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HP TouchSmart 320-1030 Desktop ($799) Giveaway – Closed

Last year just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to test out an HP TouchSmart Desktop Computer.  This has become the family computer in the main living area.  Princess I love to play Disney Games, hubster and I all spend time on this computer throughout the day.  It’s easy to use, and with no tower (or keyboard and mouse – if you don’t want them), it takes up very little space, making it extremely space friendly.

For a full detailed review of the TouchSmart Desktop, check out my post just before Christmas.  If by chance this didn’t make it under your tree last year, Mother’s Day is just around the corner – already? …. yes… already!


  • 1 lucky reader is going to receive HP TouchSmart 320-1030 Desktop ($799)

To Enter:

  • Make a comment below about your family computer

Bonus Entries: (make a different comment below for each entry)

Giveaway is open to Canadian addresses.  Closes May 4th @ 11:59 PM PST.


2,711 thoughts on “HP TouchSmart 320-1030 Desktop ($799) Giveaway – Closed

  1. Our family computer is getting really slow. I have stopped using it and just stick with my laptop because it’s frustrating to try and get anything done on it. I have actually been looking at the hp touchsmart computers and considering getting one to replace the family computer – but winning one would be so much better!

  2. I want this! We don’t have a family computer..All the kids have their own computers so I have to wait for them to set theirs down and then I snatch it from them ( till they come back in the room)!

  3. We don’t have a family computer my husband has a work computer in his office that I use. It would be great to have a computer downstairs.

  4. Hi Lynette,
    Fabulous giveaway! Our family computer is used by my 16 yr old son. The only time that I might possibly have an opportunity is if he decides to visit friends, as I work until 6:30 and he is already home by then, usually with those friends at that computer. I blog very infrequenly now, twice a month, if I’m lucky as I only have this Blackberry to access the internet.
    This HP would be like a gift from heaven!
    Anyway, thanks so much for the fab giveaway!
    Fingers & Toes crossed!

  5. We have a laptop that does what I need it to do although I am ready to get a desktop pc. This would be perfect for our apartment. My daughter is 3 and starting to become interested in technology.

  6. Our family computer is about to croak and it is my connection to family and friends since we live away!! This would be amazing!

  7. Our computer is an old desktop that has temper tantrums daily and refuses to work altogether sometimes lol


  8. We don’t have a family computer. My husband has his work laptop and I have a laptop. A desktop would be awesome for our family!

  9. oh so AWESOME , our family computer is 7 yrs old and gets a ton of use, I have to maintain and fiddle everyday to keep it running smoothly, Hp is great , this would be amazing to win

  10. My family does not currently have a computer. only have 1 laptop that we constantly argue over who gets it next.

  11. My family computer is a Toshiba laptop that my 2 year old has managed to damage. There are keys that have been ripped off and broken, only to be taped back on. We desperately need a new computer!!! 🙂

  12. Our family computer is a desktop, dell, getting close to 5 years old now. It freezes up a lot and I find I need to restart it often so that it will work properly for a day or two. I soooooooo could use a new faster computer


  13. Our family computer is housed in the basement! Gosh is it cold down there. This would be a great computer for iphone loving 3.5y/o son! He just doesn’t get that everything is not a touch screen

  14. I definitely could use a second home computer as this one is always being used by someone:( Make it hard to keep up with blogging and such! Would be a great help!

    canadianangelxo at live dot ca

  15. We don’t have a family one right now only a laptop, our desktop packed it in so this would be great!

  16. Right now all we have is my laptop because the family computer has something wrong with it and i cant afford to have it fixed right now

  17. family computer? lol well what a story,we had a laptop we bought and paid $1500 for it and setting it up it started messing up.well of course gave us trouble whole time we had it.it finally died.i was just getting into coupons and giveaways too.so i would barrow the in laws which was hard cause they work dayshift,us night shift so was hard to do.but i managed for about 6/8 months.and i had saved and saved amazon and paypal money til i had over $200.then i finally got a new laptop.but is crazy cause i am so caught up in all the awesome bloggers out there,no one else gets a turn on it 🙁 so we really need another one but will take us forever to save up and get one.thank you for chance to win!!

  18. commented on the wordless wed with your very very brave little one and the dental trip!! much more braver then i am 🙂

  19. Subscriber, liked on Facebook, shared HP contest, following on Twitter, retweeted.
    Would truly love to win this computer, mine is on it’s last leg!

  20. Our home computer is suuffferrrringgg a slooowwww and painfullll death. I see more blue screens than anything else. We cannot really afford to buy a new one currently… house renos and student loans get first offer. (Booooo).
    Great giveaway Lynette – thanks for sharing with us!

