01 May

Wordless Wednesday: Bikes ‘n Dresses (w. Linky)

The weather has been decent in Nova Scotia, which means lots of outdoor time.  We’ve been biking around the neighbourhood.  No matter the weather or the activity, a dress (or bathing suit) seems to be the preferred clothing – at least she is wearing clothes.

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36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Bikes ‘n Dresses (w. Linky)

  1. I love it when they’re just really getting good at biking. I always used to wear a dress and ride my bike, until I got my skirt caught in the spokes once and had a serious crash! LOL!
    ~ Raylene

  2. My daughter is the same way. She loves biking and she don’t care if she is wearing a dress. She is determined to get on that bike and ride.

    • 😀 And even a jacket! She seems to think of the sun is shining, there’s no need for a coat…. no matter how chilly.

  3. So nice to see kids getting outside and being able to enjoy the weather. Gotta be proud of your bike you know 🙂

  4. Kids never seem to mind the cold. I’ll have 5 layers on, and my children run around with short sleeves. Crazy!

    • It’s like they are immune or something…. but then again, they are running around, we are more than likely just standing here.

  5. So cute. One of my daughters (I have 3) wears dresses for EVERYTHING. She used to put on her ‘princess’ dress and go dig out in the garden, which I thought was pretty awesome 🙂

  6. Why is it that little girls love to wear their swimsuit around. I actually had a neighbor whose 5 yr old son was seen wandering the neighborhood with HER swimsuit on and a pair of her high heels lol. Poor kid, it would be interesting to hear what has become of him, as this was years ago

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