18 Jan

Winter Fun

Winter has made it’s way to Nova Scotia. The mercury has dropped dramatically and there’s white fluffy stuff on the ground as well. During the Spring, Summer and Fall months, Princess Play Outside is always playing outside. She loves the outdoors, and even when the temperature is less than desirable, she still wants to be outside playing in the white stuff. Just because I love her so much, I too get bundled up and head outside, despite hating every minute of the cold. It does however have some perks – giggles and memories while we slide down the hill.

There are sometimes however, when I just can’t subject myself to freezing my toes off. So, we are left cooped in the house with energy to burn. What’s one to do with a bouncing Toddler that would rather be running up a hill in ski pants? Getting creative and having a lot of activities is the best way to keep her attention.

Our number one winter activity is baking. I am not a baker, but Princess Bake a Lot doesn’t know that. She thinks I’m the best baker in the world. So, we make easy things like cookies, crescent rolls and chocolate bark. The only down side to baking is, it’s easy to pack on the pounds.

In order to level out the baking, we also do a lot of dancing. Most activities have a 15 – 20 minute life span. Dancing, on the other hand can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. She can usually outlast me (although I need it more, cause I’m the one scarfing down all our baking). We either find the best dance music on You Tube or we put it on a music channel (without the videos).

To help us get through the winter blues, my family and I also go on a southern vacation. Planning for the vacation, anticipating the vacation and then being in the sun for a week or so really helps to break up the cold winter months. I don’t know what I would do without this annual recharge.

It’s hard to come up with activities to keep a busy 3 year old entertained while we’re stuck inside. If you need some tips, check out the Play and Learn Family Activities site from Fisher Price. There are plenty of suggestions by age, because we all know an infant has different needs than a preschooler.

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18 thoughts on “Winter Fun

  1. I wish we could get snow here in Toronto. I’d love to cozy up in the house for a day and bake some goodies!

  2. Lots of white stuff here in Ottawa. I live 10 to 20 minutes from 4 Ski stations and we have the longest skating area. 🙂

  3. It is FREEZING here in Victoria lol Its windy, snowy and below freezing…which we are not used to over here!

    Enjoy your baking and dancing!

  4. I remember those days. It took 20 minutes to bundle up for 10 minutes of playing outside, but worth it.
    Old man winter has been kind to us (so far) and our grass is still green. I’m fearful of what may come our way.
    Have fun with your baking.

  5. it really is harder keeping the little ones entertained and inside. I let my teens run around in shorts, wet hair and a coat but i dont dare let the little ones out at all. lol

  6. I hate the process of bundling the kids up to go play outside.. My 6 year old is older enough to go out by herself now, but she likes to be entertained ,by me of course.. lol and my 18 month loves to be outside too, but me not so much..

  7. We have lots of snow north of Timmins, ON.
    Went snowshoeing the other day but now the weather is very, very cold. We read, bake and watch movies. I also enjoy my destress yoga.

  8. I am not a fan of the cold but if you’re dressed warm enough, anything is possible! Having said that, I much prefer to be indoors when it’s -30 so thank you for the link to the Fisher-Price site for tips on fun family activities.

  9. I hate being cold. Once the thermometer dips below freezing I’d much rather be inside! Thankfully, hubby is an outdoorsy all-weather kinda guy so HE’S in charge of all things sledding and snow related. Phew. I’m a big fan of the indoor dance party too. 🙂

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