01 Feb

Kids, Glasses & Paranoia

I am ultra paranoid of Princess I Can’t See needing glasses.  I was 5 when my teacher told my mother I needed to visit an eye doctor.  I’m not sure how long I was unable to read the chalkboard or see TV shows, but I’m sure I would be a lot smarter if I was not struggling those first 6 months of my education.  (Hey, I have to find an excuse somewhere).  Myself and one other classmate had glasses, I will never forget the feeling of being different, but also having my world open up when I could see again.

It’s for this reason I’m paranoid about my daughter.

We were watching a movie on our 55″ television and we had a conversation that went something like this:

Princess I can’t See:  “We need a bigger TV, I can’t see it”.

Hubster: “Great idea honey, lets go pick one up, I think I saw an 80 incher on sale”

Me: “Oh My Gosh, our daughter is blind”

Being the rational one, I booked an appointment for the optometrist right away.  At only 3, this was already her second appointment – told you I was paranoid.  And it turns out, I have a little something to be concerned about.  Her eyes are not 100% perfect, although her vision isn’t too much to be worried about just yet.  She does however have astigmatism.  Which means glasses in her near future.  No biggie really, I would rather her be able to see and plus, kids with glasses are cute and hold a very soft spot in my heart.

Eye appointments are free in Nova Scotia for kids under the age of 10, so make sure to get them checked out.  Or, if you are like my husband, you can solve the problem by buying a bigger television.

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12 thoughts on “Kids, Glasses & Paranoia

  1. LOL! Sounds like something my hubby would say!

    I was nursing my 9 mth old one day, gazing into her beautiful, big, blue eyes and noticed a small white dot in the middle of her pupil. Family doc didn’t know what it was so we ended up at Sick Kids – turns out she has a cataract that doesn’t need operating on (thank goodness) but she did need glasses. If it hadn’t have been for me noticing that, we wouldn’t have gone to the eye doctor that young and never would have known she needed glasses until much later.

  2. We’ve brought our 2 year old to get her eyes checked too and they have also told us that she will need glasses by the time she gets a bit older. Basically kids should be far sighted, and this resolves to normal vision by the time they turn 6, and she isn’t as far sighted as she should be… Now, considering my entire family has astigmatism and glasses, I won’t be at all surprised if both of my kids end up needing glasses. So I hear what you’re saying!

  3. Oh no!!! I do hope her eyes are in tip top shape.

    My oldest nephew has had bifocals since he was 3. He has a problem where his eyes go crossed. They can’t fix it with surgery.

    I’m lucky. My mom is like you. She got glasses fairly young. I never needed them. I’m sure I will as I age though.

  4. I was going to mention that Mica my 6 year old kept complaining before Kindergarten that his eyes were blurry and he blinked a lot. We got his eyes tested and he was fine. I’m not sure what that was about!?!

  5. I was reading out the choices at Tim Hortons last night and my 11 year old was surprised I could read that far away b/c she couldn’t see the words. This lead to an eye exam and glasses for her. It’s good to be aware of subtle signs and to have regular eye exams for your kids.

  6. I remember being young and needing glasses. Such a tough thing, you want to see, but on the other had, you don’t want to be stigmatized for wearing glasses when you are young. At least your daughter dodged the bullet for awhile.

  7. Well if the appointments/checkups are free it makes sense to get it done. I think everyone has a difference anyways, right? Not minimizing, but so many kids have some sort of difference. I love some of the sweet kid’s glasses out there. You can make them fashion accessories if need be.

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