job pops up in my town, I try my hardest to get to it! Sometimes I even go to other towns and do the jobs there (when it’s permitted, of course). It’s actually quite fun to be a secret “mystery shopper”. I enjoy helping out our stores by leaving important feedback. It’s good to know that I’m contributing in this way. I can go out shopping and save a bit of money by answering some questions, so it’s helping me too! Can’t get enough of Field Agent!

  13. My field app score is: 91!
    I love the app! When my boyfriend and I do our sunday shopping, we try to go out and do a mission together. It’s always exciting to get a notification when there’s one in my area!

  14. My score is 162, and I’ve made $475 in 2012 (so far).

    Field Agent is a fun and exciting app, and the rewards are great!

  15. My score is 171 love the app! Great job in the app updates, it doesn’t crash anymore when uploading pictures during audits.

  16. My score is currently 89…and I’ve made $44.50 so far. Just wish there were more jobs out west!!!

  17. 91 Agent Score. Love this app. Jobs are fun and easy. I am heading out to do the Recipe to Riches job at Superstore this afternoon. Wish there were more jobs in my area. Looking forward to the new year – maybe more jobs in my area.

  18. Have been using field agent for two months now. Lots of fun to go on the missions. Be sure to check the app often as they add jobs at strange times but usually on Fridays & weekends I find.

    I like that it cashes out to PayPal. I use the money to pay for some of my kids online game memberships that use PayPal as a payment method. That way I don’t have to put one more thing on my credit card.

    My field agent score is 106.

  19. Love field agent. Wife takes me shopping and I actually make money while she spends it. Got a score of 88 so far. Just need more jobs in the eastern Ontario area.

  20. I love being a field agent! It’s fun and interesting and knowing I’m helping make sure things are being done right!

  21. Score is 85. I’ve been missing out on too many missions. Either they get taken quickly or they are way too far.

  22. Using the field agent app is a really easy way to earn cash for going to stores you normally go to! My agent score is only 86, but I hope to get it up ASAP.

  23. Fun app, nice way to offset some store spending and to earn a little $ while out and about. My agent score is 121

  24. I’ve been using the app for a while but my scores have not grown much since most of the jobs happen when I’m at work… but I enjoy trying to get them done on my days off or on the weekends when the opportunity arises! My current score is 90.

  25. Hit 100 score today
    Fun way to make a little money to put on my Paypal acct for those little Internet purchases

  26. Score is 96. It’s a great app but needs improvement with the maps and more detailed description of the locations. Some can be hard to locate even with iPhone Google maps and car gps. A few times I’ve been denied a task completion due to a conflict on the actual and advertised location. Also the tasks should have a unique serial number shown (especially when talking with tech support) because you could be doing 5 jobs for the same chain store but the one they deny you never mentions which specific location they are contesting the completion, so you can’t easily resolve things. Support can also be “curt” when communicating with you which is odd considering the effort you go to complete these jobs.

  27. Great app! I was actually approached by an employee during a mission wanting to know what I was doing. (I guess I wasn’t discrete enough!) My score is 100 as of this morning!

  28. Im at 96:) I love being a field agent and I’m using the money to pay for a new pair of shoes:) The jobs are so quick and easy to do and super fun!

    • wow 186.. thats a great score.. i’m guessing you live in a big city.. i do every job that comes to my town, as it seems no one else (other than my mom) is using field agent.. and i only have 95..

  29. I try and use field agent whenever I can. It’s a great way to help companies help us, and make some money doing it.
    My agent score as of today is 94.

  30. My FieldAgent score is 108 🙂
    I was pleasantly surprised when it went over 100! 🙂
    I love doing jobs because I cash out my money on paypal to buy myself treats that I normally wouldn’t spend my cash on – Lululemon is a big fave and now at Christmastime the extra money really helps! I’ve made over $150!
    I’m like your husband though – I get really upset when I miss out!!

  31. Field Agent Score: 96
    I find the Field Agent APP to be comfortably user friendly – complete, via updates, with example photos of requested info to be photographed; which ensures payment for your efforts. Well Done Field Agent!

  32. I watch for new missions every day! I recently got the app and already completed two missions for a total of 16.50$! My agent score is 87.

  33. Haven’t been a member for long, but it’s a great way to earn a little pocket money! My Agent score is 92.

  34. My score is 122 and I’ve accumulated $312.50 since I’ve started. It’s a great way to get paid for what I like to do best, SHOP!!!

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