09 Jan


One of my Twitter friends Tamara @WonderMoms_Ca, made a quick tweet about her shock as to what people tweet about and when tweeting, remember – everyone can see it .  Everyday, I am completely flabbergasted by at least a tweet or 10 as they fly by my stream.  Many thoughts that come to mind are:

“Are you Serious”

“Did you REALLY just Tweet that”

“What are you thinking?”

“um.. Wow, just… Wow”

…. but I never actually tweet those thoughts out.  Just cause I think it, doesn’t mean I have to tweet it.

You know the offenders – cause you have them in your streams too.  Might not be the same people, but the unbelievableness is just the same.

Perhaps people don’t realize twitter is a public platform, and just like when in public, filters have to apply.  You do not have to say everything that pops into your brain.  Sure, you have to stay true to yourself, but there is a limit.

There are plenty of things that zoom through my head that I wouldn’t tell strangers, friends and not even my husband.  You know the things I mean. The stuff you just think about and then say to yourself  “I can’t believe I just thought that… weird”. And then you are embarrassed for even thinking that stuff and you hope the Thought Police from George Orwells book Nineteen Eighty Four is all fake … yeah that.  It usually happens when lacking sleep.  Well, it seems some people are tweeting those weird and often completely inappropriate thoughts.  So really, there’s no need for thought police at all, ’cause people are giving up each and every brainwave – willingly.

Sure, there are things I might say to a friend, or even in a small group of people, but if it’s something I would not be willing to get up and say in front of a 11 300+ audience, then it’s not going to be tweeted – even if it’s sent specifically to one person with an @, because guess what, all my followers can see those tweets too.

In an effort to bring awareness to this subject, a hashtag was born #ICantBelieveYouJustTweetedThat.  However, It’s a bit long for the allotted 140 characters, so it’s been shortened to #ICBYJTT !  Feel free to use this #Tag any time you see a tweet go by that blows your mind.

Happy Tweeting and remember, just cause you think it, doesn’t mean you have to tweet it.  Judgement doesn’t have to fly out of your computer screen once you sign into the “blue bird”.


21 thoughts on “#ICantBelieveYouJustTweetedThat

      • I agree! What’s the point? What’s the problem is with online “talk”, texting and other non face-to-face interactions you can never tell the tone someone is speaking to you in, so a lot of people will take offense to something that is nothing. Or people just have to get their two cents in. Drives me mental!

  1. Lynette, I totally agree with you! If folks tweet too much nonsense then I unfollow them. I had a guy who followed me so I returned the follow. A few days later he was discussing his nasty toilet habits on twitter and I quickly unfollowed him. ewwww!

    • tell me about it… jeppers.. there is no need of that 🙂 But some people are just SO negative – it’s nearly depressing watching them…

  2. yes i see alot too, i am always surprised when i see people say i am at this location , coffee shop etc and they give the exact address, seems like an invite to stalkers to me , but some of the things that go by are very humerous

    • I also think that is an “open invitation” for stalkers, muggers, child molesters, rapists, etc. No one should be giving out their EXACT LOCATION online….it makes me sick when folks do that!!!

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