02 Nov

Invisalign – Outdoor Sport Chair Giveaway – Closed

You will never have a second chance to redo a first impression.  As much as I would love to think a first impression is based on personality and your heart – reality is, it’s based on appearances!  Even before uttering first words during an encounter, impressions have been made about the way you walk, dress and comport yourself.

Me with clear braces in 2001

I notice teeth when I first meet someone.  I once had “snaggle teeth” as my husband lovingly referred to my crooked bottom teeth and 2 mini pointer fangs on top. I rarely had a large grin, ’cause I was embarrassed by my snaggle mouth.  It was only as an adult I was able to get braces and now can be caught regularly showing off my pearly whites.

My husband was also subject to braces, however, he was fortunate enough to get them on as a teenager. With teeth pulled out and 6 years of braces, he has a strong appreciation for what the price of a nice smile is.  At one point, there was slight overlap as to when both Mr. MWV and I had braces on – how cute!  There were no emergency trips to the dentist to get a couple of young love birds unlipped locked.

Since we both have histories of terrible smiles, we have been joking for the past 13 years about saving up for our kids smiles!  With our “prime” teeth genes, poor DD has little hope to end up with a work free mouth!  At only 3 years old, I see two bottom teeth which are already crooked and there is some crowding as well.

As a parent of a girl (or any child for that matter) we want to protect them as much as we can from teasing, bullying and give them all the confidence in the world.  I know for myself, my confidence as a youngin was diminished due to my smile.  Once I received clear braces (and then had them removed) my confidence was built up. I did lots of smiling and was proud to show off my new chops! Although having clear braces was anything but fun – cut gums, elastics, trees for brushing, no nuts, candy or popcorn, and food left in my braces… I was still pleased with the outcome!

When I first heard about Invisalign, I thought it was genius!  I would have loved using these during my young adult years to get those straight teeth I desired without being subject to braces! It’s not too often you see an adult with braces, so they were frequently a topic of conversation – once again making me aware of the impressions I was giving people, but now as an adult!

If your children could benefit from Invisalign, you can win an Invisalign Teen full treatment here.


  • 1 lucky reader will win an Invisalign Outdoor Sport Chair (fold-able & comes with carry case) – to tote to-and-from all their kids’ games and activities.

**Disclosure – I am participating in the Invisalign Teen program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Align Technology, Inc.  I received compensation as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.  Participants can enter on numerous blogs, but can only win once.

39 thoughts on “Invisalign – Outdoor Sport Chair Giveaway – Closed

  1. I Remember the teasing that I went through as a teen with braces. I am glad to see there is a better option for my daughter who at 8 is already showing some signs of overcrowding with her teeth.

  2. The Invisalign could benefit teens as the device is nearly invisible making teens much less self-conscious about how they look.

  3. After going through the “traditional” braces with my daughter, I found her so self conscious about her appearance. She hardly smiled concealing the wires. This product could have helped her with her self esteem without going through the awkward braces years.

  4. I have 3 tweens, and my daughter will start braces probably in less than a year – she’s almost 13. She plays flute and some of her friends have had a hard time with their instruments after getting braces. If Invisalign could help her, and keep her playing, that would be great!

  5. i have 3 teens 2 who may need braces, it would be nice not to have to go through all that
    staceyx at telus dot net

  6. i had braces in elementary school, complete with head gear. I’ve had them off for about 25 years, but need top ones again…my front tooth is now crooked…

  7. My son is not quite a teen yet but will be 13 this year. His teeth are a crooked now and it would be great in a couple of years to get his done


  8. My almost 16 years old really need this and not showing that he is wearing something for his teeth would be great. Not to mention the whole cleaning teeth process.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  9. My husband actually has a false tooth in his mouth and he has been told by the dentist that if he got braces to straighten his crooked teeth, he wouldn’t need it anymore because the gap w0uld be filled in by the other teeth once they were straight. It’s a BIG piece of plastic in his mouth and he would love to get rid of it, but unfortunately a treatment like that is beyond our means with no dental insurance…winning a FREE treatment? Would be absolutely incredible!

  10. Of my three kids only my daughters will need braces. My 14 year old daughter is very very concerned with how she will look, and dont want to be teased. Her mouth is a huge mess and will definately need them very very soon. I think this would help ease her concerns.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  11. Invisalign would benefit my daughter a LOT. She needs braces but can not get them because she is allergic to metal. This would be very beneficial in solving that problem.

    Thank you for the excellent giveaway!!

  12. Invisalign could benefit me because my teeth are crooked and i am to old for braces and i would never wear them

  13. My girls are still to young to know if they’ll need braces (2 & 5) although their dentist seems to think they should be ok. Me on the other hand….I wore a retainer (my parents couldn’t afford braces) for 3 years. My teeth are a lot better than they were but my teeth were shifted to the left making for a crooked smile. Would love to have them braces straight!

  14. I would have loved to have had Invisalign for my kids; they would have loved having this procedure. As for me, braces never bothered me, just my mother.

  15. My daughter needs to see the orthodontist, I’m cringing at the cost and how she will handle having braces.

  16. Invisalign would help many teens,plus my 12 yr old son,,his mouth is a bit crooked,but not that bad,but Im sure with Invisaligh he would feel alot more comfortable and have more confidence! This is great for young people to help with their self esteem.
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  17. great product, like that the braces are removable
    for cleaning and brushing. Gosh, the braces have
    improved, thanks for the link.
    dayle b at telus dot net

  18. The Invisalign is nice because they are clear.. not like when I had braces.. made me so self concious!!

  19. I think this would be great for any one who had problems from bullies in school or work place
    Invisalign could benefit me and my husband because our teeth are crooked.

  20. This would be good for my God daughter, and when my son gets older, this may be something to look at, because its already likely he’ll need braces.

  21. Having had braces for 3 years during my junior high and high school life, I got used to not smiling my toothy smile as much. This version of teeth straightening would certainly help with confidence!

  22. My son may need braces, and I think Invisalign would be great for him! Being in Jr High, he’d probably be more confident wearing Invisalign braces!

  23. My sister had invisalign and it did a great job, her teeth look great! I definitely think that as long as teens are responsible and wear the invisalign as directed, that it’s a great alternative to braces!

  24. My son needs braces but very against the idea with metal brace worrying others will laugh at him. I think invisalign can help with the self-confidence.

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