17 Nov

Orville Redenbacher’s – Family Game Night Pack – Closed

If you are looking for a fun way to get everyone involved in Family Game Night, then you have to get everyone excited about it!  Sally likes game boards, Jack like Video Games, Mom like cards and dad like chess.  Rather than spending time debating about which games you could play each week, why not give each family member a week when it’s up to them to make the choice.

Vision Critical (formerly Angus Reid) conducted a survey on behalf of Orville at the end of October around time spent as a family. Here are some of the shocking survey insights:

  • 40% of parents are dissatisfied with the amount of time they spend together
  • 30% of parents spend 5 to 10 hours per week talking or doing activities with their children
  • 10% admit they spend less than 5 hours a week with their children
  • 85% of households surveyed have a gaming system; children spend 2.1 hours per day gaming
  • 34% of respondents think gaming improves time spent with the family

Those figures are a bit shocking.  Being a full time working mother, I only get to spend 3 – 4 hours a day with DD and I feel guilty about it.  If I have to play video games to connect with her and spend quality time, then that’s what I’m going to do.

If you have children, there’s little doubt their family game night choice will include video games.  Sure, as a parent  you might think – “I don’t think so”, but don’t knock it ’till you try it.   Kids today are very interested in gaming, so what if you showed some interest in something they were interested in too – I’m sure the kids would be shocked as well as thrilled to have you play along in their games.

There are also family friendly video games that will get you and the whole family up off the couch and moving – while having a lot of fun, great family laughs and some meaningful memories.   Sure, you might be intimated that your kids can use the controlls better than you, but let them teach you for once.  It will give your relationship with your kids a different perspective and will give your kids a chance to grow as well (I know I always love natural learning situations for my daughter).

Parent’s, we are living in a new time and we need to find new ways to connect with our kids that are meaningful to them.   While every game night doesn’t have to include gaming, I think it’s a good way to get your kids excited about spending some time with you (and the rest of the family) as well.

To get you and your family started on a new way to have fun on Family Game Night, Orville has millions of prizes to be won on thir Pop and Win site.  Everything from popcorn (to much on while enjoying family time), to PS3’s to video games.




97 thoughts on “Orville Redenbacher’s – Family Game Night Pack – Closed

  1. We don’t actually have a family games night, but when I was growing up we often did. We made it fun by playing a game all family members could participate in and shared everyone’s favourite snacks!

  2. When my kids were growing up we often had family game nights! Popcorn and Yahtzee were favourites! Now as grandparents we have started with our grandkids!

  3. We don’t have a family game night, but we would like to!! Winter is here, and we need more indoor activities to keep us busy!

  4. Everyone gets to choose a favorite game and every week we switch! We have popcorn, chips and finger food instead of a big dinner.

  5. the kids love to compete with each other and we often have tournaments lol so it can go on for awhile, and as long as there is snacks and music they always have a good time
    staceyx at telus dot net

  6. We love board games. Depending on the time we have we sometimes play monopoly, scene it is a favorite. Follow with some snacks and the fun is on!

  7. Family game night at our house always includes special snacks that everyone feels a little bit spoiled & special.

  8. It’s sometimes a struggle at this point as my daughter always wants to play the games but is too young to play them properly which is frustrating for my son. We’ll often try to play a collaborative version of Candyland followed by something my son chooses. Or Elefun is another one my daughter can particpate in without upsetting her brother too much.

  9. We don’t have family game nights but we will play games with our youngest son. He likes to play a variety of games. Have fun and enjoy the time together.
    Yes sometimes let them win they are not always happy if you win. 🙂

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  10. We have a family games night regularily and our rule is someone new picks the game each time – so we all get a turn then we start over – we all have a diffrent favorite so it works really well. We do not have a TV so we do play allot of games around here 🙂

  11. To make our family game night (friday night) more fun the person who wins the game gets to choose the movie for family movie night (saturday night)!

  12. We love family game night. Sometimes it’s difficult to agree on a game because of our familys wide age range….but usually by adapting rules of more difficult games we can all enjoy the game being played.

  13. My little one is only 2, so puzzles and blocks are like games to her. We play her “games” for now because we need to keep to her development level. She is getting creative with inventing her own games and loves dress-up too.

