Paying to Run a Marathon, Am I Crazy?

by Mommy on April 29, 2012

Sometimes I think I’m crazy, and then I do things that confirm my craziness.  I recently signed up for a marathon, well, actually it’s a 1/2 marathon, which confirms I’m only 1/2 crazy.   Whether or not it’s full crazy or 1/2 crazy, it doesn’t matter ’cause it’s actually for a very good cause.

I’m running for a cure to cancer, lymphoma and leukaemia to be exact.  The “C” word isn’t something any of us ever want to deal with, and as of today, I’ve been lucky, some members of my family – not so much.  We never know what the future holds for us, so I’d rather do something like this while I’m healthy, in case I ever need to draw from the resources, I can say I’ve done my part.

I’m really looking forward to the run.  I’ve started training, Thank Goodness I started C25K last year, so I know I can run at least a little.  In August 2012, I actually hurt my hip while on at The Lion King 3D premier in LA during an African Dance.   I’ve started of slow again, and I have until the middle of October to make it happen.

I also have to raise $3,900 to even participate in the event.  Told ya – I’m crazy – paying money to run 21. kms?  Remember, money is going towards a very good cause.

So, I’m not really used to doing this, but if you so desire, please make a donation to help me on my journey… I’ve got a long way to go!  All donations are tax deductible.

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