07 Jun

Banana Boat Sun Awareness Week (Gift Pack) – Closed

According to the calendar, summer is just around the corner.  While we have had a few very warm and sunny days here in Nova Scotia, lately all we’ve seen is rain and the evenings have been chilly.  But, we’re a very optimistic crew and are eagerly anticipating those scorching hot days where the beach or poolside are the only reasonable places to be.  While I certainly love basking in the sun, it is dangerous and in fact, I did get scolded by my doctor about being too dark.  In my defence, I was at the beach for 29 days in February and another 7 in April.  (ok, I could have used more sunscreen, and those raccoon eyes are not flattering either, I know).

While I may not be the best at protecting myself, I do get carried away with Princess Beach Baby.  Every few hours, I later her up/ completely drench her in sunscreen with SPF 60.  We use both the new spray and the old fashioned cream. I like the spray for the arms and legs  (just make sure to rub it all in, I ended up with a pretty pathetic tan line) and the cream for the face, easier to get around the eyes.  During our holiday, she did not get a single burn, although she did have a bit of a tan once our holidays were complete.

This week is sun awareness week and it seems that Canadians are not overly educated when it comes to the sun.  How’s your sun safety knowledge?  Take this Sun 101 Quiz to find out.  You will probably also learn something along the way as well.  How often should you reapply sunscreen?  Do yo need sun screen on a cloudy day?

To get you pumped about the Summer and the sun which should be coming out tomorrow, Banana Boat has an amazing gift pack for you.


  • 5 bottles of sun screen
  • 2 beach towels
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • 2 reversible sun hats
  • 1 beach bucket
  • 1 beach ball

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110 thoughts on “Banana Boat Sun Awareness Week (Gift Pack) – Closed

  1. I LOVE the sun! It doesn’t love me though! I burn so easily, part Irish/German, not a good combo for sun!

  2. The sun is my best friend, I just wish I saw more of it in the winter! I always wear my sunscreen I put it on right out of the shower.

  3. we use a ton of sunscreen in our house! I burn and freckle easy as does our youngest, I have a red head in the family and my husband has a bald head. Lol Needless to say we just buy stock in sunscreen!!

  4. I love the sun but you do have to take care of your skin by applying sunscreen…especially here in SW Florida, where it’s always Summer!

  5. I love the sun but I have to wear a lot of sun screen because I have very sensitive skin. I where sunscreen everyday that I go outside. I love the sun but the sun doesn’t love me is how I put it to my friends.

  6. Love being outside with my son (3 years old) but we both burn easy so we use lots of sunscreen so this would be a great win. good luck everyone 🙂

  7. I dislike the sun, I worry so much about my children being out in it. I am from the UK originally and cannot adjust I suppose

  8. I love the sun and am happiest in the summer, however, I am also very careful with applying sunscreen. When I think back to when I was a teen, I spent hours and hours on the beach without sunscreen. EEEK!

  9. OH how I LOVE the sunny days! The first few times I’m out I have to wear a high sunscreen to make sure my winter white skin has a chance to get used to seeing the sun. After that I can go to a lower SPF. My hubs is Syrian/Armenian and has dark skin that is much darker by the end of the summer. Our girls have fortunately been blessed with his skin…they still wear a high sunscreen (50) and still manage to get a tan within 20 minutes.

  10. I truly get depressed if I don’t get enough sunshine. We have a beach trip to FL next month and I would LOVE to win this!!! Woo-hoo!

  11. The sun is hot. But I enjoy sitting outside with my girls, a cold drink, and a good book! Thanks for this opportunity!

    Good luck everyone!

  12. Most ppl are so low on Vit D that just sitting outside in the sun for 20 mins a day can do wonders. Because of this i raised my vit d levels for the first time in 5 yrs from 45 to a 70.

  13. This is an awesome prize especially since I have 2 kids and one of them, unfortunately, is like me and burns very easily!! Thanks so much for this chance and thanks to Kaley Davies for sending me this way!! Good luck everyone!

  14. Awesome giveaway! Just what my son and my daycare kids need to stay protected this summer and have fun in the sun! 😀

  15. say 30 years ago, i could be out in the sun all day and not burn, just get a nice dark tan. Now I burn if I stay out in the scorching sun for too many hours. Wonder if it is age or if the sun is getting hotter?

  16. Sunny days lift my spirits and make me happy! But, I make sure to use sunscreen and avoid spending too much time outside during the sun’s peak hours. 🙂

  17. We need the sun to live, but too much sun can be very harmful so it’s important to each know and respect our own limits when it comes to sun exposure, as well as to teach our children the same.

  18. The sun is great but you must always protect yourself from it as you can get skin cancer from it!

  19. We need the sun but like most things too much can be bad for us. We have to give the sun the respect it deserves and use sunscreen to filter out the rays that can hurt us.

  20. i think the sun is great at putting you in a good mood and relaxing you, yet it is also extremely dangerous. Always need to cover up and protect your skin!

  21. I am so not a sun person. Along with the sun generally comes heat which I also don’t like. Not great since I live in the southwest. I try to stay inside during the 10am to 4pm times when sun damage is highest.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  22. I love the sun but can burn easily. I always put sunblock on myself and kids. We are all very fair!

  23. I’ve noticed since I’ve entered my forties I NEED the sun to lift my mood and make me feel so much better!

  24. I think the sun is great but you have to stay protected. My daughter and I are both very fair complected and must use sun screen, so this would be great since the price of good sun screen has gone through the roof! All the prizes are great thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Sunscreen is so important. I have seen the effects of what the sun does when you don’t use it.

  26. I love the sun, I love sunbathing, remember to wear lots of sunscreen though!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  27. I love the sun and it’s warmth and light …. fun for outdoor activities at the beach and swimming pool!

  28. the sun is not my friend. i am super fair/pale and can burn in 30 seconds. not kidding. my almost 5 year old can be outside for only a few minutes and he will be burnt, whereas my 3 year old doesn’t burn at all. we use a LOT of sunscreen so this would be a great thing to win. thanks for the chance.

  29. We love the sun but not the heat. We live in Ontario and when it gets hot it gets super humid. The other day it was 34 degrees and over 40 degrees with the humidex which is ridiculous and it is only June (yeesh). I do try to make sure my little guys and I always have hats and sunscreen on before we go out because I burn so easily and I would hate to have them get a sunburn.

  30. I think the sun is beneficial and we need it … but our skin is fragile so we’ve got to protect it.

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