23 Jul

Majesta – Take it to the Road & $25 Swiss Chalet GC

How eco-friendly / eco-responsible are you? Do you recycle? Do you Reuse? Do you try to do your part in making sure our world will be in the best shape possible when are kids are grownup?  In Nova Scotia, we have a pretty strict recycling program, it’s so strict in fact when people come to visit who aren’t used to recycling and composting will get our garbage and recyclables rejected – complete with a red sticker for all the neighbours to see – oh the shame!  We quickly take those bags back into the house to be sorted for next week and pray no neighbours have seen the “Red Sticker of Shame”.

How about this simple way to make a difference in our environment, for ever tree used to produce Majesta  products, they are re-planting 3 more trees – no need to think about it, cause Majesta does it all for you!  Majesta, a great New Brunswick Company, currently has a campaign they are calling “Take it on the Road Flushability Challenge”. With the summer in full force, people across Canada are spending time at the cottage and are going on road trips with RV’s. Check out the campaign on their Facebook Page and you can win 1 of 10 Majesta Products for a full year, and also get a coupon for $1.00 off.  You’ll be surprised as to how quickly and easily Majesta disintegrates, making less opportunities for flooding and backups – the last thing you want to think about while on vacation.


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32 thoughts on “Majesta – Take it to the Road & $25 Swiss Chalet GC

  1. We try to reuse items, recycle, shop used, use fewer plastic bags and give away old toys/items that are still good instead of throwing them out.

  2. I’m a total “tree hugger” in almost every possible way. Composting our own scraps, recycling, even turning off my car while in the drive through lane to reduce emissions.

  3. We recycle, of course. We also try to purchase products with less packaging, bring re-usable bags to the grocery store, use those spiral energy efficient light bulbs as well as energy efficient appliances. Thank you for this very nice giveaway.

  4. Recycle as much as possible, use re-usable shopping bags and installed energy efficient lightbulbs in our house.

  5. We recycle and I make an effort to buy products with less packaging. I always bring my reusable bags shopping.

  6. I am very conscious about our power consumption and try to keep lights off and unplug unused appliances as much as possible.

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