  21. I commented on your single child household post… it is nice to see another person with the same questions.

  22. Our household currently does not have a “family” computer, and is in desperate need of one – so our kids/young adults will stop asking me to “share” my laptop.

  23. Our family computer is a disaster. It is so outdated and “buggy”. It’s time for a new one.

  24. Our family computer freezes up all the time and tends to get sluggish at the end of the day and my typing is faster than it is 🙁

  25. Our family computer gets the majority of time with my grandaughter on it. I keep telling her as soon as I can afford it I need to buy her her own. Thanks for such a nice giveaway.


  26. I have two family computers, one is a desktop and one is a laptop. There is always a line to get to them. Could use one more!

  27. My computer is old and keeps breaking down, takes an hour to get it working every morning.
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  28. Our family computer is in the kitchen, which is the central hug for our house. We can always monitor what the kids are doing on the computer.

  29. We all share a laptop. It’s worked well over the years but it’s time for something a little more updated.

  30. My three year old is doing great on the computer, but the 18 month old is trying to get her turn on there too. And don’t forget the 11yr old who won’t hogs it too!

  31. My computer is a hand me down that is starting to get very difficult to use. It’s probably about 10 years old now – my biological dad built it (his very first one) and he mentioned it’s getting harder to get parts for it. I just loaded a sound card and it went out within a couple of days – so needless to say that’s one component I won’t be adding again. My DVD drive won’t stay running either – so it’s hard to add anything to it.

    I would dearly LOVE to win this for my blogging and literacy business. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Tina ‘the book lady’

  32. we have a laptop that i’m surprised is still working, given the number of times it’s crashed to the floor. I’ve been thinking a desktop would be safer!

  33. My laptop has definitely seen better days,though I can’t complain as it has last five years now.

  34. Our family computer is a laptop and it is getting passed around from one member to another.

  35. My computer keeps getting a CPU fan failure alert… 🙁 Think it’s on it’s way out…

  36. Our family computer is my lap top – which is fine I suppose…except when everyone wants to use it lol! Oh and did I mention the battery only lasts about an hour??? argh

  37. My family computer is a wedding gift that was MADE for my husband and I out of old computer parts… After almost 4 years of marriage the poor computer barely runs…. The screen frequently turns blue and the computer crashes. We cant download anything or upload anything it is awful… but after having a baby and cutting my hours down to part time we cant afford a new one right now 🙁 So I would be so grateful and excited if I won this computer!

  38. Oh Lynette, my laptop is all we have at home and it is on it’s last leg. I’m actually going this weekend to get a new one (finger’s crossed) because mine will all the sudden shut-down mid-blogging. I have to push save a lot and if I don’t..all is lost. I have the same Dell laptop you have/or did have the 1525 -and mine has a missing enter key. Ok, enough rambling-thanks for the chance.

  39. Our family computer is starting to run so slowly -think we’re in need of an upgrade, it is getting up there in age. It is extremely frustrating!

  40. Computer is ancient! hubby put it together about 6 years ago, its lagging and I hear the kids all the time…..”the computer froze again”!!!

  41. My family computer is still using window 2000. I, myself is using a 10.1″ netbook for the moment from redeeming with my SDM points. 🙁 need some upgrade for the family.

  42. Our family computer is my laptop… so when my hubby has to work from home… I have no computer anymore. Not good if I have to work too 🙁

  43. I retweeted (messyChicMama)(@carolem) April 4. I couldn’t find the linky to show my tweet.

  44. My family computer needs to be replaced! I have way too many pictures etc (that need to be in albums, when I find the time) and I can barely run programs. I would be so grateful to have a new computer!

  45. My home computer is used by my husband, 4 teen age girls and my self. If has to be rebooted often to get rid of things the girls slow it down with. It is still really slow and has windows xp. Thanks, for the giveaway….

  46. Our family computer is definitely heading toward the end of its life span. My hubby is a gamer so ours is also a little outdated for what he likes to use it for.

  47. I never get a chance to use my computer at home because my 4 yr old son and husband constantly monopolize it playing games! LOL We need another one just for Momma 🙂

    Best, Lisa

  48. We have an HP but it about 7 years old. It has been a great computer just showing its age and can’t keep up anymore;( We are starting a new business in the coming year and could really use an upgrader but just is at the top of the list right now. Would be amazing to win 1.

