30 Jun

Fiber1 – Brownies & Giveaway – Closed

I am a Life Made Delicious (a word I can never spell without spell checker) Blogger!  Every other month, I’m going to bring you some fun and extremely easy recipes (cause that’s just the way I roll).  As well as recipes, there will also be a chance to test out some brand spanking new products.  This month, my mouth was drooling over the new Fiber1 Brownies.  I am a huge fan of the Fiber1 bars, and I am in love with Chocolate, so I was pumped to to get some chocolate goodness with only 110 calories and a bit of help from the fiber (I am pregnant don’t forget).

The day the box arrived, I just came home from work and was famished (I’m eating for 2, my tummy always feels empty), I opened the package, took a bite and was…. well disappointed in more ways then one.   First, I didn’t like the bars – at all! So, I tried the other Fiber1 products I was sent and sure enough, none of them seemed to work.  I automatically knew something was wrong, and then my preggo brain clicked in… I’m pregnant, nothing tastes right, not even regular chocolate bars.   So, I was also disappointed that it will be a whole 6 months before I may be able to enjoy these browines at all.   I asked hubster and Mommy if they liked the bars and they both enjoyed them, it’s just the poor pregnant lady, who would enjoy the chocolate more than anyone that doesn’t seem to like them – boo for me.

I also received the Nature Valley Peanut Butter Thins (90 calories), and was able to enjoy them – somewhat.  I just recently learned peanut butter is on my do not eat list this pregnancy, I feel nauseous every time I eat it.  So, this one wasn’t a hit for me either.

If you want to try these products out for yourself (and I encourage you to), you can get a free coupon on the Life Made Delicious (there’s that word again, I’m sure I’ll get it soon enough) Facebook page until July 3rd.  You have to download it before the 3rd and then can use it in store on July 24th!



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50 thoughts on “Fiber1 – Brownies & Giveaway – Closed

  1. Pregnancy does mess up the taste buds a bit, probably why I stuck with strawberry flavours instead of chocolate when preggo. We all enjoyed our samples. I didn’t get the Peanut Butter Thins and am hoping to try them soon.

  2. I am trying to enter the giveaway, but when I click on the rafflecopter link, it wants me to create a contest, not enter one?!?

  3. Congratulations, Lynette! Sorry you didn’t enjoy the goodies, but yay for being pregnant! 🙂 I remember when I was pregnant with Little One, I couldn’t eat anything 🙁 NOTHING tasted good and everything grossed me out. While my other preggo friends were feasting on dill pickle chips, chocolate chip ice cream, and the works, I found I could only eat 3 things: pineapple, strawberries, and black cherry yogurt.

    From a fellow #LMDConnector

  4. Ahhh poor Lynette! 🙁 I LOVE veggies (and was still a vegetarian when I was pregnant) and I could not face any of them, except for the pickled turnip on a falafel every once in a while, so weird. I could only stomach sesame bagels and old fashioned sugar donuts for quite a while, something my wardrobe and doctor did not approve of.

    I loved the new bars, so I think you will too… next year 😛

  5. I am so sorry you didn’t like them. I remember craving pickled bologna, and never being able to eat meat while it was hot.
    I love their dark chocolate almond fiber bars.

  6. I’m not sure if you wanted the answer on Rafflecopter or in comments so I’ll put it in both places – the Fibre1 Brownies

  7. Brownies are a fave of mine. I would love to try these out. Why must the pic on a box sometimes look better than what the actual food tastes like? I would love to win. Great contest.

  8. It seems to be the common answer but I too am looking forward to trying the brownies…who doesn’t love brownies?;-)

  9. I’d like to try them all but especially the Brownies. I’ve looked in the grocery stores and haven’t been able to purchase them yet. Great giveaway! Thank you 🙂

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