19 Apr

Step 2 – Fort Slide-Awayslide – Closed

Thankfully spring is here, and it means a backyard full of children.  What’s better than watching a bunch of toddlers enjoy themselves on nice sunny days?  Well, maybe if it was a little warmer I’d enjoy it a bit more, but summer is just around the corner.  The kidlets don’t care if it’s still chilly out, they are just happy to be playing outside – perhaps I can learn a little something from them.

The newest backyard toy the kids were able to test out was the Fort Slide-Away by Step 2.  Once again it was Mr. Fix It that had the opportunity to put this slide and tent in one together.  I’d call my husband a pro at putting together kids toys, he’s had a lot of practice over the years and has it pretty much down pat now.  At first, the task was coming along quite well, I thought he’d be done in about 20 minutes, however he ran into a bit of trouble putting the tent underneath the slide.  Despite help from other dads and other professional toy putter togethers (myeslf) and 6 kids, the tent was just not going to work out, so we had to improvise and make our own holes.  Not only did hubster have the pressure of 5 adults watching him, there were also 6 kids “patiently” waiting for him to finish.


Once the Slide /Tent was ready, the kids we’re all over it.  In, out, up, down, through!  However, our job was not complete, we had to secure it to the ground.  We live in Nova Scotia, and it’s really rocky here.  Needless to say, the stakes used to secure the slide to the ground are ginormous and my house is built on a solid rock.  After pound the stakes into the ground, one broke and as for the other, there was no way I was going to bang it through granite – but I tried, over and over and over again.  So, needless to say, the slide is not secured into the ground, but there is a good base and it’s on a flat surface and we haven’t had any issues with the slide tipping.

The neighbourhood kids are from ages 2 – 5 and they ALL play with the Fort Slide-Away.  Despite a few hiccups along the way (for the parents), it’s all worth it for the kids.  The love the slide just as much as the tent – even with 2 other slides nearby.  The tent fits at least 4 kids comfortably.  It’s a huge hit with the kids, and the parents are even considering the tent for a hideaway.


  • 1 lucky winner is going to receive a Fort Slide Away

To Enter:

  • Make a comment below about how many kids are around your place

Bonus Entries:

Giveaway is open to US  addresses.  Closes May 11th @ 11:59 PM PST.


378 thoughts on “Step 2 – Fort Slide-Awayslide – Closed

  1. I have a very brave 16 month old who climbs on everything and would absolutely love this slide! I also have a 4 year old nephew that we watch every Saturday. He is ALL boy! Our current playset is falling apart so we desperately need something for the kiddos to play on outside!

  2. I have 2 girls (4 and 2) but a neighborhood full of kids who play in the common area behind our house. They tend to show up when we’re outside playing with cool toys.

  3. I have three boys (7,6and 3) we have tons of neighborhood kids age ranging from 2-9. We live on a military post so we pretty much share all toys with kids on our street. We would get a ton of use out of this! thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  4. I have one two year old grandson in the same town that I live and 2 grandsons who will be 1 in May who live in Baltimore… they would love this to play with in Grandma’s back yard. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  5. We have older with youngest as 12, but now have a live in grand daughter and a grandson who is now almost 6 months is here 4 days a week as well. My daughter is also doing day care in our home and has one lil’ one coming soon and is interviewing parents to have one more little one coming this summer. So that will be four little ones who will love to play on this awesome Step 2 fort and slide! I think it’s a genius design and far cooler than my 6 kids have. thank you so much!

  6. I have two grandsons but they have a lot of friends (neighbors) that like to come over and play.

  7. We just moved and dont know the neighbors yet but I have 5 small nephews and i tend kids in the summer

  8. We have kids all over our neighbourhood but also we have many nieces and nephews that are often over at our house for family get togethers.

  9. I have 4 of my own, one I baby sit and during the summer often have nieces and nephews (3) and best friends kids (2) here… and somtimes my neighbors (3).

  10. For now we just have our daughter, but hopefully she’ll be a big sister in the next year or two:)

  11. I have 2 children that would enjoy this on a daily basis, plus their cousins come every weekend, so that’s four more. Thanks for the chance!

  12. Currently at my place we have a total of 1 child who rules the roost! A 20mth old boy who is so active….I no longer need to workout! Thanks!

  13. Usually just my 2 kids and 3 godchildren, but I would love to have this around for playdates and birthday parties.

  14. Well, I am guaranteed to have at least 2, mine but there are 6 other kids in the neighborhood that come over often so I know that this would be well used this summer!

  15. My family owns three houses in a row…so we have about 7 kids, grandkids, and great grandkids all playing outside in front. 🙂

  16. 2 that live at our house (2 & 5) but a whole gaggle of neighborhood kids ranging in age from newborn to 12. At any given time there is at least 2 kids (not our own) playing in the backyard with our girls. 🙂

  17. My neighborhood has lots of children but my own family has 12 children counting relatives, close friends and my own child that would get alot of use from this great fort and slide.

  18. I have 2 Grandkids, and lots of friends w/kids & Grandkids – MY Grands have been wanting one of these – LOVE Step2!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

  19. I already LIKE you (HollyCunningham) on FB ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) 😉

  20. Already follow you HollyCunningham) on Google+ as well!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

  21. I left you a comment on yr Biig announcement post (May 5th) about yr Surgery ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

  22. #2 Commented on yr Surgery post AND on yr FB post about what do you keep on hand? ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance, I’m sooo keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

  23. i have 7 kids here on a daily basis,but my home is known as the best place to get cookies so i have more drops in all the time!

  24. There are four that live at my house (11, 3 y/o twins and 1.5 y/o). There area many more that visit, mostly in the under-4 range.

  25. We have 5 boys with #6 due this fall 🙂 Plus the 3 kids across the street are over frequently.

    mikebelindaconnor at hotmail dot com

  26. my neighborhood is full of young kids and alot of them are always at our house jumping on the trampoline…i know they would love this fort slide!

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