  49. I’d love to comment about our family computer, but I can only talk about our family dinosaur!! LOL! It’s not quite THAT old, but it’s running slower and slower, and we could sure use a new one. Now that we’re homeschooling, my son is on it a lot, and the other 2 kiddos are starting to have more and more homework that needs to be done on a computer. I’m not sure how much longer this one is going to last! eep! lol

  50. In one world OLD!!
    We bought our current computer when the hubs & I got married in 2002! We don’t often use it due to that alone! To turn it on…..press button, walk away, make a coffee, drink the entire coffee, wash some dishes, throw a load of laundry in – go back to the computer, enter password, walk away, vacuum the floors – go back to the computer…FINALLY success! Slower than molasses in January!

  51. My family computer is soon to retire! We have windows 2003.. with xp. I am worried about it crashing and me losing all my pictures!

  52. Our family computer is an Acer laptop. It has been very good, but it is missing a key, has some crumbs stuck under a few others…

  53. We have a HP desk top computer, It is about 5 years old

  54. My home computer is non exsistant! our Laptop & desktop both bit the dust last year and we didn’t replace them. Smartphones have taken over the tasks of the computer, although our eyes are suffering because of it, LOL.

  55. Our Family computer is an HP and we love it! Although it would be so great to have an extra PC around the house and a touch screen would be so cool! Thanks!

  56. We have a relatively new gaming computer but I almost never get to use it because both my husband and son are big gamers. The HP TouchSmart would be great for me.

  57. Wow, this would be AMAZING to win! We currently don’t have a desktop computer, because our old desktop from 2003 finally broke, so we’re all sharing a laptop. As you can imagine it’s pretty hard for everyone to share when I need to work on it, and my family wants to use it for social media or browsing the internet. I would be thrilled to win! Thanks so much!

  58. Our family computer, is my laptop my hubby got me last year, which is already crapping out on us with virus’, internet issues…so on, plus we’re always “taking turns”. I miss when we had our desktop and laptop!

  59. Our Dell 4500 is eleven years old and after countless hours of gaming, finances, reports and essays, it’s about time old Dell retires.

  60. Our family computer is about 7 seven years old. It has been upgraded many times now there is no more room for upgrades. Its time for a new one.

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  62. We don’t have a family computer, my husband and I have laptops, and now that my daughter is getting older we need to have a family computer. Love HP!!

  63. Family computer is 7 yrs old and very slow. Really need new one plus I have retired and need a larger monitor as eyes are no longer young. lol
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this awesome giveaway.

  64. My family computers are only about 2-3 years old but with four of us in the house and only 3 computers, someone is always left out

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  66. Our family laptop was bought in September 2007 and the power connection to the laptop takes a while to work so sometimes we have lost 50% of the battery power before the mains lead works. We have even been done to 0% several times. So a new one would be wonderful!

  67. Our family computer is 6-7 years old now, its slow drives me crazy, would really love to win a new one!!

    dalleykt at live dot ca

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    But I did tweet it – twice actually because I had difficulty.

  69. My hubby loves to “mess” with my computer and I would love to have one that would stay out of his fingers.

  70. We all share our family computer and it would be so nice to be able to have another so we can enjoy our internet time (and the amount of writing I would no longer be able to procrastinate on would be amazing)

  71. I built my own computer which is pretty good if I do say so myself.
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  72. We have an old HP in the back bedroom. It has been a great computer but due to its age has crash twice in the past year. It would be great to have a new one that can handle the workload better!

  73. My desktop is an HP…but it’s getting on in years. Would love to update it with a new one!
    Thank you!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  74. I’m not even sure what brand our desktop is…it says MDG on the side which is the store we got it from 10 years ago. It takes so long to turn on and load pages that I don’t really bother anymore.

  75. We all have our own computers these days, but my dad has to put up with the computer that was the family computer 2 computers ago. It is so very slow, and if I were to win this, I’d probably give this to him since he’s been putting up with that old beast while buying my sister and I new computers as graduation gifts.

  76. My family computer is old and very very slooowwww. It drives me nuts and this would be awesome to win,thanks!!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  77. I have a desktop, but eventually would like to replace it with a good laptop and just hook it up to my flat screen monitor.

  78. My 3 yr old autistic son is just learning to use our computer – a touch screen would be a huge advantage for him as his motor control is not the best so using a mouse is difficult. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  79. I have a laptop, but I need a new one. My husband has both a laptop and a desk computer.

  80. Our family computer is in a box – not unpacked from a move 6 weeks ago! it’s such an old dinosaur, neither ofthe adults has wanted to take the time and trouble to set it up, but the little one is missing her Richard Scarry’s Busytown game that was installed on there. I let her use my laptop, but it would be great to have a station like this that I can set up in the kitchen so she and I can be together while I’m working in there!

