12 Jan

Rubbermaid – Bento Boxes – Closed

With New Years behind us, I’m sure you are still on track keeping your resolutions.  Although getting healthy is probably the most popular resolution, organization isn’t too far down the list either.  For myself, I have decided to continue eating chocolate and have been success thus far – even having it for breakfast this morning. I’m confident I will be able to blow past the 21 day mark with this resolution and it feels great.

For those of you who have decided to take on organization, there are plenty of ways to help.  One such item helping you on your quest to getting your house back in order is the Bento Boxes from Rubbermaid.  I bet you never thought Rubbermaid would be making organizational boxes, they just focus on kitchen storage right? Not any more, they have a new line of storage boxes with style.

The Bento boxes range from small to extra large with optional covers, you can organize everything from magazines, photo albums, toys, movies and everything in between; and they come in bright colours to add a punch to your décor – such as the colour paprika!  Inside the boxes there are also options for dividers making storage boxes even more useful – not just storing, organizing – there is a difference.

If we are being totally honest, getting organized is about as fun as the dentist, it’s painful – but you always feel great after it’s complete.  Going through years worth of paperwork and clutter is probably really liberating, I can’t say for sure, cause I have a house full of stuff.  Perhaps I should put organizing on my list – next year (along with no longer procrastinating).


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96 thoughts on “Rubbermaid – Bento Boxes – Closed

  1. I like the bulk food storage containers. They would be perfect for holding cereal, pasta, and baking goods!!

  2. I would love the modular canisters, the flex and seal canister for cereal and the bread keeper (I’ve been shopping, can you tell 😉 )

  3. Is there any guy that couldn’t use more of the Roughneck storage boxes? I’ve got a half dozen in the basement and could always use more.

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