10 Mar

Live Life Well ($40 Superstore GC)

I love food! I especially love eating food.  It’s apparent since my recent vacation that I love eating food more than exercise and I have to start working on slimming down again, especially with summer right around the corner (yippee).
Earlier this week, myself and a few local Halifax bloggers got together at cooking school at Superstore to learn about nutrition from a dietitian.  It was incredibly insightful.  We went though the store to learn about reading labels, nutrition and other helpful tips to make healthy grocery shopping choices.
Here are a few things we learned:
  • Keep the skin on veggies like cucumbers, it’s the healthiest part
  • Women  should have 50 grams of fat a day, 70 grams for men
  • If you are going to eat deli meat, limit it to 2 times a week and go for turkey, chicken or roast beef
  • Sodium safe level is 1500 grams a day – check on some of those frozen dinners, you will be shocked
  • Bologna starts out as a liquid
  • Bread should be 100% whole grain, not whole wheat
  • Chicken Breast with skin is 20 grams of fat, Without the skin it’s only 1 gram
  • We should not have more than 1 package item per meal
  • Butter vs margarine: If you don’t use a lot – you choose. If you use a lot – go for margarine
We also leaned a lot more about fats, and making healthy choices when it comes to fats.  In fact, I bought fish for us to have this week (not fish sticks), real fish.  Fish is a high source of Omega 3 good fats.  So, this week we will be having pan fried fish – twice.
I learned so much from this mini info session.  The real tour is an hour and a half, we had a mini 1/2 hour tour.   After our tour, we also had dinner, soup, salad, chicken and the most delicious fruit crumble, which is actually suppose to be a breakfast recipe, but it’s so good it can also be a dessert… that’s my kind of breakfast.


You can get a tour of the store too. I HIGHLY recommend it.  In Nova Scotia, the tours are taking place in the following Super Stores in March:
  • March 13th 2-3 PM Windsor Superstore (Hants County)
  • March 14th 10-11 AM Bridgewater Superstore
  • March 15th 11 AM – 12 noon Antigonish Superstore
  • March 20th 2-3 PM Bayers Lake Superstore
  • March 21st 2-3 PM Portland Street Superstore
  • March 22nd 2-3 PM Lower Sackville Superstore

Sign up at the pharmacy counter, you wont be disappointed.


  • 1 lucky Canadian reader is going to win a $40 Superstore Gift card

To Enter:

  • Make a comment below about a health tip
Bonus Entries: (make a different comment below for each entry)
Giveaway is open to Canadian addresses.  Closes March 30th @ 11:59 PM PST.

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  1. my health advise is to walk more, espetialy before sleep, cook fresh food, smile more to other

  2. My health tip is for anyone who lives in Canada or a state that has hard winter months to take vitamin D as we do not get much sun, it can cause heart attacks, organ failure, bad skin etc

  3. It’s not so much the food for me, but the exercise. I park at the back end of the parking lot and walk to the mall, or walk to work because I have a sedentary job, and I don’t live in a particularly walkable community. Build walking into your day as much as you can!

  4. My health tip is to understand that you don’t have to sacrifice foods you love. Everything is OK…in moderation!!

  5. I like the skin on health tip – most fruits and veggies are meant to be eaten that way – tastes great, is more nutritious, and less work! What could be better!

  6. An easy way to eat healthy is to plan ahead. Make a menu for the week and shop accordingly. This way you have all the products on hand and a plan for the week so you are more likely to eat healthy and less likely to eat out.

  7. “Butter vs margarine: If you don’t use a lot – you choose. If you use a lot – go for margarine”
    My health tip is to dispute this one. Butter is a REAL FOOD from a REAL animal and it is healthy fat that our body needs. Margarine is made in a FACTORY, our bodies were not designed to process man-made food. There is a book called eat fat, lose fat, all about eating healthy, natural fats (not margarine, soybean oil, or canola oil, etc.)

  8. Walk as often as possible instead of driving or taking public transit. It’s an easy way to fit exercise into your day.

  9. A health tip is to eat fish at least 2x/week. Fish is rich in omega fatty acids which are essential for cardiovascular health.

  10. My health tip is to try and drink nothing but water and unsweetened herbal tea. Avoiding alcohol, juice, pop, and coffee is so good for you and can even help you lose a few pounds.

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  12. If you can concentrate on one thing alone, try to go sugar-free. It’s amazing what 2 weeks will do. You won’t have any cravings anymore, you’ll feel full with less food and a whole world of beautiful healthy foods will be opened up to you. Being most processed foods have sugar you will start baking really good food. I eat less than 10g of added sugar now and I feel great and am slowly losing weight. I will never go back to eating sugar again.

  13. Cut up a lime and toss it into a pitcher of water – the added flavor will encourage you to drink more water if you have trouble getting enough in a day!

  14. My health tip is to avoid food high in sodium. Always opt for the reduced sodium product if possible.

  15. I rarely use any prepackaged food at all. So when I cook from scratch I know exactly what I am eating. Hopefully it’s healthier.

  16. My tip would be to avoid margarine – it’s so much unhealthier and carcinogenic than butter.

  17. Drink lots of water and get outside to get some natural vitamin D even during the cold months.

  18. My health tip is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid store bought juices and make your own juices and smoothies at home. That way kids (and you!) will “eat” a lot of goodness without realizing it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. drink plenty of water, eat something for breakfast, don’t skip lunch and eat smaller healthier meals to help your hunger

  20. Here’s a healthy eating tip for the whole family – let the kids plan the meals using The Eating Game – kids love it because it is fun and parents love it because the kids plan healthy meals every day and they eat the meals they plan – puts kids in control of making healthy choices and teaches them skills for a lifetime, even for toddlers!

  21. It is important to familiarize yourself with the ingredients that are in the foods that you buy. You need to know what is good and what is not good for you. If you take a bit of extra time you can feed your family healthier foods. I have been reading ingredients for about 5 years and there are many foods that I will not buy because of their ingredients. One thing that will amaze you is the amount of salt content in the foods that you buy.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  22. My healthy tip is make dinner family time. Try to eat together as a family at dinner as much as possible. You will tend to eat healthier and it encourages good eating habits with your children. Let your children plan one of the family meals each week

  23. Eating healthy is a great way to be healthy, but I think exercise is important too. 30 minutes a day helps me stay healthy and makes me feel great too (especially on days when I indulge in foods that maybe aren’t so healthy).

  24. Make sure your meals cover all food groups – it is really easy to eat carb heavy but you can’t neglect fruits and vegetables or protein!

  25. Eat your meals on a dinner plate – helps the transition to smaller portion norm.

    eva urban

  26. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the ingredients that are in the foods that we buy and know how to read the nutrition labels that are provided.

    You can improve your health dramatically if you pay attention to things like sodium content and calorie count per serving.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  27. I am a fan of yours on Facebook.

    Facebook ID: Pauline Milner Pike

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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