The Time Has Come!

by Mommy on May 4, 2012

This post deserves a disclaimer at the beginning.  Warning to all of you who know me, you may want to stop reading now.  What I’m about to say, might just make you uncomfortable.

Hum, still here?  Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have started off my post so intriguing… let me try this again…

Nothing to see here people, keep going, move along….

Ah, ok,, I think it worked!

Actually, for those of you who know me well, this probably won’t be much of a surprise anyway (all right, now I’m totally trying to downplay it)… but you’re still here right?

It seems as though I’m stalling, and well, I probably am.  I was actually debating if I should even blog about this – it’s pretty personal.  But hey, next time you see me, it’ll be obvious, so I may as well give you a heads up.  And, I figure it’ll be great insight for others.

So here goes nothing… I’m getting Plastic Surgery!  … but not exactly the kind you’re thinking.  I know, right away you were thinking, “Lynette,  good for you – rhinoplasty”.  Well, I actually had a nose job done about 10 years ago, and it’s pretty obvious it wasn’t cosmetic – just a blockage, nothing exciting.  Even if I had a blog back then, I probably wouldn’t have blogged about it. So, no nose job this time either.

So, here I am again still stalling… *deep breath in* *deep breath out*

It all started when I was 8 and called a “turtle”.   It wasn’t cool to be a turtle, everyone else was a surfboard, but not me, I was a full fledged turtle – kids can be so mean!  Can you imagine, a poor 8 year old being called a turtle and there was nothing I could do about it?  But it was very true, I was a turtle and I could not hide it, although I tried.

2 years later, it got worse, harassing phone calls to my home, yup the boys were starting to notice I was different.  All the baggy shirts couldn’t change the fact I was starting to look like Dolly Parton, and not because I bought a blond curly wig.

Then in high school, I had one  teacher that couldn’t even look me in the eye, he seemed to think my big hazel eyes were a foot lower.  It always made for odd conversations because I would try ducking down to catch his eyes, but his eyes also moved lower as well.

It wasn’t until my late teens or even early 20’s until I wore a bathing suit without a t-shirt on top – for two reasons.

  1. All the men stared at me
  2. All the women stared at me

Oh and there is probably also a reason 3… it was nearly impossible to find a suit to fit.

And, here we are today.  My plan was to get a reduction after I had 2 kids.   Then again, I always though I’d have 2 kids by the time I was 28 and well, my first only came at 29 – who makes big master plans anyway?  Either way, the time has come, I am getting a breast reduction (please don’t penalize me Google for using that word, this is still a family friendly site).

I actually thought it was going to take a very long while for this to go through.  Just last week I went to visit my doctor to get the ball rolling, I was told “There’s a long waiting list, it will be 6 months before you can see a plastic surgeon, but if you want to go private, you can pay $12,000.”  Then I said “Perfect, I have a huge bank account with no way to spend it”, well that’s actually what I dreamed about, I really agreed to wait 6 months.

A week passed and I received a call from my Dr’s office.  They had an appointment for me, on FRIDAY! What? What about this 6 months waiting list?

So, I’m in the process of getting the documents sent off and approved through MSI.   I’m super, super, super excited! LaSenza and Victoria Secret, here I come!

Sorry to all of you who thought I was pregnant. Although I will probably be still losing a few pounds, it wont be through child birth. If  I do get pregnant, I promise I will call or tell you in person before posting it on my Facebook wall.

Whew.. now that’s a huge weight getting that off my chest…. pun kinda intended.

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