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  82. My family computer is a dinosaur. Updates are desperately needed. Sometimes I feel I’m only a couple of years from “I love my commador.”

  83. The current Family Computer is being killed by the Blue Screen Of Death!
    Apparently the hard drive is shot from a virus. We are desperate…

  84. Our family computer is just an old laptop. And it has to be shared… Surely would love to win one for myself! Especially the one that sounds so great.

  85. I commented on your post entitled
    “Wordless Wednesday: Dentist (W.Linky).”
    Again, thanks very much!

  86. I commented on your post entitled
    “Wordless Wednesday: Dentist (W.Linky).”
    Again, thanks very much!

  87. I have an HP laptop right now. Its my first one and I love it. Its time for a new one tho and winning this HP would be awesome!!

  88. the “family” computer is an old out of date PC that got infected with a virus and never worked right even after getting fixed. its currently sitting in a box in the basement. My son has a netbook that I steal at night after he goes to bed since my phone doesnt allow me to do everything i would like to do

  89. My son has a Macbook Pro and I have a MacBook Air. For backup we have an old HP laptop somewhere but haven’t used it recently as it is so slow

  90. Our family computer is actually a refurbished hp that has already been back to the shop, and returned to us, only to continue to act up, and finally be set off in a corner until I have the time to find someone to give me an estimate on repairing it. In the meantime, the kids have no computer for their learning games, and I have to listen to them BEG me to let them play on mine, which is NOT kid-friendly.

  91. My family computer is a Dell laptop that is falling apart. The screen is loose about to fall off 🙁

  92. Our family actually divided up our family computers into several smaller computers 🙂 So we all have net and botebooks now 😀

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

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  94. My family computer is a 3 year old laptop and while 3 years doesn’t seem that old it is….the battery doesn’t work anymore so it has to stay plugged in which doesn’t really make it a laptop anymore as I can’t take it anywhere that doesn’t have an outlet. Because my family PC is my livelihood, I am in huge need of a new PC!!

  95. actually we each have a computer here, they’re all fairly old (about 10 years ) but we try to upgrade internally when needed or when extra cash comes in
    both my kids are older and one will be in college in the fall and they are expecting to do quite a bit of things thru the net for the schools (my daughter has quite a few powerpoint projects that gets done at home for the school)

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  97. We have a very expensive laptop, but hardly ever let the kids play on it because we’re scared they’re going to wreck it, so a second computer would be awesome!

  98. Our Family computer is in the living room and i have to say i am the one that uses it the most. It seems slow somedays.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  99. My family computer is a 4 year old Toshiba laptop that is just about to bite the dust! This would be awesome 🙂

  100. The hard drive on my computer is failing so that means that it doesn’t always turn on. I would love a new computer that loads every time it is turned on.

  101. LOL! I made a comments on another giveaway that our home computer is old and we need a new one! Would love to win this!

  102. Mandatory Entry: My computer is running on Windows XP still… nothing fancy but it does what I need it to!

  103. My computer sucks right now. It has been spilled on way too many times. In desperate need of a new one thats for sure.

  104. Mandatory: my current computer is about 6 years old, slow and almost full to capacity, I can’t load another thing on. Too many digital photos I think. :0) Would love to win the HP Touch.

  105. I don’t have a desktop. I have a laptop, but the cd drive doesn’t work. I could really use a “real” computer!

    sweetmissa at gmail dot com

  106. My computer is getting old and slow! I could still use it but my daughter doesn’t have one of her own for school. This would come in very handy!!

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  108. Wow! That touch screen is amazing. My iMac is awesome, but it doesn’t have a touch screen. The wireless keyboard and mouse are a great feature too.

  109. Our family computer has got peanut butter stuck in it’s keys and the screen has been sucker-punched once too often.

  110. Our family computer is SO slow that it’s painful 🙁

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

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  114. Our family computer is an iMac. I would love to have a touchscreen computer. My son is always getting fingerprints on the monitor since he is use to using our phones.

  115. I dont have a family computer, but I do have a laptop that doesnt work well, the cd player broke so I cant even reinstall windows! its driving me nuts!

  116. My family computer needs some help! It’s slow, and definitely isn’t a touch screen! Need a new one!

  117. My brother built it for me back in high school as a graduation gift, 10 years ago!

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  118. I made a comment on your Easter Vacation and on google not knowing it was for points have fun

  119. My family computer only boots up one try out of three. We now leave it running 24/7 because we’re worried the next time we attempt to boot it, it simply won’t.

  120. We have one computer at my house. Its a laptop and its very slow. This would be amazing to win, HP is the best!