31 Oct

Pregnancy Pros and Woes

If you follow me on Twitter, there’s no doubt you know I’m pregnant and it hasn’t been going all that great.  Major vomiting sessions, constant nausea, wicked heartburn and extreme fatigue… but I’ve chosen to try to find the positives in all this… so here goes.

My nails – they have grown freakishly long, I am thinking of competing with the Guinness Book of World Record holder.

My hair – much like my nails, it’s growing and it’s thicker than usual.

Moving – If you ever have to move, I highly suggest doing it while pregnant…. there’s no expectation for you to do anything.  If we ever move again, I think I’ll stuff a pillow under my shirt.  I would at least be able to fool the packers.  I’m sure they’d be appalled to see me moving things around, even if it doesn’t bother my family.

Sleep – while I’ve always enjoyed a lot of sleep, it’s now acceptable to get 15 hours of shut eye a day.

Kindness – People let me skip the bathroom line, and I get to sit in the front seat of the car.

And well, that’s all I have so far… I guess the end result will be the best part of pregnancy.

While some women look absolutely stunning and “feel the best they have ever felt in their life”  I am not one of those women. In fact, before we even knew what we were having husbter was convinced we’re having a girl again because he believed the baby was sucking the life right out of me – and he was right!

What were your pregnancy positives?

30 Oct

Wordless Wednesday: New Kind of Pumpkin (w. Linky)

In years past, I’ve made pretty elaborate pumpkins, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell, Cruella, I even made a big haunted house one year.  This year I had intentions of doing the same, however I just didn’t have it in me to spend hours carving a pumpkin…. so here’s the next best thing.


What kind of pumpkin do you generally carve for Halloween?

For more ideas, check out Parents.com


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29 Oct

Get Comfortable

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about comfort food. October is harvest month here in Nova Scotia, apples, corn, pumpkins and all things garden are in full bloom. I’m a huge lover of harvest bisque soup! I remember asking once what was in the soup, and my answer was “it’s always different, whatever is in harvest”. I suppose I should have known, but I wanted to duplicate the recipe.

Being Acadian, there is one food that is without a doubt a huge comfort dish, Rappie Pie. This is a classic Acadian dish from the south shore of Nova Scotia (where my family is all from). Rappie Pie is never made from scratch any more, but I’ll explain the recipe in case you’re interested how they made it years ago.

  • Grate a bag of potatoes
  • Wring them out to get rid of all the starch
  • boil a chicken, add onions, salt and pepper to taste
  • add the chicken broth back into the potatoes (total about 28 cups of water), and stir, stir, stir, stir, stir… until it’s not clumpy and your arm hurts.
  • add chicken into mixture
  • Bake for a few hours at 350 until the top looks crispy (each little community does it a little bit different, some are runny, some are harder, making a crispy crust is what makes it the best.)

So, now you can actually buy a bag of “starchless” potatoes making the process way easier (In Nova Scotia)! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wring out the potatoes nowadays. Here’s what it looks like when it’s done, with molasses on top! YUMMY! My mouth is seriously watering just looking at this picture, I love Rappie Pie so much!


Being pregnant, my menu is very limited due to extreme heartburn. No spices, everything bland as possible. I went to the expert (my Mom), when asking for a soup recipe, a comfort food, that is simple and will be ok with heartburn. She suggested corn chowder. Chowder is my mom’s speciality – any kind of chowder, if you want a chower to taste absolutely delicious, get a recipe from my Mom cause she’s a pro.

I asked her for the blandest corn chowder possible that would still be yummy and, here it is, her simple chowder that is just as good as one with lots of spices:

  • Potatoes, chopped up small
  • water, enough to cover potatoes
  • 1 can cream style corn
  • cream
Boil the potatoes and water. Here’s her special tip: stir the potatoes so it makes a thick broth mixed in with the water. Add the corn and cream. Salt and pepper to taste (if your heartburn can handle it) and enjoy. This is the simplified version, and is still very tasty.
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26 Oct

Canadian Paraplegic Association Wine & Chocolate – Nov 2

Hey Halifax Readers,

What are your plans for November 2nd?  How about a wine and chocolate event?  This event will include local wine tasting and local chocolatiers – showcasing Nova Scotia’s finest. The event is in support of the Canadian Paraplegic Association Nova Scotia.

Here are the details:

When: November 2, 7pm – 10pm

Where: World Trade and Convention Centre at Windows

Price: $45 a ticket

To Purchase: visit  The Spine.ca or call 1-800-889-1889

The Canadian Paraplegic Association helps people with disabilities, to become independent and live a meaningful self-fulfilling life while participating the community. They assist in finding jobs, provide rehabilitation counselling, and support to family and friends.

I hope to see you at the event on November 2nd.  I won’t be drinking, but I will most likely be temped by the chocolate.

If you can’t make the Wine and Chocolate event, donations are always accepted.

26 Oct

Have a Pumpkin Party with Tink and Periwinkle

Halloween is almost here!  We finally received Princess Spider’s costume in the mail – I was starting to get a little nervous!  And this weekend we will start decorating our home for the fun event.

If you’re looking to get your kids into the Halloween spirit, why not have a Pumpkin Party with Tink and Periwinkle?  There’s a template for a Tink jack-o-lantern, directions to make fairy wings, and a cake recipe too!

Download Activities!



23 Oct

Meet Periwinkle & Tink

My very first Disneyland adventure, is one I will never forget (even though I was nearly 5 months pregnant).   Disney wanted to make sure we had an experience to remember, and of course they delivered.  Before anyone else had the opportunity to meet Tink’s Sister, Periwinkle, the #DinsyInHomeBloggers had a very special meet and great.

We were actually taken to Aladdin’s Oasis for lunch, but the Prince and Jasmine had the day off.  Their home had been transformed for a winter theme (aren’t these centre pieces amazing? I had to take a pic of them, they were so pretty).  Myself and fellow bloggers were stumped at first, then the magic happened, Tink and her Sister came for a visit.

Tinker Bell was in full “winter gear”, unlike her regular summer dress, she was wrapped up in a beautiful fluffy green winter coat to keep her warm for the winter.  We also then got to meet her sister Periwinkle.  This was a special appearance just for us, but starting in mid September she’s been out and about at the parks for everyone to admire.  I have to admit, I felt a touch under dressed next to Tink, but it was the end of August and very warm out!

While I had a chance to get my photo with the sisters, I noticed they were buzzing, just like a cell phone.  I quickly asked what that was all about and was told “you’ll find out tomorrow”.  So, I wont spoil the fun for you either in case you have yet to watch the movie.

Keep your eyes out for Tink and Periwinkle, aren’t they adorable?


23 Oct

Wordless Wednesday: Role Reversal (W. Linky)

This past weekend, I was in Toronto for She’s Connected Toronto.  It was wonderful seeing old friends and making new ones!  I actually went up there with a very good friend of mine.  We shared a room together.  Our husbands and kids are also good friends.

On Friday night, we called home, our husbands and children were out for dinner together, while we were watching the Football game from our room and eating room service.   Talk about Role Reversal!

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