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How are you doing with your New Years Resolutions? If you are like 99% of the population, you’ve already failed. Unless, you are like me and made realistic resolutions – like continue to eat chocolate. All right, I did kinda make one of those I will try to be more healthy resolutions and I have to say, I’m doing pretty good. I still eat chocolate, in moderation, but I am also eating healthier. It doesn’t feel so stringent when it’s not an official resolution. So far, it’s been working.

Although I didn’t vow to run a marathon, or go to the gym everyday, I know the importance of physical fitness and I really should be trying to get out there more and get active. So, to help me on this journey, we’ve going on a family vacation to Disney. Walking for miles and miles in 30 degree heat for 7 days with a toddler is the equivalent to at least 3 months of a working out at a gym, so I’m good till March.

To help me while I’m melting away to nothing on our vacation, Skechers has provided my family with a pair of shoes to keep our feet corn and callus free – doesn’t that sounds marvellous? I had ever intention in getting myself a new pair of Skechers to test out, until I let my Mother know.

Me: “Mom, guess what, I’m getting a new pair of Skechers for our Trip, it will be perfect for all the walking we have to do”

Mom: “Oh Skechers? Those are my absolute favourite sneakers, I think my old pair of sneakers need to be replaced, maybe I’ll go buy a new pair of Skechers, I love them so much”

Me: “Mom, if you’d like, you can get the review pair”

I walked right into it! But really, what’s a good daughter suppose to do? Deny her Mother her favourite sneakers? I’d be the one walking with her hours on end in the Disney Parks listening to her aches and pains while my feet were feeling fine. The guilt factor (and complaining) would be way too much to handle. So, now everyone will have to listen to me whine and complain about my sore feet.

Maybe this will be a good excuse to do some sneaker shopping when we arrive in Florida!


  • Skechers is giving away 2 pairs of Sneakers to one of my readers. One winner will be drawn on the 15th and the next on the 29th.

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85 thoughts on “Skechers

  1. I so need new sketchers.I’m on a quest to find my health and my shin splints are the worst pain.Fingers crossed.

  2. I need a new pair of tennis shoes start going my daily walk to loose weight and gain my energy to do more in my life. Have Fibromyalgia and need to approve my health for the better God’s willing.

  3. Awesome getaway! I just bought Sketchers for DH for Christmas would be nice to have a new pair for myself.

  4. Never made any! It’s a lost case for me right from the begining… But I just try to do something for myself when I get some motivation.

    The Rufflecopter didn’t work for me in FF, but shows up in IE. If you don’t see it, try to switch the browser.

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  6. I’m doing good with my resolution. I resolved to spend at least 1 hour a day with each of my kids doing something fun and educational. Still doing it every night and they love it.

  7. So far so good. Not as great as I’d like, however, my resolution was spend less save more. Paying off bills and an emergency trip didn’t help last month but I’m still encouraged for the coming months!

  8. Sketchers are the only brand which suit me for walking. I have endeavoured to walk 8 kms daily; rain or shine.

  9. I love going on long walks, and I find that Skechers are the most comfortable shoes for my feet. This is important to me because I’m diabetic.

  10. If I can’t get to my step aerobics class I like to walk on the treadmill and watch a cooking show on TV. I also like to play volleyball once a week… and does shoveling snow count?!

  11. I would really use these! I am on day twenty of quitting smoking, the longest I havent lit up in fifteen years. I have two young daughters would I know are watching, and FINALLY got the courage. I find replacing my bad habit with healthy ones such as walking/jogging really helps with the urges. I havent owned a decent pair of runners since High School Phys Ed.
    I encourage Everyone in their resolutions at the beginning, or anytime of the year!
    Good Luck

  12. I’m doing ok. Trying to put aside household stuff and make time to play with the kids is harder than I thought!

  13. I subscribe via email under the above email which is different then my previous comments in rafflecopter

  14. It’s hard to fit everything into a day like I want to – exercise – I miss exercise and really want to get back into pre-baby shape. I’m not overly heavy just not toned like I was. It’s hard to make the time when working full time (45 minute commute 2x/day) and 2 & 5 yr old girls.

  15. I’m not doing great yet. I’m seven and a half months pregnant and it’s hard to motivate myself but I keep trying!

  16. i didn’t make any resolutions but i have started trying to eat healthier and exercise more and i purchased a new pair of skechers to help me in this (for walking)

  17. Mine is a weight loss one that I started before Christmas. Down 9 lbs. I need the shoes to get over the next plateau.

  18. My resolution to take better care of myself is working as I’m eating healthier, drinking more water and getting more sleep.

  19. One of my best sneaker purchases was made in florida! *good times*

    I’m always hard on my shoes, but the pair of Sketchers I have right now seem to be holding up better than the other branded pairs I’ve used in the past. I might just agree with your mom about Sketchers being the most awesome brand to trust your feet to! 🙂

  20. I resolved to stop drinking pop (diet and regular, cola products in particular). I am doing great; used to drink at least one per day, now it is one per week!

  21. im doing okay with my resolution.
    just trying to lose the rest of my baby weight. 15 pounds down, although, my shape-ups are getting pretty worn out 😛

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