21 Oct

Sears Wish Book – A Tradition

As a young girl, I remember eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Sears Christmas Wish Book in the mail.  At that time, the book was the equivalent to what diamonds are today- pure heaven.  Endless pages of toys, games, science projects and crafts.  Each year flipping through the pages brought on more excitement as I circled my top picks, anxiously waiting for Santa to drop them off in a few months time.

As an adult, it seems the Wish Book was delivered early, however now as a parent I’m incredibly thankful for this delivery to arrive over 2 months before the big day, I’ll be able to remind her about her wish list and how important it is to be a good girl if she wants Santa to bring her favourite toys.

Now that Princess I want Everything is 4, she is the one flipping through the pages, looking at each and every toy in great detail to make sure she circles everything she wants for this very important holiday.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her continuously circle, circle and circle some more.  It brought me back to my days as a  young child and I’m so thrilled to see the family tradition to continue.

Actually, my Mom remembers going through the Sears Wish Book herself as a child, so already it’s 3 generations in the making and I hope it continues for years to come.

This year marks the Sears Wish Book 60th Anniversary, so I’m sure this has been a tradition in many families!

Do you remember going through the Sears Wish Book?

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6 thoughts on “Sears Wish Book – A Tradition

  1. My husband and I were talking about this last night and looking through the old covers shown in the special addition. We actually remembered a few of them!

  2. My Mother-in-law eagerly awaits its arrival for my son’s gift wish list and has shown him how to mark a circle around his toys of choice. It’s a bonding moment where she can learn about what new toy appeals to him and he can imagine all the great toys. They both go overboard on the gifts but it’s a great memory for both that I hope he remembers as he grows older.

  3. I loved the Sears Wish book as a child and the Eaton’s one too! When my kids were little, they would initial all the toys they wished for!

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