  14. Would love this! My boys are really getting into playing games now. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  15. We make family game night (friday night!) fun by letting each kid pick a game so nobody feels left out 😀

  16. We love games and I try to keep them moving, active and exciting! We do a lot of Wii movement games and will be adding XBox Kinect soon. This helps with the “wiggles” of small children and gives us happy endorphins.

  17. I don’t know if playing hungry hippos counts for family game night, but just the game makes the night fun! And the kids get to pick out treats to eat along with the game.

  18. we play for small prizes and we each pick a game, that way everyone gets a chance to play their favorite 🙂

  19. We don’t have a specific night but we try to play games as often as we can. Bananagrams is the current favourite of young and old.

  20. Family Game Night is usually every Friday night at our house. We each pick out a folded slip with a number on it and the person who choses the highest number gets to pick a slip of paper from a deep bowl that has a slips written for every game we own. After we play that game we have a break and eat pizza. Then we repeat the process to choose another game to play. We love game night and have lots of fun. 🙂

  21. We play games that everyone will like,Battleship or UNO is our favorites,,and always have chips,popcorn,etc for snacks!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  22. We start early and play some easy games with our youngest 2, then we break out the big kid games after they go to bed. We really involve the whole family in game night but alot are too old for our 2, 3 year olds!

  23. We love playing board games, usually more often in the winter months, love playing pictionary and monopoly and eat so much junk food

  24. To make game night fun for everyone each person will take a turn and decide on the game that they want to play. Having turns keeps the masses very happy


  25. For family game night, each person gets to pick a game so that everyone gets to play something they really like.

  26. we get all the kids together and make sure we have tons of snacks because they are all growing teens lol

  27. We try to make family fun night great for each family member by switching off who gets to pick the activity and treats served!! Thanks!

  28. our family night can be hard to do. But we ask every member what they would like to do and then throw those idea in a hat and pick one. And we do it. If its staying home and playing a game/or watching a movie as a family. Or we head out to the bowling alley for a night of fun.

  29. We make our game night to involve the whole family super fun by playing older kids games for my 6 and 7 year old, and then we break out the baby games for my 2 year old and 7 month old to play with. We take turns playing all age ranged games.

  30. I have a wide age gap in my kids (2, 5 & 11), so we try and get everyone involved even if it is just helping mom do something, so we all get a turn.

  31. Family fun night would be by playing the
    old fashioned but fun , game of cards.
    Also, the charades game, is always a hit.
    Just love our pop corn. Orville pop corn
    is such a family fav. Thanks for the great
    fun giveaway too.

  32. We love family game night in or house. We take turns picking games …some nights board games, other nights it is Wii games, We also make all kind of yummy snacks.

  33. We’re big fans of games like Ticket to Ride that are not as common – takes your brain in a whole other direction.

  34. We order pizza or make get fun snacks and pick out the games we really enjoy or a new game

  35. We turn it into a bit of an event – have a fun meal, choose a game that everyone likes & have our fav snack – popcorn

  36. We try to make Family Game Night fun for our whole family by having the kids take turns picking out the board game or Wii game. We like to have Wii bowling and Mario Party game nights.

  37. we love to do movie and popcorn night. i have big age range with kids so older ones and i love to play yahtzee together.

  38. We try to get everyone involved. My in laws with three younger siblings live next door so they come over for dinner and we have a game night at least twice a month.

  39. we try to pick games we enjoy playing and of course make sure we have plenty of popcorn and other goodies on hand!

  40. we make Family Game Night Fun for the whole family by taking turns desciding the games we want to play so that everyone can enjoy and be involved too

    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  41. I don’t need to try to make it fun… it just is 🙂 We do have special treats and a little friendly competition 🙂

  42. I try to look for fun, new games to try to keep game night interesting. We also love old classics, but I thoroughly enjoy giving the gift of a board game at Christmas or for birthdays, which adds to the collection and keeps game night interesting!

  43. I make it fun by having slumber parties with the kids, sitting in our Pajamas watching multiple movies eating snacks

  44. We usually pick either a movie to watch, or make it a family game night, with board games, or video games we can all play.

  45. We play a bunch of different games throughout the night and make sure there are lots of snacks. sometimes friends are invited over to play too.

  46. WE all take turns choosing games. That way no one is left out and everyone gets their choice, eventually! We also like to have lots of good snacks and a warm fireplace doesn’t hurt!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  47. I try making family game night fun by mixing up the game choices every time and bringing new, yummy snacks for everyone to try 🙂

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