04 Mar

Air Canada – Give Credit When it’s Due

I never thought I would be writing a post about something great Air Canada has done.  In fact, I could picture myself writing some “not so nice” posts about them… but, that’s not me.. so here’s my good story.

When we fly with Princess I Can’t Sit Still For More Than 30 Seconds we try to put her in her car seat right on the plane.  It helps to keep her strapped in and she’s used to it.  During our most recent flight from Orlando, we decided to check her car seat.  Princess I’m Attached To All My Items cried for at least an hour when we dropped off her seat with our luggage.  “How will I go in the car?”  “My car seat wont make it home” “I’m not sure what else she was saying, but she was crying at the top of my lungs and everyone was staring at us”.  I assured her that since we had a direct flight the car seat would be waiting at the other end and we’d pick  up her seat in Halifax “Don’t worry SweetPea, your car seat will make it home, I promise”.  Note to self – never use the words “I Promise”.

She eventually calmed down after everyone in the airport had sympathy for me or were ready to push me onto the run way.  But what are you suppose to do with a child that is genuinely frightened and upset? Console them as best as you can, and then lie to them.  That’s right, I unknowingly was downright lying to Princess I Obviously Know More Than You Mom.

Although her car seat made it to Halifax, it was a complete disaster – the material had been ripped to shreds, it was full of grease or burnt – we couldn’t exactly tell and the back end looked like it was run over by a tractor.  Either way, there was no way Princess I Told You So could have safely sat in that car seat for the drive home.  So, we went to baggage claim and within 10 minutes, we had a brand spanking new Car Seat, with no hassle – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

I was surprised about a few things…  first – the car seat looked like it had been hit by a Mack Truck, how does that happen in such a short time period?  and second – Air Canada had a reserve of car seats in the back room.

(not exactly our new car seat, but pretty close)

So, Thank you Air Canada ,you restored my faith in you (a little… well, a little more than a little).

**DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, and while I usually don’t care for Air Canada much, I was very pleased with how they handled this situation. PLEASE SEE THE FULL TERMS OF USE.


21 thoughts on “Air Canada – Give Credit When it’s Due

  1. Thank God! Every time I travel I worry about the carseats– nice to know they had new ones. I wonder what the heck happened to yours in the meantime?

    • I know! We also always take the car seat with us on connecting flights too, cause there is a bigger chance they will go missing.

    • Well, it must happen often enough. I was worried hubster was was going to have to go to WalMart at 6pm at night to buy one and then come back to the airport to pick us up. So, it turned out really good!

  2. As an American, who usually flies US airlines, I was really impressed with Air Canada when I flew last year. On demand TV! Two free checked bags! And when our plane was delayed for three hours, they gave us a lunch voucher immediately. None of those things would happen on most US airlines 🙂 Glad they replaced your seat so quickly! That’s great!

    • I know right? They thought it might have got stuck on a belt somewhere… it was almost comical (well, the whole situation did make us laugh in the end).

  3. Don’t you hate it when the kids are right?? I have to say that I was quite happy with how AC dealt with our delayed car seat arrival 2 summers ago – we were at booster stage at that point, though I hadn’t switched over, but I took a booster from them to get to my parents’ place while waiting for free airport-to-door delivery of my seat later that night. We got to keep the backless booster.

    It did freak me out a little at how prepared they were though for these situations…

    I blogged it here: http://www.raisingmyboys.net/2010/04/have-preschooler-will-travel.html

    • It makes me sad when what I tell my child doesn’t turn out, cause I want her to be able to trust me….

      Looks like I’m not alone 🙂

  4. I am a carseat technician and I can tell you this–you were fortunate there were visible signs of a problem with the seat. What about all of the seats that are checked and damage and parents are completely unaware? What about all of those kids unknowingly restrained in potentially dangerous restraints? As soon as your child’s restraint leaves your control, you have no idea what was done to it! Do not use it again!

    Having said that–I would be terrified about all of the “extra” restraints Air Canada has. These are left luggage–luggage that was left behind by someone else. They’re not only potentially unsafe, but they’ve been used by someone else and you again have no idea of the complete history of the seat. This is like playing Russian Roulette with your child’s life.

    The only solution here is to not check your carseat. Our children should be properly restrained on the airplane just as much as they should be properly restrained in a vehicle. This includes infants–an infant’s life isn’t of any less value than a 2 year old. Buy your child a seat, and properly restrain them.

    • I’m not sure if they are left over… It was brand spanking new in a box, just like if I bought it from a store.

      In the future, I will carry on the seat once again!

  5. My goodness. I wonder what happened? Did you wrap it in the big plastic bag they give you before it went through? Either way, at least they took care of you. AC has given my cause to complain many times, but I admit when I flew with the kids they were quite wonderful to us.

  6. Wow…I’ve seen baggage come out looking pretty mangled so I can only imagine what goes on in the baggage area that we don’t see. Obviously ‘things’ happen often enough or they wouldn’t have a secret stash of all sizes of car seats at every AC desk at every airport! Glad some of your faith in AC was restored.

  7. I prefer to fly Air Canada over any airline, they always compensated me when things have gone wrong without argument, when our flight was delayed for 12 hours we received a voucher for a free flight anywhere in the US/Canada, when the same thing happened with West Jet I sat on a plane for 9 hours in Hawaii and received nothing, they also for got to pick us up to go to the airport and we were not reimbursed for our cab fare, plus we had a room booked for that night in Hawaii so we could have slept in a bed but instead 14 hours later we were on our way, no food voucher, no drinks, no were sorry, I would rather pay Air Canada the $100 more and get real service and a more comfortable plane, it has happened to my dad and loads of friends, so I know it’s not an isolated incident. So if there was more things you are not happy with you should tell them, you never know you might get free vouchers and another holiday out of it:)

    • They have given me some headaches over the years,,, but sometimes there is no choice… They do take care of people when flights are over booked or a connection is missed.

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