10 Feb

Tax time with H&R Block

Tax season is right around, and while most people seem to think it’s all doom and gloom, I’ve learned it doesn’t really have to be THAT bad.  With a bit of planning and some help, you might find that you will get more money back than you expected – bonus!

The past few years my husband has prepared our taxes with our own computer software.  Years before, it was left up to the individual to figure out what items can and can not be claimed, or visit an accountant who would take a percentage of your return.  However today, there’s software that does all the guess work for you!

In Nova Scotia, for example, fitness programs can be claimed, we have Princess Active in many programs such as swimming, dance and gymnastics, all of these activities are tax deductible.  And if it wasn’t for using a tax software last year, it’s something we could have forgotten.  Sure, we remembered to put all the receipts on top of the fridge in September, but by the time April rolls around all those things are forgotten.

To save money, most of us do our own taxes, but in the end, it’s quite possible it costs us more because we don’t know all the possible savings, as things change from year to year.  With a tax software, it’s like working with a tax pro right in your own home that can make sure you don’t miss any of the possible  tax breaks.

Otherwise the only thing broke may be you!


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23 thoughts on “Tax time with H&R Block

  1. OMG I Would love to win. We are debating going to an accountant this year due to my blogging income. I usually do my own taxes the second they start accepting efiles. Would love to try using the program and not have to go into H&R block and pay them to do it if I don’t have to.

  2. i usually do them myself with a software program and file them online. i always aim to do them asap, but it usually ends up at the last minute!

  3. I have been TRYING to do my taxes via an online service … Including HR Block, but I cannot get them to answer a simple question. Where is the support??

  4. Wow, i had no idea that H&R Block had home tax software! And at such a reasonable price too! We usually file ours online, and we will hopefully file on time this year!

  5. I usually go to a very expensive local Tax office…..I always say Im going to purchase the software to do it myself but……

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