17 Apr

Wordless Wednesday: I want to go back (w. Linky)

I really have the southern Bug! I can not get enough of the warm sun. Last week, I was in Cuba, you can read the review of the Palma Real here. I want to go back… while I truly love the beach, there’s more to vacation than just wearing a swimsuit.

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27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I want to go back (w. Linky)

  1. I LOVE that old pink car! That is one reason I’m SO glad to be Canadian now, because I can go to CUBA! I want to go see all the old cars. SERIOUSLY! The sun and the sand will be great, but I wanna see the cars. hahaha

  2. SO awesome! I love CUBA! Been there four times and cannot get enough of the place. And chiquita, look at you with your tan! Hot mama!

    PS love that last pic and your girls are adorable!

  3. I went there few years ago, my then 4 years old always says he wants to go back there again! We have a lot of great memories there. Ah, not to forget the all you can drink great coffee!

  4. I haven’t been on vacation for so many years…. and I just love warm weather and water.
    Your pictures are great 🙂

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