21 Aug

Azul Hotels – Bring the family

Last week, I had the most amazing experience at Azul Hotels in the beautiful Mayan Riviera, Mexico.  I can tell you about how I felt like a princess with the Gourmet Inclusive experience, there are no buffets, but rather food displays, and each restaurant has a fine dinning menu, there are swim up rooms with a  lounger and some hotel rooms even have a jacuzzi right outside your room at the Azuls Five….

I could tell you about the cold towellets provided as you walk around the resort, cabanas on the beach, huge hammock beds at the bar, the pillow and scent menus upon arrival, the amazing rooms with huge bathrooms ….

but I’m not going to do that.  I’m going to tell you about Azul hotels through a kids eyes.

I may not have had my own children with me while I visited Azul Hotels, but I did have the opportunity to adopt 2 cute “Little People”, here is their trip experience:

Hi Everyone,

We just got home from Azul Hotels in Mexico and had a super awesome time.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  It all started when we arrived at the Beaches Hotel and were given a super yummy smoothy (chocolate or strawberry) and a special Fisher Price toy bag.  Yum… we had a few!

And then while my Mommy was checking in or something, my brother and I were picking our favourite toys on the special toy menu – just for us. Which were to be drop off right at our room.


We wanted to go straight for the pool, and guess what there were some rooms that have pools right off of their room, how cool is that? We didn’t have one of those rooms, but next time I will be begging for one.

We did get to the pool… There were a lot of them all around the hotel…

and then we went to the beach.  The hotel had everything for us to play at the beach – pails, shovels and I think my Mom said even sunscreen was provided – she seemed happy about that, but I don’t know what the big deal was.

There were also these really big cabanas right on the beach, like big beds with shades over top! They were so cool.  I guess it’s like a lottery and you can put your name on a list to win one for the next day.

There were also these swinging cabanas that we couldn’t get enough of.  I want one of these for our house… Please Mom?

The rooms were really big and we got to sleep on these super comfy pull out beds, guess what, Mommy could have even brought one of our friends along cause there’s room for 3 kids.

And when the baby comes (Mommy’s expecting a baby), the hotel has absolutely everything she needs, change tables, playpens, strollers, and even baby food.  Mom made a really big deal about this cause she says it’s lots to pack when travelling with a baby.  We took advantage of the strollers a bit too, but shhh, don’t tell our friends.


We had so much fun at the resort, there were special Azulitos rooms where kids can go to play, with trampolines, slides, there’s a huge movie theater at the Sensatori hotel, legos, beds (We did need a tiny nap after all that playing).


They even have small bathrooms there for us.  Mom says they thought of everything!

And outside there’s swings and playsets.  Can you see us there on the swings? Hello!

One day, Mom was at the Azul Sensatori hotel, there was even a splash park there,  Eddie spent some extra time there while I went to the Perfectly Princess Spa!  I really didn’t want to leave the spa and Eddied said he liked his time at the splash park without me I guess.

We even ran into these big cacharters, from “The Little People”, they were around the hotel all the time! They took their picture with us.  We always gave them a high five when we saw them around the hotels.

There was a chance to take cooking classes, face painting, pottery, Mayan decotarions there was never a single time that we were ever bored.  And when we get older the Sensatori hotel has a room for teenagers with games and it smells like fresh popcorn!

Oh yea, speaking of popcorn, if we wanted to “rent” a movie, Mom says the hotel will send popcorn to your room and the movies are actually free. We didn’t get a chance to do this, we were too busy at night enjoying the live shows and having beach parties at night.  There was this Mayan Show and a Fire show and Mariachi… it was so cool!


We wouldn’t normally mention the food, as we aren’t really big eaters, but Mommy really made a big deal out of it.  She said it was so so so so so yummy – she really wouldn’t stop talking about it.  There was a special place for food just for us, and a few toys around too, and there were highchairs at the tables just waiting for us.  That was nice cause Mom didn’t have to get all frustrated looking around for a free highchair.  It made her in a pretty decent mood – which we were happy about.

We even went for a day trip, where Mommy took us to the Mayan Ruins.  It was so neat to see those old buildings.  I can’t believe people ever lived there.

We had so much fun, we hope that next time our Dad can come!  This was our favourite trip ever. Thanks Mom for bringing us to this awesome hotel!


So, there you have it… an amazing experience for a couple of kids.  Everything and more is waiting for you when you arrive at the hotel, you just show up with the kids and Azul Hotels will provide the rest – Gourmet Inclusive style!  Now that’s vacation!


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  1. I followed your trip online, it looked all so wonderful. An amazing location, I bet you had a great time. 🙂 so very cool how you wrote this too.

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